Monday, July 30, 2012

August Primary ballot initiatives in Livingston County

One thing that hasn't had any hype so far are the ballot initiatives for the August primary. While there's going to be a long list of proposals in November, August has its share as well, at least locally.

Here in Livingston County, we have the following depending on where you live.

Conway Township - Road millage renewal - 2.0 mills.

Deerfield Township - Renewal of 1 mill Dust Control and Road maintence

Hartland - Renewal of fire millage. 1.8819 mills.

Howell Township - 3.5 mills for Sewer Debt (No wonder most people aren't running for election).

Oceola Township - 0.9932 mills for roads - renewal

Fenton Schools - .9362 millage renewal - building.

Byron Schools - 1.55 Mill bond issue.

Fowlerville Fire Authority - 1.5 mill increase

Fowlerville Library - 1 mill increase

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's the home stretch for primaries

After a long and busy couple of weeks, it's time to update this blog.

There's a bunch of races going on, many of which aren't receiving the hype. Downticket

Over in the 93rd District, there's a contested primary with four people. I know two of them. Tom Leonard and Mike Trebesh. Trebesh doesn't impress me at all. That goes back from his time on 8th district committee and how he handled the treasury turnover. When your term is up on a committee and you're replaced, be a professional about it and act like a man. I've been on both ends of that in 06 and 08. When I was on the same end Trebesh was because people were concerned about my time commitments (in retrospect understandably so), I turned over the stuff properly, shook hands, and made sure it was a smooth transition. In the other case, I'll just say there's no way I'd ever vote for Trebesh for any office in a primary election. It's nothing to do with conservatism, but temper issues.

Tom Leonard on the other hand is a great guy who I worked with on the 8th District Committee. He's a true conservative, but more importantly, is a true conservative who gets things done and isn't offensive to independents. He won't sell out, nor will he be out-organized and caught looking in that increasingly difficult district. Leonard will win in November if he's the nominee. When Clinton County lead its comeback, Tom Leonard was chair. He'd have my vote if I lived there, easily.

Over in the 30th district covering part of Sterling Heights and Shelby Township, Michael Shallal is making another run for office. I knew Michael from the campaign trail in 2010. He's principled, conservative, and a good guy with high character. He'd have my vote.

Over in the 65th District, Mike Shirkey's primary challenger supported Obama in 2008. Dan Fulara needs to be stomped in the primary for being a RINO supporting the far left and incompetent Peter Principle in Chief, and then claiming to be a Republican.

If I was in the 11th Congressional district, I'd be rewarding the person who actually got out and did the proper work to get on the ballot. Kerry Bentivolio. Some friends of mine aren't going to like hearing this, but the fact that the incumbent is no longer on the ballot doesn't mean that you go out and try and get a somewhat do-over. Back who you want in the primary, but don't try and create a coronation from the party, especially in a near-suicide mission. What are you going to do when Bentivolio more than likely wins the primary? Just as establishment likes to tell the Tea Parties and Paulites to take one for the team when their people lose, it's time for the establishment to take one for the team here if Bentivolio wins.


I grew up and first registered to vote in Genoa Township before later moving to Howell and later Green Oak where I currently live. My parents are still there and I still have a lot of close ties there to the point where if I ran for office countywide, it would likely be my best area. After some of the current gamesmanship by the incumbents there, including land use tricks, a wannabe new fake downtown plan at Dorr Road and Grand River, and a wannabe building department, it's time to send the incumbents home. They got too full of themselves. Genoa Township is what it is. It's not going to be the City of "West Brighton" or "East Howell." It shouldn't become that. In fact with Latson Road's development, you don't even need a new fake wannabe downtown at Dorr/Hughes Road. Interestingly, that spot they want for their faux downtown plans is owned by Laurex - aka Todd Smith, trustee on the board.

Kevin Spicher for Supervisor, Linda Rowell, Keli Woodall, and Bill Taylor for trustees. For the forth spot, I'd even vote for Dewey Thomas although I have some concerns there. There's too many yesman on the current board.

