Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Latest on Gubenatorial Election

From MIRS news via an email from State Party

Bye-Bye Jack
Although he would not confirm it, MIRS has learned there are strong indications that the second GOP candidate in the race for Governor will drop out perhaps as early as this Saturday.

Rep. Jack HOOGENDYK (R-Kalamazoo) has been in the hunt since last February, but his fund raising efforts have reportedly run into a brick wall now that frontrunner Dick DeVOS has made it clear that he is in the race to stay.
His announcement could come on Saturday at the so-called Farm Fest, an annual GOP gathering being staged this year in Ada and co-chaired by former Lt. Gov.Dick POSTHUMUS and DeVos. Ada, of course, is the home base for the Alticor Company that DeVos used to run. With Hoogendyk preparing to withdraw, word is he will toss his support to DeVos, thus leaving the impression that the lawmaker is a team player and available for a possible bid for higher office down the road.

That is not a surprise. Hoogendyk and DeVos are both from West Michigan, and have similar bases with the cultural conservatives. Hoogendyk may have had an edge with gun owners, but I doubt they would get involved in the primary unless DeVos is anti-gun which would greatly surprise me.

With that announcement, that will leave only one other challenger in the race and Sen. Nancy CASSIS (R-Novi) has made noises about dropping out with hopes of being selected for the second spot on the GOP ticket. She recently told reporters, “We are not na├»ve” about her chances of wrestling the nomination from DeVos.

This primary may be over already.

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