Sunday, August 28, 2005

Official - Jack Hoogendyk drops out

From WOOD TV in Grand Rapids:

Grand Rapids, August 27, 2005, 6:14 p.m.) One of the candidates in the race for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination has dropped out.

State Representative Jack Hoogendyk of Kalamazoo made the official announcement Saturday that he will not seek his party's nomination for governor in 2006.

This is not a surprise. Unless there's a major surprise and Mike Rogers or Candice Miller (who said they aren't running) jumps in the race, this is going to be an uneventful primary, with Dick DeVos as the next nominee for governor. State Senator Nancy Cassis is still in the race, but has already mentioned a possible interest in the Lt. Governor position in interviews.

Dick DeVos vs Jennifer Granholm. That's an easy choice for me. I'll bring the moving van myself to the governor's mansion to help Jenny pack so she can move to one of her "Cool Cities."


true believer said...

You are not Cool, if you don't like the Governor's Cool cities program!

Someone told me you don't criticize the Governor! Hmmm, they must not have been telling me the truth.

Republican Michigander said...

Well, I never claimed to be cool, and I don't know who told you that I don't criticize the governor. You're right. They aren't telling you the truth. :)

As for cool cities, putting all of our stock into the "Creative Class" saving our core cities has about as much chance as the Lions winning the Super Bowl. Even Royal Oak has been losing population.

Instead of putting all our eggs into that basket, the way to fix our core cities is to fix schools, neighborhoods, crime, and to make the cities good places to raise families.

Livingston County isn't considered "cool", but it's the fastest growing county in the state. People move out here to raise families (and get out of the city).

Royal Oak, considered "cool" by most, lost population. Nothing personal against Royal Oak, but why do we want to emulate a burb that loses population?

Anonymous said...

I think you have lost the point of the "Cool Cities" program.