Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Howell Mini-Circles are going the way of Crystal Pepsi

The only thing good about Crystal Pepsi was the song for the commercial. The only good thing about those minicircles is that they are on their way out. Right now, the Howell mini-circles are on its last legs.

From the Argus:

Days are numbered for Howell’s mini-traffic circles after a divided City Council voted Monday to have them removed within 150 days.
It remains unclear whether $35,000 in undesignated city budget funds would be enough to cover the removal of all 16 circles.
But those who supported the removal said the project could be amended as needed.
“It’s a starting point, it may not be an ending point, but at least we have a framework,” said Councilman Doug Heins, who supported the removal.


Streets affected by the traffic circles include Center, Chestnut, East Washington, Fleming, Griswold, Isbell, Jewitt, Lake, Madison, McPherson, North Barnard, North Court, North Tompkins, Prospect, South Barnard, Spring, Summit, West, West Clinton, West Sibley and Wetmore.
The council voted 4-2 to remove the traffic circles.
Councilman Jeffrey Hansen joined Niblock in voting against the measure. Councilman Steven Manor was absent from Monday’s meeting.
 Out of all the controversial projects with the streetscapes, those damn minicircles are probably the most controversial. While I don't care for the cost in removing them, spending the money on those things in the first place was worse. They obstruct vision, are confusing, make it tough for emergency vehicles to get through if needed (Howell had a fire last night), and aren't needed when there's already a four way stop at many of the minicircle intersections.

Vote to remove - Allen Schlittler, Doug Heins, Nick Proctor, Phil Campbell

Vote to keep - Scott Niblock, Jeffrey Hansen

Didn't vote - Steve Manor (probably supported the circles)

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