Friday, January 28, 2011

Mike Pence NOT running in 2012

Pence would have my support if he ran. It looks like he may be planning a gubernatorial run instead. Good luck to him there if that is what he'll decide.

From the Washington Post

As Chris Cilliza reported last night, Rep. Mike Pence (R- Ind.) opted out of a presidential run in 2012. He seems keen to run for governor instead.

Pence had garnered praise from an array of conservatives, especially among religious conservatives. But the money needed to run and the number of contenders he would have had to beat were perhaps too daunting. His conservative bona fides on fiscal, social and foreign policy issues were not in doubt, but the long-time congressman would have had his work cut out in gaining visibility and making a unique case for his own candidacy. (Why Pence, rather than a governor or a fresher face?) And as I wrote previously, it's hard to see how he would win Iowa and build momentum for the rest of the race.

His departure will come as good news to several presidential candidates. Tim Pawlenty may have the most to gain. Pawlenty is looking to be the alternative to Mitt Romney -- a conservative with executive leadership but without the burden of RomneyCare or other baggage. The same movement conservatives who had been cheering for the solidly conservative Pence may find Pawlenty a fine substitute. Gov. Haley Barbour (Miss.), if he should run, also benefits by elimination of another "not Romney" candidate. Barbour would need a good showing in Iowa to stay competitive, and Pence's decision not to run frees up some social conservative voters who are key to winning the caucuses.

I'm not voting for Mitt Romney. I didn't do so in 2008, and I'm more strongly against Romney this time than I was last time. The names I'm hearing likely to run in 2012 are a lot of the retreads of 08 (Romney, Huckabee, Palin) along with Gary Johnson, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Haley Barbour, and the perennial thinking about running Newt Gingrich. All of them have their positives and negatives although some I'm much more willing to support than others.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Federal Budget Proposals by House GOP or Obama - Neither is good enough

I'm going to start with this. The debt is at 14 Trillion. The deficit is over 1.3 trillion a year. It was a big issue in the 2008 elections and the democrats got their ass kicked.

Now all of a sudden, politicians are running their mouths about it. Wow. Obama, who broke Bush's records is talking about it and is supposed to mention it in his state of the union speech which I plan on skipping (Why would I want to see a politician run his mouth?).
From ABC

Pursuing a path of deficit reduction and government reform, President Obama will tonight in his State of the Union address call for a ban on earmarks and he will propose a five year budget freeze on non-security related discretionary spending, ABC News has learned.

The proposals come as the president prepares to tackle the deficit and debt and as he faces a House of Representatives in Republican hands, many of whose members include those affiliated with the Tea Party who may be willing to embrace both moves.

The president will propose some new spending in certain areas that address the speech’s theme of “How We Win the Future”: innovation, education and infrastructure. But those increases will be proposed within the context of a proposed partial budget freeze.

The FY 2011 budget was $3.8 trillion; $1.415 trillion of which was discretionary spending. The president's proposal would save, according to estmates, roughly $400 billion.

Talk is cheap, and Obama's record on spending speaks for itself. He talks a game and then breaks Bush's records. He's the worst resident of the White House ever in the history of this country when it comes to big spending. He signed the bills and didn't veto them. He supported them. Period. Even worse, a freeze on a 1.4 trillion dollar per year deficit still breaks Bush's records. His plan sucks.

But Obama isn't the only one who sucks on spending. Congress also sucks, and the latest from the Republicans isn't good enough either. It sucks less.

From UPI
WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- The U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday passed a measure returning the budget to 2008 levels.

The House voted 256-165 along party lines to instruct House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to set this year's budget at or below 2008 spending levels, The Hill reported.

That's not good enough. We don't need 2008 budget numbers. Those were also big deficits and on par with Bush's records. That sucks less. That's like picking the 2010 Detroit Lions over the Matt Millen era. It's an improvement but it is still below .500 and it still misses the playoffs.

We need a balanced budget, period, end of story. We need to reduce and eventually eliminate the $204 Billion a year in interest that is thrown away. We need to pay down the principal on this debt. We need to do so without raising taxes. Anything else is unacceptable. No gimmicks. No band-aids. Balanced budget.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Biden threatens to strangle people

With the press going apeshit over terms like "Second Amendment Solutions" and "targets on districts" we had this from Biden with barely a peep back in October.

