Sunday, March 08, 2009

City Council member Claudia Roblee, don't mess with my school!

This is got to be one of the stupidest things I've read from the Argus in a long, long time.

The buzz!

Could Brighton High School's mascot be too rough-and-tough looking?

At least one Brighton City Council member thought so and wanted to see something else besides the famed Brighton Bulldog mascot on banners to be placed in downtown Brighton.

"I do not see that banner with the bulldog, the angry-looking bulldog with the spiked collar, as being aesthetically pleasing for our downtown," council member Claudia Roblee said.

Roblee, who has been an active school volunteer, said she would prefer seeing silhouettes of athletes, chess players and debaters on the banners. The school is planning to put up 36 banners along Main Street and Grand River Avenue for the 2009-2010 school year.

If I ever move from Green Oak into the city itself as I almost did in 06, I know who not to vote for right off the bat. I don't know whether she's a Republican, Democrat, or neither of the two. It doesn't matter. Don't mess with the Bulldogs!

I've lived in Livingston County for over 30 years. I've lived in the Brighton area one township away from the city for 27 of those 30 years and am a native of the area. I'm from Brighton, or as I like to say these days, "Old Brighton." I've seen the downtown in the 80's, 90's, and today. I went to Brighton Schools. Now not to go all Al Bundy here, as I unfortunately didn't score four touchdowns in one game, but this disrespect here really ticks me off. I put in a lot of my time for Brighton High as a student, player, and coach. If you object to a bulldog, my teams mascot for as long as I can remember, because it is not "aesthetically pleasing" to our downtown, then you are either ignorant of our community, weak, don't have an appreciation for our history, or all three. I don't know which. Considering that Ms Roblee is a school volunteer, she should know better.

Now, I have nothing against "athletes, chess players and debaters." I've worn all three of those hats at different times myself, but that is all generic. That particular bulldog mascot is ours. Out here, we're bulldogs, and the more intimidating the bulldog, the better. What message does that give to visitors? It's the message of a community supporting its school and their sports teams, which I always thought was positive. Some weak minded yuppies may be offended because it isn't highbrow enough for them like the modern art masterpieces (some of which I have no idea what they are) around town, but too bad. That's not what Brighton was about, and not what it should be about today. Leave the pretentiousness in Royal Oak.

Speaking of Royal Oak, this reminds me too much of this sissified "new urbanism" and wannabe "Royal Oak" stuff that I'm worried about Brighton trying to emulate. First the "annoyance" law, and now this? C'mon. Brighton shouldn't try to be something it isn't. It should be what it is, as that is what made it a great place to begin with. We aren't Novi. We aren't Birmingham. We're not Royal Oak. I'd rather not try and copy those cities, myself.

At least Kate Lawrence came through for us.
"For some of us who graduated from the school district, that's Brighton," Mayor Kate Lawrence said. "I'm in full support."

So, the bottom line is "Go Dogs."

Go Dogs, and time for this suggestion of banners to be chewed up and spit out.

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