Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reparations making a comeback??

From an email which used MIRS news as a source

Michigan Dems Support Reparations Study
The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) this weekend adopted a resolution calling for a study on whether financial reparations should be made to African Americans for the "deprivation, indignities and cruelty" imposed on them during the times of slavery.

The resolution called on Congress to adopt U.S. Rep. John CONYERS' (D-Detroit) legislation to put together a commission to look into the issues of payments for those African Americans who "labored in the chains of slavery on the farmlands, highways and byways of this nation, thus contributing fruitfully toward the growth and development of this nation."

The MDP measure was one of 26 resolutions the MDP adopted last week at the state party convention at Cobo Hall in Detroit. The resolutions dealt with issues ranging from opposition to the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) to a call to eliminate insurance redlining. Most of the resolutions are predictable stands on the War in Iraq, global warming, a living wage, universal health care and other bread-and-butter Democratic Party issues.

The most eye-catching resolution, however, was the resolution supporting a study for reparations for African Americans. To beef up the case for reparations, the resolution notes that the U.S. Government and various states saw "fit to provide some balm to the wounds that they caused by their bigoted actions."

The MDP resolution noted that the federal government paid the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan $32 million as part of an 1836 treaty and that the Klamath Indians of Oregon and the Sioux Indians of South Dakota were each paid around $100 million.

Also, the U.S. government acknowledged "the cruelty, prejudice and arrogance" of confining Japanese-Americans to concentration camps during World War II by paying each survivor $20,000 a piece.

"While we applaud these token expressions of conscience on the part of the U.S. government for these acts, it does give cause to ponder the hesitancy of the U.S. government to honor broken agreements with African-Americans for those acts of criminality and immorality directed toward them," the resolution stated.

It continued by stating, "African-Americans suffered as did the Native Americans and Japanese Americans, from broken promises, broken contracts, abandonment of moral justice, deprived of land of life, of freedom and of property."

When running for governor in 2002, Jennifer GRANHOLM came out in support of reparations but later said that by the term "reparations" she didn't mean money. According to polling at the time, voters overwhelmingly disapprove of paying slave reparations.

The MDP also passed resolutions supporting diverse juries, universal pre-K, congressional recognition for Rosa PARKS and Sojourner TRUTH and an end to the "open-ended commitment in Iraq."

I support reparations. Any living person who was held a slave should receive compensation. Anyone born in the 1860's still alive? If there are no living slaves, then there shouldn't be any compensation. Time to move into the future, not the past.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anti-Brennan campaign signs from critic, not Drick

From the Ann Arbor News.

A Hamburg Township man has admitted to placing derogatory signs about a district court judge on the morning of the Aug. 8 primary election.

The red, white and blue, 20-by-30-inch signs said "Anyone but Brennan.''

In the primary race, 53rd District Court Judge Theresa Brennan easily outdistanced challengers Jay Drick and Christina Heikkinen, who are Howell attorneys. Brennan will face Drick in the Nov. 7 general election.

Casey Smith, an executive at a small local company, says he put up the signs because he had a negative courtroom experience with Brennan and believes she does not have the right temperament for the position. There was nothing illegal about the signs, but they caused a stir among local politicians, who speculated on who the instigator might be.

Some assumed, incorrectly, that Drick was the originator, because he launched a very aggressive campaign against Brennan, accusing her of being too liberal for conservative Republican Livingston County. Drick denied knowing anything about the signs.

Brennan has not commented on the signs.

Smith, who said he had the signs professionally made, said he is stepping forward with the admission now because he did not want people erroneously blaming Drick. He said he does not know Drick and has never met him, something Drick confirms. Although he concedes he is a registered Republican, Smith said the issue was not about politics. "It's a nonpartisan battle, and people should look at it as whether that person will make a good judge,'' Smith said.

"The case is closed,'' Drick said, adding that Smith's action involves "a free exercise of his constitutional rights.''

While I agree with Casey Smith, it wasn't the best use of tactics. That said, I'm glad he came forward with this, and I hope he expands on Brennan's courtroom demeanor.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mitt Romney's 2008 Michigan Team

I saw this in Hotline. The big battle so far is McCain/Romney. I'm not sold on either of them myself and am keeping my powder dry unless Pence or Sanford surprise me and jump in.

From Hotline

Speaker Craig DeRoche Co-Chairman; Speaker, Michigan State House of Representatives
John Rakolta, Jr. Co-Chairman; 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman and CEO – Walbridge Aldinger Corporation
David Fischer Co-Chairman; Chairman and CEO, The Suburban Collection
Scott Romney Michigan State University, Board of Trustees; Attorney
L. Brooks Patterson Oakland County Executive
Congressman Joe Knollenberg U.S. Representative, 9th District
Yousif Ghafari 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman – GHAFARI, Inc
Bill Danhof 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer; Managing Partner, Miller Canfield
J.C. Huizenga 2000 Bush Pioneer
Ed Levy, Jr. 2004 Bush Pioneer; President, Edward C. Levy Company
Bob Liggett 2004 Bush Pioneer; Chairman, Liggett Management
Paul Welday 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer, Former Oakland County Chairman
Peter Karmanos Chairman and CEO, Compuware
Robert Taubman Chairman and CEO, Taubman Company
Ronna Romney Former U.S. Senate Candidate
Rep. Daniel Acciavatti State Representative
Rep. Fran Amos State Representative
Rep. Richard Ball State Representative
Rep. Darwin Booher State Representative
Rep. Jack Brandenburg State Representative
Rep. Tom Casperson State Representative
Rep. Bruce Caswell State Representative
Rep. Bill Caul State Representative
Rep. Judy Emmons State Representative
Rep. David Farhat State Representative
Rep. John Garfield State Representative
Rep. Shelley Goodman Taub State Representative
Rep. Geoff Hansen State Representative
Rep. David Hildenbrand State Representative
Rep. Jack Hoogendyk State Representative
Rep. Scott Hummel State Representative
Rep. Joe Hune State Representative
Rep. Rick Jones State Representative
Rep. Jerry Kooiman State Representative
Rep. Phil LaJoy State Representative
Rep. David Law State Representative
Rep. James Marleau State Representative
Rep. Tom Meyer State Representative
Rep. Gary Newell State Representative
Rep. Michael Nofs State Representative
Rep. David Palsrok State Representative
Rep. John Pastor State Representative
Rep. Phil Pavlov State Representative
Rep. Tom Pearce State Representative
Rep. Tonya Schuitmaker State Representative
Rep. Fulton Sheen State Representative
Rep. Rick Shaffer State Representative
Rep. John Stakoe State Representative
Rep. Bill VanRegenmorter State Representative
Rep. Howard Walker State Representative
Rep. Lorence Wenke State Representative
Paul Viar Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Bob Hogan Huron County GOP Chairman
Terri Kowal Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Nancy Danhof Member, Michigan Board of Education
Dennis Cowan Oakland County Republican Party Chairman
Jim Carabelli Macomb County Republican Party Chairman
Dr. Tim Tarry Eaton County Republican Party Chairman
Jon Williams Jackson County Republican Party Chairman
Anthony Stackpoole Chippewa County Republican Party Chairman
Robert Law Michigan Republican State Committee Member
David Frey West Michigan Business Leader
Dan DeVine 2004 Oakland County Bush/Cheney Campaign Chairman
The Hon. William Runco Michigan Republican State Committee Member -15th District
Ilija Letica CEO, Letica Corporation
Matt Kiriluk President, Kirco
Kevin Prokop Director, Questor
Mickey Shapiro Lautrec, Inc.
Robert Shumake CEO, Inheritance Capital Group
Jerry Roe Former Executive Director, Michigan Republican Party
Robert Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Wendy Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Marianne Packer Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Steve Linder Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Lori Wortz Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member