From the Hill

“If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them,” Biden said at a fundraiser in Minnesota, according to a pool report. “To the press, that’s a figure of speech.”

Why did he choose those words? Biden has a history of shooting his mouth off, which is why I think Obama keeps him locked in the corner someplace.

Do I think Biden really plans on strangling someone? No more than I think Palin was sending subliminal messages of some sorts with the target districts, or anything Glenn Beck, Rush, or anyone else said.

I will say this. Any rep who goes after free speech.....Bob Brady...needs to be taken out. (Oops...inflammatory) Taken out politically that is, for those Soviet Pravda worshipers in the New York Times.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We have one 2012 candidate announced - Ex CEO Herman Cain

Redstate announced it. Former Godfather's pizza CEO and radio talk show host Herman Cain announced an exploratory committee. This is the first of what I would call a possibly serious (A, B, or C team) candidate.

There has been a good bit of ‘presidential’ buzz about Herman Cain in the right online community, and in the conservative camp in general. He’s not been shy about admitting that he’s considering it. Now he’s taking the next step. I had the privilege of speaking with him for a half-hour last night after he was done with his nationally syndicated talk show, and I am pleased to make the following announcement on RedState.

Moments ago, Herman Cain announced on FoxNews’ Your World Cavuto that he is forming an exploratory committee to determine the feasability of a run for President of the United States in the 2012 election.


That Godfathers Pizza thing - big deal?

Everybody knows he was the head of Godfathers Pizza, and rescued it from the brink of failure. Do you think he fell off the turnip truck one day after dropping out of high school and was hired as a CEO?

In 1977, at age 29 he had a MS in Computer Science. He joined Pillsbury, and within 5 years became VP of Corporate Systems and Services. He quit that post after 2 years, and joined Pillsbury’s Burger King division, learning from the ground up as a burger flipper. Nine months later, he was in charge of 400 stores in Pennsylvania, BK’s worst performing region. in three years, it was the company’s best.

THAT is when Pillsbury sent him to the rescue of their failing Godfathers Pizza chain in 1986. In fourteen months it was profitable and in another year he led his executive team to a buyout of Godfathers from Pillsbury. It gets better but I’ll stop there. You get an idea of the kind of man we are talking about.

So I am curious. In terms of leadership, problem-solving, just plain old hard work, how does that resume stack up against Barack Obama’s life of privilege, pot smoking, crooked real estate deals, multiple auto-biographies, guest lecturing at the University of Chicago, and “community organizing”?

Yeah. I didn’t think so either.

The big weakness is his political experience. He ran for Senate in Georgia and lost in the primary to Johnny Isaakson. Redstate addresses it.

How’s all that political experience working out for you?

The obvious knock on Herman Cain as a presidential candidate is his lack of political experience. For starters, he’s not all that inexperienced (see next section). And second, as he says to voters, “How’s all that political experience working out for you?” Seriously, name me a government system that is not bloated, broke, or broken. The entitlement system? No? OK, how about those bureaus. Are you pleased with the EPA, FEC, FCC, FDA? How about the Education Department. State Department? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

Call it a stretch, but maybe Washington DC crammed full of career politicians and bureacrats is not made of pure awesome. Maybe bold, hard-nosed, results-oriented, problem-solving business sense is the kind of thing you want at the top.

Imagine a president with the grit, the tenacity, the pragmatic, practical, no-nonsense, clear-thinking approach that Cain took with Burger King, Godfathers Pizza, and cancer. Then imagine the same guy is a movement conservative. Then imagine the guy actually ran for president.

Cain has a good business background and is by all accounts that I have heard going back to his senate race, a conservative. Would I vote for him in the primary? It depends on who the other candidates are. I'd vote for someone like Pence before I'd vote for Cain. I'd vote for Cain before Romney or Huckabee or the 2008 retreads. Over Palin? Probably. Over Barbour or Pawlenty? Less apt to do so. Over Mitch Daniels? Maybe. His tax comments scared me. Governors tend to win, and I want to support the best conservative who can beat Obama (which I'm not sure Palin can do....because she quit her first term as Alaska Governor before it was up).

