Thursday, June 28, 2007

Michigan's fireworks laws - thumbs down

The Argus just reported that a fireworks dealer lost $500K in merchandise for selling to an undercover cop.

Authorities on Tuesday seized an estimated $500,000 in fireworks — enough to fill half a pole barn from floor to ceiling — at a Howell Township home in what Livingston County Sheriff Bob Bezotte called one of the biggest seizures of fireworks he’s seen in 25 years.
“It’s the mother lode,” Bezotte said.

Sheriff’s deputies and detectives also seized an undisclosed sum of cash from the homeowner, who allegedly sold professional-grade pyrotechnics to an unlicensed buyer in a police operation. In Michigan, people need a permit to sell, transport, display or possess fireworks that fly — whether in a spin or twirls through the air — or explode.

The fireworks laws in this state are some of the stupidest laws around. They are also some of the most commonly broken laws, because there is little respect for them. There's a reason that the Indiana and Ohio borders have several fireworks stores which even have advertised on Michigan radio in the past.

Those little firecrackers - illegal. I'm not referring to cherry bombs or M-80's. Those little firecrackers are illegal. So are bottle rockets which are seen literally everywhere. Let's not even get to the classic mortar shells and Big Bear Cannons.

Now I've been around at places where all of these were shot off. I'm sure many here reading the blog have seen most if not all of these as well. I've never seen anyone get hurt from the illegal fireworks. I've only been hurt once, and that was as a little kid. I was stupid and grabbed the business end of a sparkler. It was a harsh lesson I didn't forget.

A lot of people use illegal fireworks and these things do not harm anyone unless someone is stupid. We need to stop legislating against risk and stupidity, and we do not need to be protected from ourselves. We're Michiganders, not wimps.

Let's support freedom and repeal the laws on fireworks and increase business here in this state at the expense of Indiana and Ohio profitting from our laws. Fireworks don't kill people or hurt people. People do.


CEW said...

Did you notice the other reports of fireworks busts? What is this accomplishing for Michigan?

Fireworks Seized Just in Time for the Fourth

Nathan said...

Now, I can see the bust you're posting about. This guy was selling higher end (not 1.4G regulation) fireworks that require a license for anyone to use, not consumer-grade fireworks.

Otherwise, I agree completely. Michigan fireworks laws are so far removed from reality and common sense, it reminds me of the South Park episode 'Summer Sucks', when they ban all fireworks but snakes because 'some stupid North Park kid blew his hand off'. In the end, the community fireworks display of a single giant snake nearly destroys the town. All in the name of 'safety'.

Personally, I and my family went down to Shelton's (I69 and Jamestown Rd) just south of the border and brought back about $200 worth of all kinds of stuff you can't buy here (in most cases).

Fortunately for us, our favorite haunt for launching the good stuff is completely unpatrolled, and even if it was, the neighbors always outdo our petty little show by an order of magnitude.

I put it this way: As long as the guy running the tent out front of the 7-11/Citgo station at Richfield and Genesee Roads in Flint/Burton is still selling the 'good stuff', I'm completely unconcerned. A law is not a law if it goes unenforced.

Cree said...

Why don't you go live in Ohio or Indiana?

Quit complaining and just live your life. I don't care that a guy got busted with a pole barn full of fireworks. What does that matter to me? If I want to shoot off fireworks I will. It's very rare that a regular person gets in any trouble for shooting off some fireworks. Why not get a real issue to talk about? I'm surprised you didn't mention how our tax dollars go towards this enforcement and how the democrats will probably want to tax us higher. Republicos always complain about what THEY want, not what's good for all.

Bigger fish to fry than this and hardly anyone gets in any real trouble (beyond maybe a fine) for shooting off or possessing a normal quantity of illegal fireworks.

Anonymous said...

What is so exciting about making noise, disurbing the peace, creating fire risk and BEING STUPID!!!! OMG, don't we have better ways to waste money and tick off neighbors other than setting off needless fireworks. If you want a show - go to one. Your weak attempt is nothing but annoying.

Riley said...

WOW its fun to be stupid disturb the peace and make noise. but come on how about busting some crack dealers or find murders? let the fire work laws go and let us have some fun.

FedUp said...

For those of us with respectable jobs who need to be up before the sun rises and have small kids who need to get up at the same, FUN is not associated with the stupidity of disturbing the peace with illegal fireworks in residential areas. Go to an open field so, if a fire does happen to start, the only thing that's lost is your 'fun'. Giving a heart attack to a sleeping individual is FUN? How about a blow horn at 4 a.m. in your ear after a night with your fireworks (or maybe noon if you've been stupid enough to drink with fireworks). A nice, hefty fine would be reasonable in cases like this. GROW UP!! Leave the fireworks to the professionals; there's a reason for the permit! Fireworks do not belong in subdivisions/residential areas. I don't care if you think it won't cause a fire or not; one little spark on someone's roof or in a tree on a dry evening and you've got yourself a large lawsuit!!

kmv1987 said...

How about YOU grow up! For one day of the year, a taxpaying michigander can't celebrate YOUR freedom to sleep all day by using his personal fireworks on his personal property. Fuck off already. Just because you had to settle down and get a "respectable job", get married and have 2.2 kids in your middle class home, don't take out your frustration on those of us who still have an interesting life. Im not sorry you decided to be a desk jockey, its your fault. For one month of the year, mind your own damn business. That's the michigan way. Besides, I've lived here all my life, and have been using 1.4g fireworks (and even 1.3g on occasion, so fuck you) every July 4th of my adult life. And only once has a cop ever come to my door. It was because of nosy neighbors like yourself. Later that night I lit a 25 shot thunderking cake in their backyard. Payback's a bitch.

Marketmasterinc said...

Did you hear about the fireworks dealer in southwest Michigan where the State Police seized his entire yearly shippment. Nothing illegal was going on, but when the company rep went to get the fireworks back after in the Michigan State Police possession, over 700 cases were missing or 110,000 lbs by there records. Judge dropped the case, after the cases were missing. Let's see, that about $100,000 quick profit for crocked cops!

Marketmasterinc said...

Oh, by the way, it only put 15 more Michigan residents out of a job. How do ya like us now! Michigan, the ANTI BUSINESS state!
Do youselves a favor, all those running for re-election, show them what UNEMPLOYMENT is all about!

Sam said...

My family and I smuggle fireworks into Michigan every single year, nobody even cares if you light them off up north..... Not even the obes that could pretty much pass for grenades. Come to think of it, you can do pretty much anything in northern Michigan, can't you?

Glenn Harris said...
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apissedoffvet said...

Hey punk did u ever think about what ur crappy fireworks do to us combat vets?, no u didnt cause ur a typical asswipe. If your so damned set on blowing stuff up, why dont u be a big boy and join the military? u cant do that cab u ?..and mind what u reply boy u are surrounded by guys like me..punkass.