Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If you're elected - show up to work

When you only show up to TWO - missing TEN out of 12 meetings, that means you shouldn't be there. When you are elected to a public office, you should show up at business meetings. Out of all the meetings for any organization of which I've been a board member/executive committee, I believe I missed one meeting. It's something I take seriously, and something I expect from public officials. Not showing up is not acceptable outside of a very good excuse.

From the Argus

The Howell Public Schools Board of Educationhas been short-handed for the last six months because a longtime board member has missed most of the meetings since November, apparently because she has been out of the state tending to a hurricane-damaged home in Florida.
Mary Jo Dymond, a former president of the board, has only attended two of the 12 scheduled and special school board meetings this year, according to board minutes. She also missed the last two meetings in 2006.

She participated in graduation ceremonies Saturday, but declined to answer questions about her absences or future plans on the board. She repeated that stance in an e-mail message to the Daily Press & Argus on Monday night.

Obviously repairing a Florida home is high priority. However, should she stay on the board if she either lives in Florida or is spending most of her time there? Could all the residents of Howell not do as good of job as she does when absent for about 85% of the meetings?

If you can't make 85% of your required meetings where you have advanced knowledge, it's time to resign and let someone else take over until you take care of your other committments. Once those are taken care of, by all means run for election again.

It's time we expect more of our public officials.

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