Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas All

Bethlehem Sees Largest Turnout Since 2000

BETHLEHEM, West Bank - Holiday spirit returned to Bethlehem on Saturday for the first time in six years as thousands of foreigners and local people packed the town of Jesus' birth for Christmas Eve celebrations.

Lining the streets on a crisp, windy day, pilgrims gathered in Manger Square near the Church of the Nativity _ built over the grotto where tradition says Jesus was born _ to watch a procession of marching bands, bagpipe players and boy scout troops.

They also watched Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, the top Roman Catholic official in the Holy Land, enter town for the Christmas celebrations.

Whipping winds blew the hats off boy scouts and police officers and knocked down metal security barriers. Yet the streets were packed with visitors excited about spending the holiday in one of Christianity's holiest sites.


Must give props to the Argus

As most here know, I'm a frequent critic of the media, including the Argus. That said, I have to give them some props here for putting this on their front page.

Police nab wrong man — Co-workers verify alibi; authorities drop charges of intended robbery; suspected gunman still sought

Police concluded they had arrested the wrong man for an attempted robbery Green Oak Township and released him Thursday from the county jail.

We all remember the Richard Jewell situation, and we all know that major arrests are always front page news. Good to see the Argus make sure readers see that charges are dropped by placing this on the cover and not on page 8A.

Now I'm still waiting for Nicholas Kristof and Fox Butterfield of the New York Slimes issue corrections about their bald faced lies against gun owners.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"Peaceful" anti-hunters invade Livingston County

From today's Argus.

Vandals strike hunting club

Owners of the Big Bear Hunt Club in Cohoctah Township are offering a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for causing more than $1,000 in damage to their deer blinds and ladders last month.
Co-owner John Herronen said this is the second consecutive year the club has had to deal with destroyed hunting equipment at the site, located off Byron Road between Steinacker and Gannon roads. The most recent incident was Nov. 13, Herronen said.

Paper plates attributing the vandalism to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as well as saying "Bambi Killers," were also left at the scene both times, Herronen said.

Go back to Ann Arbor. Better yet, go to jail.

Apparently there's been a pattern of this over in Cohoctah. Most likely, it's the same people that are doing that. I hope they catch them and throw them in a cell with a buck during rutting season to teach them a lesson about how Bambi really is.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

MRCI (Affirmative Action) is ON the ballot

It's going to be an interesting election in 2006. MCRI is on the ballot.

Court orders anti-affirmative action proposal on ballot

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered the secretary of state to place a proposal that would ban some affirmative action programs on the November 2006 ballot.

The appeals court issued the order because it said the Board of State Canvassers failed to follow a previous court mandate. The four-member elections panel deadlocked on a motion to comply with the court order last week.

The Judge laid the smackdown on the board of canvassasers for their games playing on holding this up.

I'm going on a limb and expect this to pass easily 2-1. The major question is who the added turnout will benefit.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Media Bias survey from UCLA

From UCLAThis actually suprised me a little, not the fact that media biasness is real, but what lead the way. The Wall Street Journal. Their opinion page is conservative, and that's what I usually read, but their news pages (I don't suscribe) are viewed more liberal than the New York Times of all places.

Of the 20 major media outlets studied, 18 scored left of center, with CBS' "Evening News," The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times ranking second, third and fourth most liberal behind the news pages of The Wall Street Journal.

Only Fox News' "Special Report With Brit Hume" and The Washington Times scored right of the average U.S. voter.

CBS and the NY and LA Slimes as I call them are obvious for the left, and the Washington Times and Brit Hume are known conservatives so that does not surprise me.

The most centrist outlet proved to be the "NewsHour With Jim Lehrer." CNN's "NewsNight With Aaron Brown" and ABC's "Good Morning America" were a close second and third.

Lehrer's rating sure surprised me. I haven't watched CNN since Pat Buchanan and Bill Press were on crossfire so I can't comment on Aaron Brown. Charlie Gibson? I have to wonder about that. I remember some strong biased anti-2nd amendment statements from him on a Peter Jennings hit piece on the NRA.

The fourth most centrist outlet was "Special Report With Brit Hume" on Fox News, which often is cited by liberals as an egregious example of a right-wing outlet. While this news program proved to be right of center, the study found ABC's "World News Tonight" and NBC's "Nightly News" to be left of center. All three outlets were approximately equidistant from the center, the report found.

NBC and ABC are to the right of CBS, but still left. Then there's the "State News" which makes the NY Slimes look only slightly leftist....

Voters don't yet know GOP U.S. Senate candidates

The AP reports an EPIC/MRA poll that states the obvious.

More than half of the respondents didn't recognize the names of potential challengers to Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who faces re-election next year.


