Friday, June 08, 2007

Chris Ward switches support to Fred Thompson

The Argus broke this today. I've heard rumors about this yesterday, but wanted to confirm it with two sources before posting. The rumor is true.

State Rep. Chris Ward, R-Brighton Township, has thrown his support in the Republican presidential primary race behind television actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. Ward had previously endorsed Arizona Sen. John McCain, with whom he shares support for campaign-finance reform.

But now Ward said that Thompson "has shown the type of strong leadership we need in the White House. He has a proven record in the United States Senate and is the most electable Republican."

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Bachbone said...

The fact that Sen. Thompson realized life inside the Beltway is 99% unrepresentative of Joe and Jane Six-Packs' lives and voluntarily got out gives him an A+ in my book and pushes him one step ahead of everyone else. I'm sick of career politicians who foist laws on us, then retire to their ranches and estates where they can avoid living under the very laws they dumped on the rest of us.