Whether Cain is a plan B or Plan C candidate will depend on how he runs this campaign. Right now, politicians aren't popular, but at the same time, candidates with or without experience need to convince the voters that they are who they say they are. Voters need to be able to count on their candidates. That can be Cain's strength. He has some money. He has a radio talk show. Can he get on the trains, cars, and buses, and go out to places he's less known like Iowa and New Hampshire and become a strong candidate? I don't know. I would like to see a good "business" candidate alternative to Mitt Romney, who I think is nothing more than a chameleon.

At worst, Cain can make the debates very interesting over the next year and put his issues on the table. Fiscal responsibility for one. At best, he helps knock a retread out of the race. I'll give Cain a chance to earn my vote around this time next year. He's got a better chance than some of the other suspected candidates, that's for sure.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rick Snyder passes first major test as governor

I happened to miss this completely, which isn't surprising as my time's been limited lately. Right Michigan has the story. It's a good news and bad news situation. The bad news is that Justice Maura Corrigan left the Supreme Court to go to the department of human services. She did a great job there. The good news is that Rick Snyder picked a good replacement in Brian Zahra. I remember Zahra when he ran a sacrificial lamb campaign for the spot.

From Right Michigan:
"Judge Zahra's 16 years of judicial experience and his razor-sharp intelligence will make him an outstanding addition to the court," Snyder said.

Snyder, who campaigned as "one tough nerd" to win the governor's race in November, noted Zahra is "a self-described law geek."

"This is a case where it's nice to say a nerd gets to appoint a geek," Snyder said at a news conference."

Not just a nerd, but a federalist, a rule of law man, and an outright decent guy. I found it interesting that an entry in judgepedia reflected his similarity to the justice being replaced; Maura Corrigan. Under judicial philosophy they quote him:

"One area in which I can emphatically state we are better off today than eight years ago relates to the court system." Explaining that he shares the philosophy of Justice Maura Corrigan and the majority of the Michigan Supreme Court, Zahra said he aims to search for the rule of law and respects the separation of powers, "Leaving to the legislature the significant policy questions of the day."

I'm a skeptic about Snyder and there isn't a lot of good that was said about him on the blog during his campaign. He was my last choice in the GOP primary. I have a wait and see attitude on him as he's still very much an unknown. This, however, is a very good start, and the credit goes to the nerd here for making the right decision.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on the Giffords assasination attempt and fallout

A lot of yapping has been going on in all quarters the past few days. I decided to wait it out before posting anything. Right now, here's the facts. Anything else is opinion, conjecture, speculation, opinion, demonetization, or even lies.

1. Six people have been killed, including Judge John Roll and a nine year old girl.
2. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat, was shot and is in critical condition, but likely to survive. Good. Hopefully she makes a full recovery.
3. In custody as the prime suspect is Jared Lee Loughner who was by all accounts, caught at the scene. He's been charged with murder and attempted murder. The case has not gone to trial.
4. Loughner had things posted on myspace and youtube, but that's the extent so far about what is known about his opinions.
5. This is a federal case due to a federal judge being killed and a congresswoman being attacked. There is also Pima County jurisdiction for other charges that may occur.
6. Loughner has invoked his right to remain silent at this time.
7. The firearm was a Glock 19 (9mm) pistol. (not an automatic as earlier news reports stated)
8. Loughner has two priors, one for drug paraphernalia possession, the other unknown outside of it being a "minor" charge.

Those are the facts. Anything else is conjecture. What follows below is opinion.

One thing surprising to a lot of people, but that we take for granted is how easy it really is for us to meet our representatives. I've seen Mike Rogers several times over the last 10 years. The only entourage I've seen him with is staff. Sometimes, it's just Mike. Mike's office has been vandalized in the past, and he's had his share of threats. The only security I've ever seen around Mike are concealed pistol holders. I've also met in the past Debbie Stabenow (then congresswoman), John Dingell, Tim Walberg, Pete Hoekstra, Vern Ehlers, Justin Amash, Fred Upton, Candice Miller, John Conyers, Dan Benishek, and Thad McCotter, as either a candidate or congressman (or both). People in both parties. I'm not saying that to sound important, but to mention accessibility to those who make the effort. None of them had police escorts that I could tell. None of them had overt private security. I know several of them are gun owners and are probably CPL holders, and have CPL holders on their staff, but it's nothing like presidential security.