Idle Attorneys still paid (Marcinkowski)

Marcinkowski's doing alright for himself right now. Hat tip to commenter "Stands" for giving this link. From the Daily Tribune in Oakland County.

ROYAL OAK -- Two city attorneys continue to collect paychecks of $1,700 to $1,875 a week for doing nothing while Royal Oak pays outside counselors to handle its legal issues and employee negotiations.

Deputy City Attorney Jim Marcinkowski and Assistant City Attorney Brian James describe themselves as the Maytag repairmen of City Hall.

"We fell from grace for some reason," James said. "You have to ask the City Commission why. It's not my decision. I didn't ask to sit here and do nothing."

Elected officials aren't talking about the situation, however. They point to an unfair labor practice charge filed by James, Marcinkowski and legal secretary Carol Schwanger, who make up the three-member Teamster Local 214.

Unionized Attorneys?

Monday, August 28, 2006

To all drivers on US-23 - The speed limit is 70, not 20

I have a bit of a rant here. I'm used to a Lansing commute. While it's 40 miles away and longer than my current commute to the People's Republic of Ann Arbor, it is actually quicker for me to get to Lansing than to Ann Arbor during that %#@!ing morning rush hour. Lansing's easy for the most part outside of the US-127/I-496 interchange. US-23 is a nightmare, especially around North Territorial.

I've never seen so many atrocious drivers in my life. I should not have to stop when there are no accidents or lane blockages. I shouldn't be going 20 miles per hour on the expressway. I almost got rear-ended today when I had to hit the brakes once again every 3 miles.

I'd like to borrow my dad's snowplow and push the lead slowpoke out of the way, but I can't do that sort of thing when I'm in law school. I will ask the slowpokes to go at least the speed limit when the weather isn't bad. That really isn't too much to ask.

Republicans moving far to the right? I don't think so.

From the Argus

The Michigan Republican Party is trying to cast Democrat Jim Marcinkowski as a flip-flopper on the issue of abortion in new automated phone calls to residents of the 8th Congressional District.
Marcinkowski, the deputy city attorney for Royal Oak, is challenging three-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Brighton.

Marcinkowski, a former CIA agent, used to be a Republican, and even ran for the state Legislature as a member of the GOP.

The short phone calls remind listeners of that: "Running for the Legislature, he said he was pro-life with no exceptions ... Running for Congress, he says he's a pro-choice Democrat."
The calls urge people to call Marcinkowski to "ask him what he'll be tomorrow."

Apparantly, State Party is calling robocalls and giving Marcinkowski a case of the same medicine that unions have used against Mike Rogers. Personally, I hate robocalls and will not use them if I run for any office, but they are cheap, and that is why so many pols use them.

Now one thing I hear from the democrat is this perception of how the GOP is moved to the right. That's a pile of horse manure so high, that it dwarfs Mt. Brighton. While there is hyper-partisanship, both parties have moved heavily to the left.

The Republicans were at their height in 1995. That's when they were at their peak. That is the group that brought us the Contract with America. These were the main stances of a majority of that group and I'll compare that with today's stances. Ask yourselves where the move to the right is.

1994 GOP - Eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy
Today's GOP - No Child Left Behind with Ted Kennedy, Energy and Education departments still alive and kicking.

1994 GOP - Balanced the Budget, tried to make a balanced budger law
Today's GOP - Defecit better than last few years, but still unacceptable.

1994 GOP - Strongly Pro-life
Today's GOP - Strongly Pro-life

1994 GOP - Second Amendment movement in high gear
Today's GOP - Second Amendment movement successful

1994 GOP - Split on NAFTA/Trade issues
Today's GOP - Mostly pro-NAFTA/GATT (I still oppose it)

1994 GOP - Lead the way on Welfare Reform (and even Clinton after vetoing it twice followed the winners)
Today;s GOP - Not an issue.

1994 GOP - Term Limits
Today;s GOP - Not a federal issue (Found Unconstitutional)

1994 GOP - 3/4 vote for tax increases
Today's GOP - No federal tax increases, but spending is up.

1994 GOP - Tax cuts
Today's GOP - Senate RINOS fouled it up.

1994 GOP - Tort and Social Security Reform
Today's GOP - Tort Reform is talk and no action. Bush tried on Social Security. Senate Fouled it up.

1994 GOP - Opposed Gay Marriage
Today's GOP - Same

1994 GOP - Government out of Health Care
Today's GOP - Perscription Drugs.

As for the democrats - they call this a move to the right and think we need to spend MORE! Their votes on these are ALL more leftist than the leftist votes by the Republicans. I'd like to see the Republicans move to the right for once - and if we want to keep the house, we better move to the right, or the conservatives will stay home.