Bouchard, a former state senator, is the best-known GOP candidate. But 56 percent of respondents did not recognize his name, according to the poll conducted Dec. 11-15 by EPIC/MRA of Lansing. Sixty-one percent of respondents did not recognize Butler's name and 75 percent did not recognize Zandstra's name

It's still way early.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Added Mecosta, Menominee, and Midland Counties

Profiles are up for Mecosta, Menominee, and Midland Counties.

Menominee is the home of Bart Stupak, and Midland is the home of Dave Camp.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The "Patriot Act" dies. Good Riddance to bad rubbish.

Some good news is reported from the AP. The Patriot Act is going to sunset.

Senate rejects extension of Patriot Act
12/16/2005, 1:50 p.m. ET
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Friday refused to reauthorize major portions of the USA Patriot Act after critics complained they infringed too much on Americans' privacy and liberty, dealing a huge defeat to the Bush administration and Republican leaders.

In a crucial vote early Friday, the bill's Senate supporters were not able to get the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster by Sens. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., and Larry Craig, R-Idaho, and their allies. The final vote was 52-47.

Now while most of the democrats' votes outside of Russ Feingold (The ONLY Senator to oppose this the first time) were for strictly partisan reasons, kudos to most of them for doing the right thing this time, five years too late. Same goes for Larry Craig who as a board member of the NRA, should know better about giving up freedoms for perceived security. This mess created by President Bush, Mr. Daschle, Mr. Ashcroft, and 98 other senators. Was all of the Patriot Act? No, but the provisions for sneak and peak, judge shopping, and requiring to prove your innocence ("Affirmative Defense") for asset forfeitures is unacceptable.

The Patriot Act's ugly head will likely make a return, probably under a new name. The Patriot Act itself was not the first incarnation of that horrible act. Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Orrin Hatch, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, Mike DeWine, Kit Bond, Harry Reid, Herb Kohl, and former Congressman Bill McCollum pushed for this back in 2000 (S. 486) under a bipartisan effort to take away our constitutional rights with secret searches. Then, it was in the name of the "War on Drugs" and in Clinton's case, a War on guns and the 2nd Amendment. That's just in Clinton's character as while he was most known for Lewinsky, people forget about his brutal railroading of Billy Dale (found innocent) with trumped up fraud charges in the travel office.

There's plenty of blame to go around here. The individuals who pushed for this in 2000 deserve blame. The 99 senators who voted for it. All but about 30 house representatives who voted for it. John Ashcroft deserves special blame for this, and the buck stops with President Bush who signed it. The worst culprit is John Ashcroft. He spoke against this when Clinton was president, but when he was AG, he pushed for it.

This is not new, and I expect future presidents to push for a comeback of these Patriot Act type provisions for their pet cause. This will be around long after Bush leaves office.

For all those people who say we need to give up our constitutional rights in the name of the "War on Terror", "War on Drugs", "Public Health", "Public Safety", or any other excuse, I give this quote by Ben Franklin.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty, nor safety"

Good riddance to the Patriot Act.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Leftist attack ad on my answering machine

Some robocaller left an attack ad on Congressman Rogers on my answering machine. The call claimed to represent some group called "American Family Voices". It was a typical issue advocacy ad, since is said "Call Mike Rogers, and tell him to etc. etc." It's the same ole song and dance, you hear one of them, you've heard them all.

The left is starting early in their battle to win congress. This is the earliest I remember getting a campaign call. So who is "American Family Voices", other than being a frontgroup for every left-wing talking point out there?

Their office is in Washington DC.

American Family Voices
888 16th Street
NW Suite 303 \
Washington, DC 20006

Board of Directors

Mike Lux

Amy Pritchard
Mammen Pritchard

Board Members

Joe Velasquez
Hispanic Strategy Network

Phyllis Cuttino
Formerly with the UN Foundation

Bernard Craighead
IEM Message Management, LLC

Steve Grossman

Leo Hindery, Jr.
InterMedia Partners, L.P.

Victoria Duffy Hopper

David Wilhelm
Woodland Venture Management


I recognized David Wilhelm's name as the DNC chair during Clinton's administration, but was not aware of the others until looking them up. Stealth PAC's is a left-leaning site, but surprisingly has a good report on them. Byron York of the National Review has a good article on them as well.

Mike Lux worked for Clinton (for four years), Joe Biden (who is running in 2008), Paul Simon (the senator, not the singer), several "progressive" groups, the far left radicals at the People for the unAmerican Way, and was the president of the 527 group "Mainstreet USA".

Phyllis Cuttino is a director of the AFSCME Union (who funds AFV). She was with the "Better World Campaign" which was created by Former CNN boss Ted Turner to support the United Nations, and is also a staffer for legendary gun grabber Dianne Feinstein.

Joe Velasquez is a DNC Staffer, and was a director of the AFL-CIO. He also worked for Bill Clinton.

James Carville and Joe Lockhart are tied to AFV, although they are not on the board of directors.