Same goes for the state level. I've never seen major security for our state reps either outside of the check in at the house building and the floor itself at the capitol. DC is more stringent, but security is not difficult there either. Our state reps are even more accessible than our congressmen. Many here in Livingston County (and Shiawassee and part of Ingham) probably saw Joe Hune knock on their door.

Even the gubernatorial and senate candidates I've seen did not have a lot (or any) security. I saw Granholm making the rounds at the capitol without police escort. I don't know how much security she had at speaking events. Carl Levin drove himself to one event (I've seen Rogers do the same several times). Bouchard, Butler, Zandstra, and Rocky have been easily accessible during their campaigns without massive security.

Unfortunately but understandable, I think we may be losing that to a degree with this. It'll be interesting to see what future security measures are taken to reduce the chance of lone wolf deranged individuals like the next Loughner.

And that's exactly what Loughner is by all accounts. A lone wolf deranged individual who didn't really fit in any political spectrum, as you'd guess by a guy who lists Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto has to We the Living (Polar opposites of one another Collectivists books next to Objectivist books). He was athiest, supported flag burning, didn't support the currency, thought there was mind control through grammar (whatever that is), and was big on "conscience dreaming". This guy really couldn't be put on a map.

As far as Giffords goes, she's a moderate by democrat standards and isn't as controversial to the mainstream as a lot of the other democrats. By most accounts, people liked her (and her district went for Bush twice and McCain). She's relatively pro-2nd Amendment, and at least moderate on border issues (and better than Bush there). If this was indeed a right v left ideological hit in Arizona, I can think of someone else I'd expect to be the target, and no, I'm not mentioning who it would be. This is the work of one nutter.

But according to the leftists, kos crazies, and the media, this is all Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck's fault, not the shooter. Dancing in the blood before it is dry. It was almost like it was glee. They wanted to find something to attack Palin, who they are obsessed with (and I think it comes down to their pro-abortion views, and Palin is a real threat to that as she chose life over eugenics) I'm not surprised. This is politics, which is about power, and the left wants power over people. The big attack on Palin is gasp, targets on districts from her PAC site during the election. Big f'ing deal. Big deal. (DCCC did the same thing, and KOS targeted Giffords for not being leftist enough) Anyone who works in the business understands some of the terms. Target seats. A target district is a swing district. That's it. That was the clear intent, and anyone with a brain knows it. Those saying otherwise are idiots or agenda driven. The cable TV and talk radio attacks are out there as well. Free speech for some, not for all. Scratch a liberal, find a fascist.

Speaking of "hateful" rhetoric, here's some blasts from the past.

Craig Kilborn Show - Graphic of Target Site around then President Bush. Sniper's Wanted was the caption.

"Death of a President" - 2006 Film about assassinating George W Bush.

Alec Baldwin talked about stoning Henry Hyde and killing his family. This c***s***er Baldwin even brought the kids into it....and I don't even care for Mr. Hyde.

Or Kos Crazy 'Boy Blue' who ripped...Gabrielle Giffords as dead to him.

Plenty more at Michelle Malkin's site

Talk show host Mike Malloy - I hope Glenn Beck kills himself.

Talk show host Montel Williams - Michelle (Bachman), slit your wrist. Better yet, start at the collarbone.

And about 90% of what comes out of Congresscritter Pete Stark's mouth.
Surprisingly, in a good way, I haven't heard Obama run his mouth and take pot shots like Clinton did after the OKC bombing. Yet. We need to be prepared, though. Clinton did it in 95, and the doubletalking political hack Sheriff Dupnik (long known leftist and anti-freedom - and reason why guns only in hands of cops is terrible idea) in Pima County is blaming talk radio now for this. Speaking of Dupnik, he needs to finally be taken out. (oops..inflammatory rhetoric). Taken out election time politically.

