Tuesday, February 07, 2006

NRSC censors (and is outclassed by the dems counterpart)

Blanton over at Redstate smacks down Liddy Dole's NRSC for censoring conservatives who call them out for misusing their money.

NRSC Censors

Apparently, subjecting the GOP to a 2006 cycle with less than stellar recruitments is not enough for Elizabeth Dole and the NRSC. Now, the NRSC has taken to censoring Republicans who comment on the NRSC website. As Save the GOP notes and as several scorned commenters have confirmed to me, the NRSC is deleting comments that speak negatively of Lincoln Chafee from its website.
So, let's review. The NRSC is spending the dollars of Republican faithful to bash a conservative so that they can help Senator Chafee. Senator Chafee refused to vote for Samuel Alito and admits he would not even vote for President Bush in 2004. And now, faithful Republicans who want to express their concern over Senator Chafee's lack of fidelity to the GOP have their comments deleted from the NRSC's website.

Given the way the NRSC has been going about its business lately it is no wonder the DSCC has outraised the NRSC by $14,713,341.00 as of December 31, 2005.

As I posted back in October - with friends like the NRSC, who needs enemies. There's a reason why they get $0 from me. I don't want my money intended for helping republicans to be used to attack a republican and help a RINO.
If you want to help Republicans keep a senate majority, back individual candidates instead where the people are more competent than the NRSC.

I think donating to Steve Laffey's campaign is a good start at sending a message to the NRSC.

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Bachbone said...

This is just one of the reasons I quit donating to the NRSC and RNC, and donate directly to a candidate I support. Most politicians and their organizations are slime, but some are slimier than others.