Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Granholm/Obama economy at work

More Bad News.

LANSING -- Michigan's unemployment rate in February increased to 12 percent, the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth announced today.

That rate is up 0.4 percentage points from January.

Total employment declined by 29,000 over the month while unemployment rose by 21,000. The state's labor force recorded a moderate reduction of 8,000 in February.

The U.S. jobless rate displayed a similar trend, increasing by half a percentage point in February to 8.1 percent.

Michigan's February 2009 jobless rate jumped 4.6 percentage points above the state's February 2008 rate of 7.4 percent.

In the same period, the national jobless rate also recorded a significant increase, rising by 3.3 percentage points.

Geez, maybe John Engler wasn't all that bad.


liberalshateusa said...

Remember Granholm in her State of the State Address, January 25, 2006.said "And by this time next year, we’ll see new businesses doing just that. In five years, you’re going to be blown away by the strength and diversity of Michigan’s transformed economy"

Isn't Barry saying the same thing?

You socialists, be careful you might just get what you wished for.

liberalshateusa said...

Watch her say itHere

bluzie said...

Hey liberalshateusa,
Is Valerie your niece?
She told me she had an uncle in Hamburg Township who wrote on Blogs under a name she thought may be this name.
If she is, you have much to be proud of, she is a fantastic young woman who worked for me on campaigns.
If she is your niece, I can tolerate your nasty rants better.