Rahm Emanuel mentioned "Never to let a crisis go to waste." After major events, our freedoms are most at risk. The attack on gun shows happened after Columbine. The ban one evil black rifles happened after the Stockton mass shooting. The Class III regulations came after mafia wars of the 20's and 30's. The KKK pushed for and achieved pistol registration and CCW restrictions after Dr Ossian Sweet defended himself with a firearm in 1920's segregated Detroit. The 1968 Gun Control act came after Bobby Kennedy's assassination. The Patriot Act happened after 9/11 after Reno and Clinton pushed for the same thing and failed a couple of years earlier, in the name of the War on some Drugs. The 2nd and 4th amendment are the usual attacks.

Right now my concern is the upcoming assault on our first, second, fourth, and tenth Amendment rights. From Politico.

McCarthy’s spokesman confirmed the legislation will target the high-capacity ammunition clips the Arizona gunman allegedly used in the shooting, but neither he or the congresswoman offered any further details.

“Again, we need to look at how this is going to work, to protect people, certainly citizens, and we have to look at what I can pass,” McCarthy said. “I don’t want to give the NRA – excuse the pun – the ammunition to come at me either.”

Pennsylvania Rep. Robert Brady, a Democrat from Philadelphia, told CNN that he also plans to take legislative action. He will introduce a bill that would make it a crime for anyone to use language or symbols that could be seen as threatening or violent against a federal official, including a member of Congress.

Read more:
Actually, it's "standard" ammunition magazines (not clips) for a Glock 19. As far as the Brady proposal, it'll be real interesting for what the language is, as it is already illegal to threaten congresscritters. "Could be seen" Real broad language there, and shouldn't pass Constitutional mustard. I'll look for the actual language when it is out.

We need to circle the wagons, and make sure that Congress knows that our freedoms are non-negotiable in any new legislation. Period. We can not let the establishment or left try to do the same thing that was done after the Oklahoma City Bombing. It may sound crass to put things in this perspective and it is unfortunately, but that's how things work in politics (power). Politicians will never let a crisis go to waste. We need to be ready and have a strong defense for any anti-freedom restrictions proposed. No more gun grabs, free speech clampdowns, or Patriot Acts. I remember what Clinton did in 1995, and we need to make sure that any repeat attempt of Clinton is challenged forcefully (like the NRA finally did in 2000) and does not happen again, whether it is by the media, Dupnik, or anybody else. We can not let ourselves be the goats.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Era begins in Michigan - Don't blow it

We have a new year. We officially now have a new governor, a new state legislature, a new US House, and a less worse but still horrible US Senate (which is the worst political body of the last 30 years). I don't expect much change in DC, but there's no excuses at home.

The GOP controls the Governorship. The GOP controls the State House and State Senate. Notice that I didn't say conservatives. I said the GOP. Whether they are conservative or not remains to be seen.

Rick Snyder is an unknown. I hope he does a good job and keeps the Joe Schwarz types at bay. Snyder has a potential to be revolutionary as governor and really has a chance to reinvent Michigan if he does things right. He has what John Engler did not have for most of his career. Engler had a democrat house for six years and also had to deal with a lot of liberal republicans.

The state house and state senate needs to do its job. Their job is not to follow nor oppose Rick Snyder's agenda. Their job is to follow the right agenda. That means if Snyder's proposal is right, they need to back it. If it is wrong, reject it. When I voted for Bill Rogers and Joe Hune, I had no intention to vote for followers. I know Joe isn't anybody's follower, and is known to be blunt about it, sometimes to me, especially over the backing of a certain candidate last election - he knows who. Bill's his own guy, especially on appropriations measures. I've seen Bill's politics evolve over the last five years, especially with the tax increase passed by a previous legislator and the souring of the economy. Bill was the guy in the office of the family housing business. He saw it all first hand.

There are tough choices and no excuses. If the GOP blows like, like they blew 2002-2006 (and 06-08 in the minority), there will be a shellacking across the board just like the one taken by the democrats in most states. It will be WORSE than 1994 in reverse and worse than the combined 2006-2008. There is no mandate except this. Sound fiscal management. No tax increases. No big spending. No added debt. No police state style regulations. Competence. Humility. Small egos. Knowing who is in charge - the people. That's the starting point. The rest comes after that.

The party has two years to prove itself in Michigan. Don't blow it. Our state's future is on the line, not to mention our jobs.