Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HD-47 - Aberasturi ends campaign, endorses Dr. Hank Vaupel

Press release from Charlie Aberasturi, now a former candidate of the 47th District

April 16, 2014
Aberasturi endorses Dr. Hank Vaupel for the 47th District State House of Representatives
HARTLAND, MI - Charlie Aberasturi has announced that he is ending his campaign for the 47th District State House of Representatives.
Aberasturi, of Hartland Township, who has served as a Hartland Board of Education trustee for 16 years, has been actively campaigning for the open position of 47th District State House of Representatives. He will now put his effort toward electing Dr. Hank Vaupel.
“I appreciate the support that has come my way from the Knights of Columbus, Pregnancy Helpline , Right to Life, others in the prolife movement, HAYAA, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, TRW employees and from school district parents, staff and children,” Aberasturi said.
Aberasturi said he has gotten to know Dr. Vaupel during the campaign and believes Dr. Vaupel is the candidate that is most closely aligned with his philosophy, on how to treat people properly and yet maintain a fiscally conservative outlook.
Aberasturi said. “I encourage my fellow knights, those in the prolife movement, employees and former employees of TRW , those with a concern for children and public schools, to support Hank Vaupel.”
For over 30 years, Aberasturi worked as a manufacturing financial manager for TRW and Kelsey-Hayes. In addition, he has volunteered for Pregnancy Help Clinic, Knights of Columbus, St. John the Baptist Church in Hartland, LACASA, as a coach and board member for the Hartland Area Youth Athletic Association.
Those who would like to volunteer to help Aberasturi in support of Dr. Vaupel may contact the voteVaupel team at or by calling (517) 375-3904.

We'll see what the fallout is from this.Obviously it's good news for Vaupel on two fronts. One is getting a Hartland endorsement, and the other is leaving the Hartland area wide open.  Aberasturi won Hartland in his 2008 primary against Cindy Denby.Theodore Ring seems to be from the Hartland area, but I have literally no idea who he is. He'll have to get activist if he wants a chance to win.

For ideology, it helps Vaupel with RTL and Catholic votes, although the other candidates are strong with RTL, and Phil Campbell is a very active Catholic in Howell.

This now leaves five people running. Handy Twp Supervisor Dr. Hank Vaupel, Former Howell School Board member Wendy Day, Howell Mayor Phil Campbell, activist Harold Melton, and Theodore Ring.

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Jordan Genso said...

I'm sorry to see this. I viewed Mr. Aberasturi as someone I could have a reasonable discussion with.