As for Marcinkowski - he just moved further to the left to get his 15 minutes of fame. He's only famous because he's a buddy of Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Roscoe Case Update

From the Argus. This report tells more of Roscoe's side of the story.

Putnam Township supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe claimed he was innocent Saturday afternoon, hours after his release by Washtenaw County authorities who arrested him Thursday afternoon in connection with an attempted robbery and beating at an Ann Arbor-area auto dealership.
"I emphatically did not have anything to do with any robbery or assault," said Roscoe, 41, in a telephone interview.

"I'm assuming because of my old, old past, that I made a good suspect."

Roscoe said that as a young man, he was a "hoodlum" growing up in Detroit and served time in prison for stealing cars. He said he put those days behind him when he moved to Putnam Township 15 years ago.
"My past is my past. I came out here to start a new life with my family," said Roscoe, who is married with two daughters, ages 4 and 6, and a 15-year-old stepdaughter.

While Roscoe did compile a police record as a youth, state records show that as recently as four years ago, he was sentenced for felonious assault in Livingston County; and larceny of $1,000 or more but less than $20,000, and receiving and concealing stolen property in the same dollar range in Oakland County.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Acceptable/unacceptable 2008

Acceptable/unacceptable 2008 - From GOP Bloggers.

Putnam Township Supervisor Candidate Shane Noel Roscoe's Prior Convictions

The Argus has an online update on this case.

Putnam Township supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe claimed innocence Saturday afternoon, hours after his release by Washtenaw County authorities who arrested him Thursday afternoon in connection with an attempted robbery and beating at an Ann Arbor area auto dealership.

I neglected to mention in my previous post that Mr. Roscoe has a lot of priors. Even if he is innocent of this crime, this guy is a real embarassment for the Livingston Democrats. The democrats have a CONVICTED thief, robber, and stalker on their ticket.

Here's a list of his priors, courtesy of the Offender Tracking Information System. These are convictions, not charges where he was found innocent. These were all guilty or Nolo Contendere (No contest) pleas.

Prison Escape - Ionia - Sentencing Date - 9/8/86
Receiving Stolen Property - Washtenaw - 12/21/84
Receiving Stolen Property - Wayne - 11/2/84]
Breaking and Entering w Intent (Attempted) - Wayne - 10/10/84
Breaking and Entering w Intent (Attempted) - Wayne - 6/25/87
Unarmed Robbery - Wayne - 6/25/87
Stalking - Wayne - 2/12/97
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon - Livingston - 9/5/02
Larceny $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02
Larceny $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02
Receiving Stolen Property $1000-$20,000 - Oakland - 6/26/02

Now I'm not passing judgement on this current case as he is innocent till proven guilty. However, with ELEVEN priors, with the last offense on 1/25/01 (Livingston's ADW), is this a guy I'd want as a Township Supervisor? If he gets elected, I hope the treasurer in Putnam Township keeps a VERY close eye on the money for obvious reasons.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Putnam Twp candidate arrested in attempted homicide investigation

Big news in the Argus this morning. Putnam Township Supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe was busted in an attempted homicide investigation. I will say that he's innocent till proven guilty. That said, I certainly do not expect this from candidates for public office.

Livingston County Sheriff's deputies arrested Putnam Township supervisor candidate Shane Roscoe early Thursday afternoon in connection with an attempted homicide investigation in Washtenaw County.
Sheriff Bob Bezotte confirmed his deputies took 41-year-old Roscoe into custody at about 12:30 p.m. on a warrant from the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department.

The warrant sought Roscoe's DNA and a search of his home, the sheriff said, referring additional inquiries to Washtenaw County Sheriff's officials.

Cmdr. Dave Egeler of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department declined to provide details, saying, "It may hamper the investigation."

Roscoe, the Democratic candidate for Putnam Township supervisor, is slated to face Ronald Rau, the Republican candidate, for the seat in November's general election.

We'll see what the evidence shows.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Too Much Time on Their Hands

From the Argus:

At its meeting Thursday, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners will consider new requirements on owners of inflatable swimming pools to sign affidavits taking responsibility for keeping the water at a certain level to comply with state law.
According to a memo to the board from Robert Kobylas, acting head of the Building Department, the pools are governed by a 2003 Michigan law mandating that pools with water more than 24 inches deep have a fence around them and for owners to get permits from the county. But because the pools are so easily purchased now, many people are assuming the law doesn’t apply, the memo said.

Kobylas wrote that his department has received complaints from neighbors of people with the pools, expressing concern for the safety of children because there are no fences. Users of the pools have argued that the pools are temporary and will be removed at the end of the summer, the memo said.

What a stupid law. I need a permit from the county to have an inflatable swimming pool? As far as the commissioners, this is ridiculous proposal and I hope they don't do the dirty work for the state here. If I wasn't going to be a lawyer and have a special ethics code to follow, I wouldn't get the permit for a pool anyway. I'm from the old school where a man's home is his castle.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Livingston Co. No. 1 in housing

From the Free Press

Livingston County ranked No. 1 of Michigan's 83 counties for the biggest increase in housing units in the last five years, census data released Monday show.

The county saw a 20% jump between 2000 and 2005, from 59,000 units to a little more than 70,000. Wayne County ranked last with 2% growth. Macomb ranked 17th with 8% growth, and Oakland County was 42nd with 5% growth

I'm not sure how much booming there will continue to be. I've seen a LOT of For Sale Signs out here.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Concerned Taxpayers Group of Livingston County

Because of time committments involving Law School, I regretfully resign my position as treasurer of the Concerned Taxpayers Group of Livingston County as well as the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County. My resignation date is September 7. As one of the founders of this organization, I still strongly support both organizations as well as the leadership of both organizations. I will be actively supporting the efforts of both organizations, and still believe all fiscal conservatives should as well. My resignation is strictly due to Law School and I will assist our organization in finding an effective replacement who understands (or will understand) the campaign finance laws so we continue our streak of ethics as we have never been fined nor received any error/ommission notices.

