Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big Media - "22 gauge gun?"

One thing you can count on in the papers is to get their facts wrong on just about anything related to guns. Here's another example. Like most of the left-leaning media, The Lansing State Journal shows its ignorance when it comes to guns once again. This one is really bad.

A bullet fired from a .22-gauge gun killed Ronald Lee Wells on Aug. 6, 2006, according to testimony Monday in the courtroom of Ingham Circuit Judge Paula Manderfield.

Michigan State Police Sgt. Reinhard Pope testified three shell casings were found in Wells' apartment after the murder: two .22-gauge casings and one 9-mm casing.

The 9-mm bullet was in the wall between the living room and the bedroom. One .22-bullet was found in the couch. It had shot through the bedroom wall. The other bullet was lodged inside Wells.

I've never heard of a .22-gauge gun before reading that article.


Communications guru said...

That’s your proof of the rightwing political strategy of the “liberal media” myth? Give me a break.

keithr said...
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keithr said...

Maybe it is one of those historical oddities from the 19th century, LOL.

The error that annoys me is when they use "bullet" when they should be using "cartridge".