Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hunting Heritage Defense Committee

One of the issues on the ballot in 2006 will be the ban on hunting mourning doves in Michigan. This practice is legal in 40 other states, and should be here in a state with a rich hunting tradition.

I do have to give credit where it is due. In a rare moment of common sense, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed legislation authorizing a trial hunt in four counties allowing the hunting of these "pigeons". Unfortunately, a bunch of anti-hunters with the Humane Society of the US (NOT your local pet rescue organization) with $125,000 of out of state money pushed a petition drive here placing the law on referendum. That means the law is on hold until a vote occurs in 2006.

This law would not even be controversial if the "pigeons" were known as such instead of having part of the same name as the "bird of peace." Here are the differences. The first picture is Pope John Paul II with the bird of peace. The second picture is the "pigeon."

The 2nd argument I usually see against "pigeon" hunting is the size of the bird. The counter argument to that is that grouse, woodcock, and partridge are all game birds in Michigan, and mourning doves are game birds in 40 other states.

I do not hunt mourning doves. That said, I support allowing people to do so.
I am a turkey hunter. If one type of bird hunting is banned, others follow. We as hunters all hang together or all hang as individuals. This is the goal of the HSUS as stated by their president - Wayne Pacelle.

"If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would." – Wayne Pacelle, as quoted by the Associated Press in Impassioned Agitator, December 30, 1991.

"Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting." – Wayne Pacelle, as quoted in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991.

I should mention that "Sport Hunting" under their definition applies to ALL hunting - deer, bear, turkey, elk, duck, goose, rabbit, coyote, groundhog, and everything else. It does not refer to crooked poachers which is a different issue completely. Poaching is wrong and should be reported to the DNR immediately.

The Hunting Heritage Defense Committee formed last July right here in Howell to defend our rights. Most of the individuals behind HHDC are from the strong pro-2nd Amendment groups SAFR and Michigan Gun Owners. I am a member of both organizations(charter member of MGO).

Hunting Heritage Defense Committee is holding a fundraiser in Jackson on September 9. I plan on being there, and hope for a strong turnout there. In order to defeat the anti-hunting opposition, we need to start fighting early since we WILL be outspent as we do not have the George Soros types funding us. It isn't the first time we've faced odds like this. We taught them a lesson once, and we will once again.



Anonymous said...

Just made a donation on there website. Thanks for doing such a great job in bringing these matters to our attention.

Do you have an email address?

Dan said...

AuH2ORepublican said...

Excellent post, Republican Michigander!

But with your name, I would think you'd oppose . . . goose hunting.


Dan said...

LOL. I can't stand geese. The worst import that Canada gave us is the "Canada Goose." They're everywhere.