We still have challenges ahead of us. The Concerned Taxpayers Group of Livingston County and its twin brother - Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County are both once again getting ready for battle. Despite being outspent in every race we were involved in, we have a perfect record in millages, and batted .500 (2/4) in school board elections we have made endorsements - one seat in Howell, and another in Hartland.

Our PAC is going to be getting involved in school board elections once again next year. As before, we are going to endorse fiscally conservative candidates. I expect the endorsement process will be similar to last years where interviews and question/answer sessions are set up with candidates and a raw score and average among PAC members is used to determing who receives our endorsement. (As a side note, I'd like to see the Livingston County GOP follow a process to the Concerned Taxpayers Group in an endorsement process)

We expect major battles in Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, and Hartland.

We would like to be involved in all five Livingston County School Board Elections if possible. Unfortunately, it takes money to be effective. The least amont of money we spent campaign ways was our PAC in 2005's School elections in Howell and Hartland. That was also where we did win 100% of our races. Concerned Taxpayers Group money can not go towards Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC money by law, so this is a seperate committee that we need to fund to be effective. We would appreciate any support you give us - whether it be $5 or $500.

All those interested or have questions should email us at

There are no salaries, and all of the money spent goes towards electing fiscally conservative individuals and/or defeating tax increases.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Democrat Infighting in Detroit

The mayor's race from 2005 is still ongoing. From the Free Press

The feud between Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's supporters and opponents remains a festering wound in the Democratic Party that could threaten its ability to deliver a strong voter turnout needed in Detroit to notch wins in statewide November elections.

In the latest volley on Thursday, state Rep. Mary Waters, D-Detroit, accused Kilpatrick of undermining her candidacy for the party's secretary of state nomination in an effort to strengthen the Republican Party's chances of winning offices in the November election.

Waters -- flanked by several candidates for the state Legislature from Detroit -- also said a Kilpatrick appointee told her the Democratic mayor would support the GOP ticket in November; she refused to name the appointee who gave her that information.

I'm not surprised by this. The Democrat primary races in Detroit were important as several Kwame and Freman Hendrix supporters squared off last August. With conventions coming up for both Democrats and Republicans, it's no suprised that all the interests are fighting for their candidate to be the AG and Sec of State nominee.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Donald Miller resigns from Howell City Council

From the Argus

Howell's longest-serving City Council member has resigned after 16 years.
Donald Miller submitted his letter of resignation effective immediately due to recurring health problems.

We wish Donald the best of health, and good luck to the next council member.

Put them on trial or let them go

I didn't have enough information to have an informed opinion, and was not going to jump on the "Convict them before we try them" bandwagon. I'm sure most here have heard about the ALLEGED plot to blow up the Mackinac Bridge by three Texans of Middle Eastern ancestry. It looks more and more like this is a Richard Jewel situation.

Here's the latest from the Detroit News

Two alleged terrorism cases involving men of Middle Eastern descent and bulk purchases of cell phones were in tatters Monday, and Arab-American leaders said the arrested men were victims of racial profiling.

The FBI and Michigan State Police said Monday there is no evidence linking three Texas men arrested in Caro, Mich., to terrorism or a plot to blow up the Mackinac Bridge.

I'm not going to slam profiling, and there are needs for it in some cases. That said, there's a big step between profiling and detaining. These three bought a lot of pre-paid cell phones and said then planned on reselling them in Texas. They were caught with 1000 cell phones and pictures of the Mackinac Bridge.

For some reason, I had a gut feeling about this case being "the boy who cried wolf." I was going to wait before posting something on this partly for this reason.

In this country, we are innocent until we are proven guilty. That tends to be forgotten by some

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ted Nugent endorses DeVos

"Dick DeVos is indeed the best man for MI quality of life upgrade. The Goodman will bring the same logic, responsibility, goodwill, decency, and productive work ethic & talents proven for his family and biz successes to the great state of MI!! There is no reasonable plan B. Pray & VOTE" - Ted Nugent

DeVos names Ruth Johnson as lieutenant governor nominee

From an email from DeVos Campaign

Dick DeVos today announced that Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson would join him on the ticket to bring change to Michigan this November. Johnson is a former state legislator, county commissioner, social worker and public school teacher who has devoted her career to public service.

'Ruth Johnson joins the Team for Change ready to help lead Michigan's turnaround,' said DeVos. 'Her decades of public service at the state level and in Michigan's second largest county make her qualified to assume the Governorship if necessary. She is a strong leader with a distinguished record of reform and of doing the right thing for Michigan's children, families and taxpayers.'

Johnson is the first woman elected clerk in Oakland County's 176-year history. She reformed the office, providing many online services to residents and saving Oakland County taxpayers millions of dollars. Her resume includes serving three terms as a state legislator in Lansing where she was Assistant Whip in the House. Johnson's experience as a county official and state legislator means she understands the unique local and municipal government challenges Michigan residents face and can get the job done in Lansing.

'Standing here today it is impossible to share completely all of the thoughts and feelings that I have,' said Johnson. ''Honored' and 'privileged' don't even scratch the surface. Next to the day that I married my husband Don and the birth of our daughter Emmy, this is the greatest honor. I'm ready to work with Dick to bring much-needed change to our state. We will bring opportunity back to Michigan.'

Johnson was named as DeVos' nominee today at a press conference in Lansing.

I think this is a safe pick. It geographicaly balances a ticket, as Johnson is a woman from Oakland County, as well as a moderate (who probably isn't too liberal for the base). As far as I know, this won't alienate people. Personaly, I don't care that much who is picked for LT, as long as it isn't someone like Joe Schwarz who will alienate the base.

Friday, August 11, 2006

District updates

I updated the Congressional Profiles to add primary results.

Macomb Politics

From the AP

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — At least one Macomb County commissioner is questioning Prosecutor Eric Smith's proposal to ban his assistant prosecutors from running against him or making political contributions to his election opponent.

Smith described the language as a "no-compete" clause in a proposed contract for the 60 assistants and said it has nothing to do with staffers who might want to replace him.

"I more than welcome all comers for the job. This is strictly about keeping politics out of the office," Smith told The Detroit News for a Friday story.


