Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bill Rogers opposes the Red Light Cameras

I was glad to see this from my rep on WHMI. These cameras are bad news and is a big issue in the transportation committee. Thank you, Bill.

State Representative Bill Rogers is speaking out against proposed legislation that would allow red light cameras to be installed in Michigan. House Bill 4763 has been taken up for testimony by the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. It would give local municipalities the ability to install red light cameras at their most dangerous intersections. It carries a requirement for those intersections to follow the state’s yellow light timing standards. Rogers is opposed to the bill, which he says is a way to generate revenue rather than improve public safety. In a press release, he pointed out that those caught on camera would have to pay a fine for a moving violation but would not receive any points on their license. (TD) 

I've dealt with these from personal experience - without ever being at the intersection in the first place. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wendy Day - 4th Candidate to announce for 47th District (HD-47)

I knew Wendy Day was considering a run a long time ago. About three days ago, I did a check on campaign finance filings, and saw she had a committee up and running, along with a website. Today, it's official. This is going to make things quite interesting with the primary, if it hasn't already been interesting already with four candidates in. I wouldn't be shocked to see two more run either.

One thing that everyone can say about Wendy is this. You know where she stands. That's one of her slogans, and certainly true. Anyone familiar with her time on Howell School Board knows that.

From the Argus

Former Howell Public Schools board trustee Wendy Day announced today that she is running for the 47th District House seat.
In making her announcement, Day described herself as a conservative activist and military wife who believes “Michigan citizens, rather than Washington, D.C., know what is best for their families and businesses.”
A long-time activist, Day says she knows how Lansing works and is committed to being a “courageous voice that doesn’t cut back room, good-old-boy deals, with the establishment.”
“We have all been frustrated by politicians who make campaign promises that seem to align with our values, only to have them fail to stand up for those values once they are in office,” she said. “Actions, and votes, speak louder than words. If voters want a courageous voice who will stand against Washington, D.C., it would be an honor to have their support.”
Day fought as a Howell school board trustee to bring transparency and fiscal accountability to the district. She helped develop policies and programs that provided consistent leadership to district employees, more accessibility to the district for parents, and greater transparency to the taxpayers, she said.

The four announced so far are now:

Primaries are nothing new to the 47th district. In 2008, Cindy Denby won a four way primary. In 2002, Joe Hune won a six way primary. Four have already announced here and all of them are what I'd consider legitimate candidates doing more than just putting their name on the ballot. Three of them have held (or hold) elected office, with the other a former executive director of OCGOP. All have varying experience in business and activism. I encourage all to keep this race clean, do the research, and support their candidate. Let's hope the attack dogs stay calm this primary. It doesn't sell well in this country and tends to backfire.