I still haven't decided in Green Oak. I'm probably voting for Kilpatrick and Edry, but I have to look into a few things. For County Commission, Jack's got my vote.

In Hamburg, Mike Zeglevski's running again for trustee. The Argus hates him, but I've always worked well with him on county matters. He's get my support if I was about two miles west.

For County Clerk - Margaret Dunleavy gets my vote again. I've dealt with the clerk's office there more times than I can count. They do good work.

For Treasurer - Brian Wutz. Much of the work is tax law related, and Wutz's background is the right fit for the position.

For Sheriff - Bob Bezotte, or to really get down to it, Mike Murphy.

Some of the other decisions I have made (and some I haven't) , but will be keeping quiet.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The latest chapter in the continuing misadventures of MI-11

There was talk about a special election not happening if only one person ran in each party. We all know how that was going to go. Nowhere. We know that because there's open warfare right now between the establishment in Oakland County and Kerry Bentivolio's campaign. Do you really think either of them was going to listen to the other? It's not going to happen. There will be a special election on September 5th.

Here's the latest with the time line.

August 7th - NEW MI-11. August Primary. On the ballot is Kerry Bentivolio for the GOP and a democrat primary between Syed Taj and Bill Roberts. There's a write-in campaign for Nancy Cassis.

September 5th - OLD MI-11 with the following candidates if their signatures are valid and accepted.
David Curson. He wins and will be on the November ballot. He's from Belleville or Van Buren Twp.
Kerry Bentivolio - The frontrunner for the new district.
Nancy Cassis - She's on the ballot this time.
Carolyn Kavanagh - Daughter of judge Sean Kavanagh. Lives in Livonia.
Kenneth Crider - Lives in Livonia, don't know anything about him.
Steve King - A RINO. Steve King ran as a democrat against John Walsh in 2008. He now calls himself a Milliken type. That's all I need to know. Bill Milliken sucked as governor and gave us the single business tax, as well as supported tax funded abortions. He also supported far leftists John Kerry, Granholm, and Obama. I'd vote Granholm over Milliken if I had to pick one with a gun to my head. King's a good musician, but at least run as a dem if that's what you are.

November 6th - Both the regular and special elections.
Regular election - NEW district - Will be between the winner of the primary between Taj and Roberts for the dems, and Bentivolio or write-in candidate for the GOP
Special Election - OLD district - Will be between David Curson and the GOP winner.

It is possible that we could have a two month congressman.

And all this could have been avoided if Thad McCotter, A - Got his signatures done properly, or B - served out his term without resigning.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Birmingham Open Carry Case - NOT GUILTY!

There was no crime committed here at all. Frankly, this shouldn't even have gone to trial, and I hope Sean and his attorneys look at appropiate legal measures in response to overzealous law enforcement and an overzealous city attorney. This was a travesty, and a firearm carried over the shoulder is not brandishing.

From the Detroit News

A recent Troy High School graduate was acquitted Thursday of all charges in his arrest for carrying a rifle in downtown Birmingham.
A jury in 48th District Court found Sean M. Combs, 18, not guilty of brandishing a firearm and disturbing the peace.
Judge Marc Barron on Wednesday had issued a directed verdict dismissing a charge of resisting and obstructing a police officer after Combs' attorney, James Makowski, argued that city attorney Mary Kucharek had not proven that offense.
"I think they came up with the right verdict," Combs said after his acquittal. "It took them a while, but at the end of the day, I think it was the right decision."
Outside the courtroom, Combs was all smiles as he hugged his mother, Pam Mytnik. His older brothers, Chris and Patrick Combs, and girlfriend, Lia Grabowski, also were present.
Mytnik said she hopes the case encourages people to learn the law. "I just think everyone needs to know the laws before we make arrests, and I would like to see that in the future," she said.
Combs' attorney said he was pleased with the verdict.
"I've said from the beginning this is not a gun rights case, this is a civil rights case," Makowski said. Kucharek declined to comment on the verdict.
Throwing in the catch-all bullshit made it worse. I second this quote 100%. 
Certainly his choice to open carry and his understanding of the law and the validity of the law have all been vindicated," said John Pierce, co-founder and spokesman for "But what this was really a victory for is the fact that you can't use these nebulous provisions such as disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct as a way of chilling behavior that is otherwise legal."
Notice who didn't prosecute this case. It wasn't the county prosecutor. This was a city attorney who prosecuted this case. County didn't touch it.
I am a 2nd Amendment absolutist when it comes to rights and laws against it although I personally choose not to open carry. Open carry is however legal, and should continue to be legal. Period. However, I personally believe in using appropriate discretion. Sometimes, things that are legal are bad tactics. While open carry of a long gun is legal and should be legal, I question the judgment of long gun open carry in an urban or suburban setting. I've seen open carry of long guns quite often and have open carried them myself during hunting season. I would not open carry my shotgun in downtown Brighton. In parts of the Brighton Rec Area nearby, it'd hardly raise an eyebrow. Most people would assume that it was a hunter. 