This seems to insert politics in the office to me. Is first-termer Smith worried about competition in a swing county?

The Suburban Voice is back

Some may think that this is the first Livingston County on-line based news/blog/comment site. That's not the case. Back in 2004, Matthew Craig and then Livingston GOP Vice-Chair John Lin started "The Suburban Voice." Unfortunately, John has since passed away after a long fight with cancer.

The Suburban Voice is back online. Matthew Craig restarted the site. The first item is a letter to the editor by Chuck Moran over the millage proposals.

I encourage everyone in the county to click on the link and add the site to regular reading.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Polls

Fire away!

Bouchard/Butler Results

The Butler/Bouchard race was very interesting by dynamics. It was a West Michigan vs East Michigan vs North Michigan matchup.

Butler won five counties, all in West Michigan. Allegan, Newaygo, Ottawa, Kent, and Barry County. Butler was close in Ionia, Muskegon, and Montcalm Counties as well - all west of Lansing. I expected him to do well there.

Bouchard did best in Northern Lower Michigan. 16 of his 18 best counties were Up North. Crawford County (Grayling) was his best county - where he got 75.38% of the vote. That does not surprise me. I expected North Michigan to be Bouchard dominent.

In East Michigan, I expected things to be close. Bouchard dominated. Butler only kept Bouchard under 10% in Lenawee County, and I suspect much of that had to do with Tim Walberg's coattails. Bouchard took 57.83% in Wayne County, 58.57% in Genesee County, 60.49% in Lapeer County, 60.85% in Livingston County, 62.58% in St Clair County, 62.80% in Monroe County, 66.06% in Macomb County and 68.16% in Oakland County. This was the difference maker.

Two BIG suprises to me were Washtenaw and Ingham Counties. Ingham went $62.25 for Bouchard and Washtenaw went 56.93% for Bouchard. I expected about 70% Bouchard in Washtenaw and for Butler to win Ingham County since he had a lot of core support in Lansing - or so it seemed.

Congratulations to Mike Bouchard, and good luck to him against Stabenow.

Primary Report - Races within Livingston County

I had a good baseball average in predictions this time. Overall, turnout sucked at 21.57% It was atrocious and lower than the Howell School Board race. I don't know of two better terms to descrive it besides sucks and atrocious.

US Senate (Livingston Only)
Mike Bouchard - 10484
Keith Butler - 6744

I'll address this race later. Bouchard won rather easily statewide. Butler won a few counties in West Michigan, but lost the rest of them handily. I thought it would have been a much closer race. Good luck to Bouchard.

US Congress (Livingston Only)
Mike Rogers - 15456
Patrick Flynn - 2973

About as expected here. Mike won easily overall. Patrick Flynn simply picked the wrong opponent to run against. I hope Patrick stays active in the community.

State Senate (Livingston Only)
Valde Garcia - 13385
Barton Hellmuth - 4106

This was also as expected. Barton was on Howell School Board and has more name ID than Flynn, but Garcia is popular and wasn't going to be turned out by an opponent who spent no money and ran fiscally to his left.

County Commish 5
Don Parker - 838
Susan Charron Spagnolio (sp) - 775

This was close as expected. I suspect Parker's name ID and fiscal conservatism carried him through. He's the most fiscally conservative of the county commissioners. Don's unopposed in November.

County Commish 8 (Democrat)
Dave Buckland - 417
Nick Bosak - 247

Dave Buckland will face Dennis Dolan in November. I haven't followed this race. Debby Buckland is an active democrat volunteer and I believe was Howard Dean's campaign chair for the county.

Theresa Brennan - 14501
Jay Drick - 6704
Christina Heikkinen - 2323

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that we got crushed so far. I thought it would have been much closer. The good news is that we still made the playoffs, albeit as an "8 seed". Name ID (or lack of it) was a killer. There's three months to regroup, and with the low turnout, it's not over.

Bill McCririe - 10101
Carol Sue Reader - 6714
Linda Walker - 5368

This is about as I expected. McCririe wins, and it's close between Reader and Walker.

Probate Court:
Bob Parker - 5528
Carol Garagiola - 5390
Kathy Oemke - 4125
Suzanne Dugas - 3330
Roberta Balon-Vaughn - 2784
Lyle Dickson - 1078
Anthony Kandt - 913

This was the toughest to predict. I expected Parker to move on. I expected Vaughn to do much better considering the money she spent on this race. Oemke had a strong core following, but not the money. Dugas had roots in the county. Garagiola was a surprise second to me due to time in the county, but I underestimated last name ID. She was hitting doors as well, including my parents house in a rural area. I expect this race to be a very tough campaign on both sides.


I predicted all renewals to pass, and all new ones to die. I was wrong here. 911 and police/fire millages usually do better than the other ones, and it showed here. Those passed.

911 (County)
Yes - 15076
No - 10835

Cohoctah proposal (Roads)
Yes - 224
No - 128

Green Oak Fire
Yes - 2270
No - 609

Green Oak Police
Yes - 2212
No - 666

Hamburg Bond
Yes - 1573
No - 1497

Hartland Fire
Yes - 976
No - 496

Howell Twp Road
Yes - 528
No - 466

Howell Area Parks
Yes - 2650
No - 3652

Brighton Fire
Yes - 3725
No - 3366

Schwarz is sent home. Other primary results

The biggest news of the day is that Joe Schwarz is sent home, replaced by Tim Walberg. Walberg brought his GOTV machine from 2004 back, and this time had enough funding to win.

Tim Walberg - 53.04% - 33144 votes
Joe Schwarz - 46.96% - 29349 votes

By County:
Schwarz - 1,519 - 40.75%
Walberg - 2,209 - 59.25%

Schwarz - 5,648 - 57.54%
Walberg - 4,167 - 42.46%

Schwarz - 5,961 - 54.23%
Walberg - 5,032 - 45.77%

Schwarz - 1,917 - 32.16%
Walberg - 4,043 - 67.84%

Schwarz - 6,777 - 45.81%
Walberg - 8,018 - 54.19%

Schwarz - 2,569 - 31.12%
Walberg - 5,687 - 68.88%

Schwarz - 4,958 - 55.42%
Walberg - 3,988 - 44.58%

The biggest thing here scary to some bigwigs is that establishment endorsements really don't matter all that much. Almost all of the establishment in DC and in state party leadership backed Schwarz. Most organizations did as well. They all lost. McCain, Bush, the NRA, John Engler, Saul Anuzis, John Boehner and much of Congress. Walberg certainly isn't going to owe the establishment anything. Hopefully he'll be ready to stand up to the big spenders out there. Good luck to him. We need more Tim Walbergs out there.

