Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Draft Sanford for President Movement taking off???

Over at Redstate, poster Adam C found this in the Opinion Journal

"""Know Him By His Enemies
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican, is taking hard shots from Democrats within the state and national Democratic special interest groups who probably couldn't point to the Palmetto State on the map. What's drawing their ire is Mr. Sanford's attempt to rein in out-of-control spending on Medicaid.

Protecting this federal entitlement has become an obsession with Democrats, with Howard Dean leading the charge. That's why Mr. Sanford finds himself in the sights of the Washington-based Center for Budget and Policy, a liberal think tank. In South Carolina, Medicaid now consumes 19% of the state budget and provides health benefits to one million people, or one-out-of-four who live in the state. Gov. Sanford proposes to cap the program's costs by withdrawing the promise of unlimited care and giving those eligible a tax credit -- worth perhaps $4,000 -- that can only be spent on private health insurance. Anything left over could be rolled into a private health savings account.

His critics are starting to figure out that Mr. Sanford should be on a shortlist of Republican 2008 presidential candidates. He's now halfway through this first term and already has enacted half of his agenda -- including a landmark tort reform bill. The freewheeling Mr. Sanford is especially popular with the GOP's libertarian wing for his consistent stances in support of Social Security private accounts, school vouchers and trade with Cuba and his opposition to corporate welfare. Elected to Congress in the Newt Gingrich 1994 tidal wave, he honored his own personal term limit by stepping down after six years. As governor, he's issued more than 100 vetoes against legislative spending, once even bringing two squealing pigs to the State Capitol to emphasize his disdain for pork barrel..."""

This is what we need for a President. I am tired of all the "big government conservatives out there." While no one is perfect, Gov. Sanford is probably as close to perfect who is electable. Governors win, and those with ideas win over those who don't have ideas.

And Gov. Sanford is also Pro-2nd Amendment and Pro-life as well as a fiscal conservative. If Mark Sanford runs for president, I'll vote for him in a minute, and volunteer for his campaign.

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Anonymous said...

During his 2002 campaign for governor, he drove around the state in his personal car, which I believe was an old, beat up Nissan. As a Congressman, to save money, he bought a cot and slept in his office.

There is nothing not to like about Mark Sanford. Unfortunately, our political system seems geared to exclude quirky geniuses from the presidency, in favor of lowest common denominator personalities and mediocre intellects.