I think someone who open carries should get a belt holster, get a pistol, and carry it on the side. It's not going to draw the same attention as long-gun carry does. I've seen that much more often, and I haven't seen anyone comment about it.

Whether you agree or disagree though with the judgment that Combs used, the bottom line here that there was a shady prosecution for a legal behavior that violates a social norm in Birmingham, long known as a very anti-gun area. Just because you may not like the behavior, doesn't mean it's okay to try and toss someone into jail and give a record over it. Using catchall and creative technicalities is an evil technique that needs to be slapped down hard. Certain law enforcement agencies and city attorneys need to be held accountable for this and face consequences. This prosecution is ten times more criminal than anything Sean Combs did. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

McCotter resigns, MI-11 even more of a clustermuck

I would have posted this earlier, but July's my busiest month of the year during election season. This is unbelievable. As most know Thad McCotter resigned early. It caused Michigan even more of a mess. McCotter's early resignation got us stuck with a $650,000 bill. I wondered why there was even a special primary/general election set up this late in the season, but Michigan law conflicts with the feds here, and the feds win out. Under Michigan Law, elections are held four days a year. February, May, August primary and the November general. I mistakenly assumed that if there was a special, it would be simply a general with the August nominees in November. Well, we know what they say about the word assume. Ass. U. Me. (or to quote from Under Siege 2 - The mother of all F'ups) Wrong.

There's two special elections. The first is the Special Primary in of all times September 5th. The Special General is on the November election. The special election applies to the OLD 11th District, not the new one. So Westland for example will be voting in November for a two month term in the house in the 11th, as well as for the new term in the new district. I rarely agree with Jack Lessenberry, but he said it best.
This election is happening because the governor’s office determined reluctantly that they had to do this. Under our Federal Constitution, if a U.S. Senator resigns from office, the governor gets to appoint a replacement. Not so with House members, however. Ten years ago, an Ohio representative was expelled from Congress later in July, and the governor declined to hold an expensive election to replace him. The federal courts swiftly ruled that Ohio’s governor had violated the law. So Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, in charge while the governor is on vacation, decided Michigan had no choice. That’s sensible, but the requirement is crazy, true, if the same person wins the special election and the general, they will have a slight advantage in seniority, though hardly enough to matter.
I understand why Calley as Lt Governor called it. He wasn't happy about it, but he didn't want this in court. I think all the polls as well as the taxpayers would rather have this vacant, but it's not worth going to court over. I wish McCotter just stayed on till his term is up. I don't think in my 11 years of partisan political activity that I've ever seen anything remotely like the situation here in the 11th District. I feel bad for the non political staffers who had nothing to do with this, and are likely out of a job due to the work of some on the campaign staff. Here's a basic timeline for MI-11.

Present - Absentees are now out for the August Primary. Candidates are gathering signatures for the September Special Primary in the OLD 11th District.