Out of state - Joe Lieberman is sent home in Connecticutt, but is deciding to run as an independent. We'll see what happens. Cynthia McKinney in DeKalb Georgia is also sent home. Good riddance.

I'll get to the US Senate race and county results later today.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Democrat Taxman Jim Blanchard campaigning for Joe Schwarz?

From the Lunch Bucket Conservative

Dem Blanchard campaigning for Republican Schwarz

The Hotlineblog is reporting that former Michgian Governor Jim Blanchard has recorded a telephone message in support of incumbent GOP Rep. John "Joe" Schwarz (MI07) and tha is being called into (we presume) Democrat homes in an effort to turn out non-traditional Republican primary voters. No independent LBC confirmation...but DEVELOPING.

Primary Election Open Thread

For whatever reason, the last election thread is not allowing comments, so I have this open thread here.

I'm curious about the turnout around the state. Where I was, it was rather weak. It was even weaker in my parent's precinct.

Election Day - Time to vote

UPDATED - Voted in Howell, #134 - about 70 absentees as well. Light turnout, no waiting.

UPDATED 2 - Secretary of State's election results

Today's the primary. All informed voters should vote. It's particulary important for Livingston County residents as several tax millages are also on the ballot. Besides the judicial races (Vote Jay Drick!!!) covered extensively, we have primaries for US Senate, US Congress (Go Mike), State Senate (Go Valde), and District 5 County Commissioner (Howell, Cohoctah, Conway Twp). The democrats have a primary for county commissioner in Hamburg.

For central Oakland County residents, Joe Knollenberg needs our support. He's facing a challenge from a RINO.

In the 7th District, Go Tim Walberg!!!

For state rep - I hope Mike Bosnic and John Knowles get the nod.

Democrats I could stomach - Patrick Baker in Lansing. John Gleason in Flint. Gleason's pro-2a. Baker's pro-life. Those are solid democrat districts about as democrat as Livingston County is Republican. Baker and Gleason are the best we can get there.

Over in Connecticutt, Joe Lieberman is in serious trouble. Cynthia McKinney is in a runoff election today in DeKalb County, Georgia.

County Election Results - Click here

Lunch Bucket Conservative blog also will have some election Results

Redstate is good for national results.

I may or may not be online later with updates.

Top 10 Reasons Joe Schwarz Must Go

From the folks at REDSTATE

Today is election day in Michigan and we are hoping Tim Walberg wins. Walberg is a pro-life tax cutting Republican who will work to reduce government and encourage the free market. We've been reviewing the top ten reasons why Joe Schwarz Must Go. Before we get to number one, let's review the list:

10. Schwarz Opposes ANWR drilling.
9. Schwarz Supports Government Subsidized Viagra.
8. Schwarz Is Wrong on Marriage -- he supports same sex marriage.
7. Schwarz Is Wrong on Private Property -- he supports the Kelo decision.
6. Schwarz Is A Tax & Spend Liberal.
5. Schwarz Is Pro-Choice -- he's being backed by Planned Parenthood and other liberal pro-abortion groups.
4. Schwarz Is Anti-Free Speech -- he voted for BCRA and against protecting blogs from the FEC.
3. Schwarz Is A Hypocrite -- having voting for BCRA, he violated it to try to win this campaign.
2. Schwarz Is A Tax Hiker -- he's on record willing to repeal the President's tax cuts.

And the number one reason Joe Schwarz Must Go . . .

1. It will send a message to Republican leaders in Congress.

For the past two years, Republicans have governed in the Joe Schwarz mould. They have expanded government, expanded spending, and otherwise ignored the GOP's conservative base. In fact, conservatives, who are the largest part of the GOP base, have been dumped on, ignored, and shoved aside in favor of politicians like Joe Schwarz.

Republicans in Congress will not get the message if they lose the majority -- they'll blame conservatives. Republicans in Congress will get the message if we take a stand in Republican primaries and start tossing liberals. Let's send this wake up call today.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Grebner's voting experiment

Mark Grebner, an Ingham County Commissioner most known for his political business, Practical Political Consultants, is under fire for a mailing he did.

From the Argus

Shock quickly turned to anger when Hamburg Township resident Karl Schwanik opened his mail one day last week.
He had received a letter containing his voting record — a list of the elections in which he had gone to the polls to cast ballots, and those he hadn't — from an East Lansing firm known as Practical Political Consulting Inc.

The letter also contained the voting records of his neighbors and promised a follow-up letter that will indicate who voted in the coming Tuesday primary election

I have mixed views on this. It's certainly legal, and rather easy to find out who voted and who did not vote as it is public record. It's also easy for me to preach about voting since I'm classified as an 8 or a 9 voter (never missed a contested election).

However, there are several reasons people don't vote. Some are lazy. Some don't know enough about the candidates. Some are informed and don't like anybody on the ballot.

I wish those who didn't like anyone showed up and left the ballot blank, voted third party, or wrote themselves in. That sends more of a message than staying home where they are ignored.

The ones who don't know enough about the candidates I don't want voting. Ignorant people should not vote. I'm NOT referring to those I disagree with on issues. I'm referring to the fools who vote for superficial reasons (IE - Vote for Granholm because she's a woman, Vote for DeVos since he's Dutch) instead of deciding based on where the candidates stand on issues, voting records, competency, or candidate's character.

I find out as much information as I can on each candidate before I make a decision. I have never filled in the straight ticket circle. I go down each list and make the decision. If I don't know anything about the people, I skip that race. If I don't like any of the choices, given I leave it blank, write someone in, or vote third party.