The main question I have is who is funding them, and the answer is union leadership. AFSCME, IBEW (electrical workers), UFCW (Food/commercial workers), and Intl assoc of Machinests are those given. It wouldn't surprise me if George Soros was in there as well between the UN, Feinstein, and Clinton connections there.

There's one thing I don't understand. Why the hell are they calling me? I'm a GOP precinct delegate who has been on the primary ballot twice. That's public information. They know who I am.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Added Manistee, Marquette, and Mason Counties

I just added Manistee, Marquette, and Mason counties to the list.

Those who don't follow the UP may be shocked as to how democrat Marquette County is.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Senate Debate - "Showdown in Motown"

Yesterday was the debate between the three senatorial candidates to replace the absolutely worthless Debbie Stabenow. Jerry Zandstra, Keith Butler, and Mike Bouchard all had a debate in an attempt to earn our votes. I could vote for any of the three in the general election, and thought all of them did well, and that this will make all the candidates better. If I have to pick a winner of the debate, I'd say Zandstra, for giving the most detailed answers.

My only complaint is that I wish the format called for more time in the answers as I prefer details over soundbytes, and that can't be done in 90 second answers.
Questions and Answers:

McCain's torture bill - Zandstra supports it saying torture speaks about the country. Bouchard and Butler both said they opposed torture. Bouchard spoke about the interrogation tactics used by cops and supports using those techniques.

MCRI (Michigan Civil Rights iniatitive) - Zandstra supports it, Butler and Bouchard oppose it.

Illegal Immigration - Bouchard - No Amnesty, remove illegals, protect borders and punish businesses hiring illegals. Zandstra - "We have the technology to stop illegals, but do not have the political will to do so(referring to congress)" Butler - Seal borders, illegal immigration is a national security issue, increase legal immigration.

Kelo/Eminent Domain - All support overturning it. Butler mentioned judges. Zandstra called Kelo socialist.

Gay Marriage/civil unions/gay adoption - Butler opposes all three. Bouchard opposed gay marriage and did not mention the other two. Zandstra opposes all three.

CAFTA - Zandstra supports it, and spend much time defending it. Butler supports Free/fair trade and opposed CAFTA. Bouchard hinted being against CAFTA and mentioned currency manipulation. Zandstra's defense of CAFTA stated that it increases exports(including cars) by reducing tariffs on American manufactured goods.

Economy - Bouchard stated we should cut taxes and spending. Zandstra mentioned 76% of Michigan's economy being manufacturing based, and due to the current tax structure, there 22% added costs in overhead to all which is manufactured. He mentioned up between Gary IN and Chicago and saw what happened with the collapse of the steel industry, and the social costs as well as economic costs due to the collapse. Zandstra supports balanced budgets, tort reform, and supports ending the current income tax and tax structure. Butler opposes a sales tax and supports cutting spending.

How Stabenow can be beaten: - Bouchard mentioned his track record as a state senator and winning votes in Oakland County as sheriff. Butler mentioned starting with nothing and building what he had, as well as gaining votes in Wayne County. Zandstra mentioned that he's solid on social issues, but that the economy is the biggest issue in this race, and that he understands the economic issues to improve Michigan's economy.

Closing statement:

Bouchard emphasized national security from his experience as Sheriff, and fiscal responsibility.

Butler emphasised his real world experience growing up in Detroit and said that he's Debbie Stabenow's worst nightmare due to winning votes in Wayne County.

Zandstra stated that principals win elections, and that the county a candidate is from does not matter. He stated that he understands what needs to be done and emphasized his economic background.


AP Story on Candidate Forum

Free Press Story

Zandstra's website

Butler's website

Bouchard's website

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Added more County Profiles

I finally had a little time to get back to the county profiles and will once again be going in alphabetical order. Luce and Mackinac Counties in the Eastern UP were added to the list.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oakland County To Host GOP U.S. Senate Debate - December 6

I got this today in an email from state party.

Oakland County To Host GOP U.S. Senate Debate
The 9th Congressional District Republican Party said today, it will be hosting a forum featuring all three GOP Republican U.S. Senate candidates — Oakland County Sheriff Michael BOUCHARD, Rev. Keith BUTLER and Rev. Jerry ZANDSTRA — next week.

The event, which is being dubbed the Showdown in Motown, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 1100 Lone Pine Road (at the corner of Telegraph Road) in Bloomfield Hills.

According to the agenda, at 7:00 p.m., local GOP activists from across the 9th congressional district will enjoy holiday treats during their annual Christmas/Hanukkah party. The Senatorial candidates will mix and mingle during the informal party to gauge support and to recruit volunteers from the party faithful.

Republican National Committeeman for Michigan and Republican National Committee Vice Chairman Chuck YOB will serve as the moderator during the forum. Questions will be offered by Republican activists in the audience.

Tickets for the event are $15 per person or $20 per family and will be available for purchase at the door.

I'll cough up $15.00 and drive 45 miles to see this. This should be good.