August 7th - Normal August Primary. Kerry Bentivolio is on the ballot. Nancy Cassis is running as a write-in after McCotter was booted off the ballot for signature problems (to say the least). This is for the NEW 11th District.

September 5th - Special Primary. Candidates are gathering signatures for this primary. Both Bentivolio and Cassis are gathering signatures. I'm not sure the dems are trying for this. Those on the ballot will be the nominee for the special general election which covers the remaining portion of McCotter's term. This is in the OLD district.

 November 6th - General AND Special General. There will be TWO elections for the 11th District in this seat. The Special General is in the OLD 11th and will be for the two months of lame duck in the old McCotter term. The Regular General will cover the NEW 11th and will be the winners of the August Primary.

It is possible that Nancy Cassis becomes a two month Congresswoman. In fact, that wouldn't be all that shocking. It's also possible that Bentivolio wins both. I hope that does happen, because it would make a smoother transition. It's also possible that Glenn Anderson if he so chooses, could run for the special 11th (He lives in the district), win it (the old 11th is much more dem), and then if he upsets John Conyers in the primary, becomes the congressman in the 13th district. Once again, MI-11 is showing itself to be a major 2012 Cluster(m)uck with a capital F.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Damn it, Snyder!

Just when Rick Michigan starts to get on my good side a bit, he does something once again that pisses me off.

From CBS

(CBS News) Breaking from Republicans in his state and across the country, Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday vetoed three bills intended to curb voter fraud but that opponents cast as forms of voter suppression.
One of the bills vetoed would have required training for people involved in voter registration efforts. In a release, the governor's office said, "While Snyder supports the concept of training individuals involved in voter registration, [these changes]... may cause confusion with ongoing voter registration efforts."
Another one of the vetoed bills would have required a voter to prove his U.S. citizenship before receiving a ballot, while the third would have required a voter to show a photo ID when picking up an absentee ballot form. The governor's office said in its statement, "this legislation could create voter confusion among absentee voters."

You got to be shitting me. The veto of the third provision is what really pissed me off. That's about 1/3 of the votes right there. How the hell can you veto a photo ID for an absentee ballot form?

I got a laugh out of this.

The nonpartisan group Project Vote, meanwhile, applauded the Republican governor for "doing right by Michigan voters and taking an important stand against the current onslaught of voter suppression laws."

Non partisan? It's obviously not unbiased.  Barack Obama (ACORN's Attorney) in 1992 ran the Chicago chapter of Project Vote. It's tight with ACORN, Jocelyn Benson, Soros, the Secretary of State Project, and all those leftists.

From Capital Research Center
Browne-Dianis, like many of her colleagues, engages in racially tinged overstatement. She likened a Florida election law to a “Jim Crow” law because it requires that voter registration groups like ACORN quickly hand over to the state the registration forms they gather.
Besides Levitt and Brown-Dianis, Durbin could have filled the panel with dozens of other well funded left-wing election law specialists eager to support his opposition to voter ID. By contrast, Heritage Foundation expert Hans von Spakovsky is one of very few election law experts prepared to rebut the overblown claims of people like Browne-Dianis and Levitt. The Left has scores of soldiers; the Right but a few. There is no middle to speak of in this field.
Left-wing election law soldiers are paid salaries by dozens of well-funded nonprofit legal and policy advocacy groups, including ACORN-affiliated Project Vote, Advancement Project, Asian American Legal Defense Fund (AALDF), Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Brennan Center for Justice, Common Cause, DEMOS, League of Women Voters, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). These and other groups often work against conservative candidates and the rule of law by attacking election rules and procedures.
Not surprisingly, sizeable contributions from George Soros’s philanthropies go to these organizations. For example, Soros’s Open Society Institute has given grants to Project Vote ($1 million since 2007), Demos ($2,475,000 since 2003), Common Cause Education Fund ($2,025,000 since 2001) and MALDEF ($323,200 since 2001), according to the FoundationSearch philanthropy database.

Convicted Felon George Soros. Who else would be involved in this.Thanks for nothing Snyder. I hope Snyder's veto gets overridden.