The ideal situation is for a 100% turnout of well informed voters. I don't mind my vote being cancelled out to a well informed voter I happen to disagree with. I hate it when my vote is cancelled out to some joker who thinks Granholm is hot and votes for her because of that reason.

While we all have the right to vote, it's also a major responsibility to make sure we really know who we are voting for and the reasons we are making those decisions. If Grebner's list gets uninformed people to the polls, he's doing us all a disservice. If he's getting informed people to the polls, he's doing us all a service.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I've gotten behind on the districts. I'll update the current ones after the primary to show the general and add the rest of them once time permits. I'd like to finish them before the general, but between work and school it may have to wait.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Primary Predictions

I'm going to probably stick my size 13 boot in my mouth with some of these, but we'll see.

Primary Predictions
Ned Lamont beats Joe Lieberman in Connecticutt 54-46
Cynthia McKinney hangs on in Dekalb County GA's runoff against Hank Johnson 51-49

Senate - Upset Special:
Keith Butler edges Mike Bouchard 51-49. Evangelical turnout causes a shocker. I'm still undecided on this and will likely be so until I show up at the polls.

District 7 - I hope I'm wrong, but I think Schwarz hangs on due to establishment support, a lucky break by the NRA's poor decision, and democrat crossvotes. That said, it will be very close. 52-48 Schwarz.

District 8 - Mike Rogers wins easily. Flynn gets some hardliners and democrat crossvotes, but not enough. Mike's no Joe Schwarz and keeps most of his conservative support. 82-18.

District 9 - Pan Godchaux is running on the left flank of Joe Knollenberg. Knollenberg's faced tough challenges before in generals (David Fink), but not in primary. The bad news for Godchaux is that primaries bring out conservative voters, and gun owners will be out for Knollenberg as well for this one. Knollenberg wins 71-29.

State Senate
Valde Garcia is challenged by Barton Hellmuth. Hellmuth isn't spending a dime, and his comment in the paper on raising diesel taxes is not going to go over well here. 82-18 Garcia wins.

Judicial Races
District - Theresa Brennan and Jay Drick move on to the general. 42-40-18 Brennan, Drick, and Heikkinen in that order - setting up a major battle in November.

District - Bill McCririe has the most election experience and will move on to the general. The other spot is probably a tossup. I except the west side to back Linda Walker, and Carol Sue Reader to do better in the Howell and Brighton area. The question is whether Fowlerville votes for Walker as much as they did for Hune.

Probate - Toughest for me to predict since anything can happen in six way races. I'll predict Bob Parker and Roberta Balon-Vaugn due to election experience, but anything can happen here. If I'm wrong in a prediction, it'll be here.

Renewals pass
ALL of the new ones FAIL.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Argus adds comment sections

Is the Argus following in my footsteps here? They've added comment sections on their online stories. Interesting move and a gutsy one depending on how they decide to moderate them.

A Mini-Interview with Tim Walberg

John Hawkins of Human Events interviews Tim Walberg who is running against Joe Schwarz. I have Tim's response to two questions here, but I recomment everyone clicking on the link to see the whole thing. I'd vote for Tim if I could, but lucky for Mr. Schwarz, the district stops at the Pinckney/Dexter line. If you are a fiscal conservative, Walberg's your guy. If you're a social conservative, Walberg's also your guy.

Now, you've called yourself the "conservative choice" in the race. Why would you say Joe Schwart isn't a conservative?

Walberg: Well, a guy who votes for pork barrel generally not considered a conservative. One who supports amnesty for illegal aliens is not considered a conservative. ...When you get down to the...definition of marriage being between one man and one woman and you're the only Republican member of the House delegation from Michigan that opposes the President's push for defining being between one man and one woman, that doesn't (seem) conservative.

Then you need to look at his endorsers. Organizations like a bunch of unions, Planned Parenthood, Triangle Foundation, Pride Pac, Log Cabin Republicans -- you don't normally see those organizations endorsing Republicans unless they're extremely liberal...So, in my mind, it's not difficult to define Joe Schwarz as being liberal in contrast to my side of the ledger, where I am a conservative ...having support from organizations like all of the right-to-life (groups), The Club for Growth, The National Taxpayers Unioin, Citizens Against Government Waste, ...Gun Owners of America...I think it's a clear distinction...

Now, what kind of message do you think it would send to Congress if you were able to knock off Joe Schwarz?

Walberg: It says that conservatives can win. It says that...if people have a chance to choose between one liberal and one conservative, they'll choose a conservative every time. I think it also says that the Republicans need to understand that people are tired of (candidates) talking like Republicans, but acting like Democrats.

They're tired of this administration, not because of George Bush's policies, but because he has been unwilling to stand up and veto excessive spending that Reagan would have choked on. Reagan vetoed a highway funding bill because it had a 121 pork barrel items. He called that unconscionable. This (highway bill) has 6,000 pork barrel earmark items in it. Reagan would have had no trouble vetoing that.

When they look at a Congress that stands up for all the liberal causes and votes for minimum wage increases, led by Republicans -- the people back in the conservative districts...are saying, "Enough is enough. You're using us conservatives. You expect us to carry you through and get you into office, but then you walk away from us. We're going to...take an incumbent, that was put into office as a Republican, but voted liberal, and we're going to throw him out."

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Probate Judge

I gotten a lot of calls asking me who the Republicans, and pro-lifers are in the Probate Court race. There are four republicans running. Lyle Dickson, Suzanne Dugas, Carol Hackett Garagiola, and Roberta Balon-Vaughn are Republicans. Bob Parker has given to both parties including Debbie Stabenow and Joe Hune. Kathy Oemke has a history of supporting democrats. I do not know anything about Anthony Kandt outside of what I've seen in the debates.

Right to life has endorsed Parker and Oemke. I also know personally that Roberta Balon-Vaughn and Lyle Dickson ARE pro-life (despite no endorsement) going back over the last 4 years. RTL said they would only back two people because of two positions open in the primary. That's their decision, but I want to make clear that Bobbi and Lyle are both pro-life.

I have two people I consider friends running in this race, so I'm keeping my vote quiet.

Response to Letter (Judges)

Former Green Oak Trustee and well known democrat Sally York wrote a letter to the editor today. You can find it here. I'd like to make two points in response.

