Wednesday, April 09, 2014

More State Rep Candidates

There's been more State Rep Candidates who have announced since the last update so I'll mention this.

We have a long list of candidates here running as Republicans for State Rep including two very recent announcements. There may be more. So far the announced/filed candidates are in alphabetical order.
42nd District:
Nick Fiani
Rich Perlberg
Dale Rogers
Lana Theis

47th District:
Charlie Aberasturi
Phil Campbell
Wendy Day
Harold Melton
Theodore Ring
Hank Vaupel

Some of these folks we know. Some we see consistently or at least occasionally at our events. Some we have met once or twice. Some we've never met at all. One candidate I know literally nothing about. Most of these candidates have some sort of records. They have records of statements, donations, writings, and/or voting decisions at their local public offices. I encourage everybody to do their due diligence and look up these records of statements, donations, writings, and/or voting decisions on issues and make your decision based on that. Also make these be known to your primary election voting friends and family who may not be informed. While the 42nd and 47th Districts are considered on paper safe republican, nothing is 100% safe as Joseph Cao showed us in New Orleans, and John Espinoza showed us in Sanilac County (nearly as GOP as Livingston County). We must take this election seriously and nominate the best candidate, one who works hard, will get the base to vote, and also get enough independents to win without alienating the base.

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