1. The GOP did not endorse the Andersons in that school board race. The county GOP endorsed the opposition to the countywide enhancement millage. Carney won due to a combination of the teachers union support, and also conservative mad at incumbents due to the millage. I know some straight GOP votes in that race who were looking for a fifth choice, only voting for one of the Andersons and leaving the rest blank.

2. The problem is not just that Ms. Brennan was appointed or a democrat. This isn't a moderate Jim Barcia type of democrat we are dealing with. Granholm appointed the most leftist judge she could find - One of Debbie Stabenow's top supporters. The same Stabenow who prevents judges in Michigan from having an up or down vote in the senate. Ms. Brennan is also a supporter of radical MI List, the Emily's list of Michigan. Only partial birth abortion supporters need apply. If that isn't enough she organized a war protest with Bob Alexander. Those are mainstream views in Ann Arbor, but not in mainstream Livingston County.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When is it litterbug season?

If there is one thing that really bothers me, it's jerks that go out and litter beer bottles. On my way back from my dad's house in the middle of the country, I saw two beer bottles in the middle of the road. How much effort does it take to take them back to the store for 10 cents?

It's times like this when I wish the DNR would put in place a litterbug season during the summer between turkey and deer season.

They have no taste in beer either. Miller Lite?

Breaking: Jerry Zandstra endorses Keith Butler for Senate

I got this in an email. I've been undecided and going back in forth since Jerry dropped out. Since he dropped out, Jerry returned to Acton Institue and has also formed a pro-life PAC. Pro-life Federation of Michigan. I hope Jerry stays active as our party needs a shot in the arm with more ideal candidates as our struggles nationally are mostly due to too many Republicans suffering from "beltwayitis", acting like leftist democrats with our spending, and forgetting where we came from.

Zandstra Endorses Butler

Former U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Zandstra announced his support for Keith Butler at a press conference held in Grand Rapids today. "The Detroit News said it best, Keith Butler is brimming with intelligence, character and compassion. He is a true conservative and pledges to help return the Republican Party to its principles. That is why I support him, we need a U.S. Senator with the character to stand up to the career politicians and special interest groups and do what is right for Michigan and the Country," said Jerry Zandstra.

Keith Butler and Michael Bouchard are in tight battle for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Today's announcement could have a profound impact on the primary battle. Zandstra has a strong committed following of supporters who appreciate his message of economic and political reform.

Keith Butler said, "I want to thank Jerry for his support. I don't plan on going to Washington to pad my resume or for a paycheck, I want to go to D.C. to make a difference. We need to end the corrupt practice of special interest earmarks in our budget process and we need to end the cozy relationship between lobbyists and lawmakers. Your support Jerry is very gratifying and will greatly help us get our message out in this last week of the primary."

Recent polls by Strategic Vision show a very tight primary battle with as much as 20% of the primary voters undecided.

I'm still undecided in this race but this one certainly took me by surprise. All I can say so far is that I will be supporting Stabenow's opponent after the primary.

Clawson Tax Measure Aug 8

A friend of mine out in Clawson emailed me asking me to post his fight against the tax hiking city council out in Clawson. Here's his website. Clawson Taxpayer

Some of the stuff there may sound familiar to those of us here in Livingston County. Good luck to the taxpayers of Clawson.

From our friends at GOA - Go Walberg!!!

Sent: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 16:24:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: A Clear Choice

A Clear Choice: Second Amendment Champion vs. Politician Who Treats
Your Rights With Disdain

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Pl Suite 102
Springfield VA 22151

August 1, 2006

Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

Our Second Amendment rights are at stake in the Republican primary in
Michigan's 7th congressional district, and the choice is clear: Tim
Walberg is a consistent defender of second amendment rights, while
Congressman Joe Schwarz is not.

The election is coming up soon, on August 8th, so please read on and
act quickly.

Tim Walberg vigorously defended our Second Amendment rights during
his 16 years in the Michigan House of Representatives. He is an avid
sportsman and understands the Second Amendment is a constitutionally
protected individual right. Tim is the type of principled, bold
fighter for gun owner rights that we need in Congress.

Tim's opponent, Congressman Joe Schwarz is no friend of gun owners.
Schwarz does not believe the Second Amendment is an individual right
(Detroit Free Press, 7-5-02). Schwarz opposed Michigan's
concealed-carry law and even called it "nuts" (MIRS, 8-31-02).
Beyond opposing pro-Second Amendment legislation, Schwarz called gun
owners "bubbas" (MIRS, 8-31-02) and described gun owners as
foaming, salivating concealed weapons crew" (MIRS, 8-31-02).

Joe Schwarz has brought his anti-gun philosophy to Congress. On June
28, Schwarz opposed a pro-gun amendment to repeal a mandatory trigger
lock requirement.

Gun Owners of America is dedicated to preserving and defending our
Second Amendment rights. Firearms ownership is a freedom issue and
Tim Walberg is the only consistent defender of freedom in this race.
GOA-PVF proudly endorses Tim Walberg for Congress.

However, one person alone cannot win an election, so please join me
in supporting Walberg for Congress. This primary race is highly
competitive, and the side that mobilizes best will win.

The election is fast approaching. Your donation of $100, $75, $50,
or $35 will go a long way in helping Tim reach out to undecided

Even if you don't live in Michigan, it is important that you help to
elect this pro-gun champion.

You can use the enclosed reply form and mail a contribution directly
to the campaign at 6769 Teachout Road, Tipton, MI 49287.

Even better since time is short, visit the special webform just for
GOA supporters at to make an
online contribution.

GOA supporters have come through in the past. With your help, over
15 GOA-backed candidates won in the previous congressional

Now we have an opportunity to improve our numbers even more in this
August 8th primary.

By working together we will send Tim Walberg to Congress, where he
will be a leader and trusted fighter for the Second Amendment rights
of all Americans.


Tim Macy

P.S. If you live in the 7th Congressional District, please remember
to vote in the August 8 Republican primary.

Even if you live outside the district, Tim will be ardently
representing your views in Washington. Please consider a generous
contribution to the Walberg campaign using either the online form at