Monday, March 23, 2009

Tim Skubick has an interesting theory

Tim Skubick at the Oakland Press has an interesting theory regarding Rick Snyder.

There are rumblings out there that the out-of-nowhere bid for governor launched last week by Ann Arbor businessman Rick Snyder might be a re-do of the GOP flap over attorney general years ago.
A source who is familiar with the GOP primary race for governor recalls that when then Gov. John Engler tried to anoint Scott Romney for A.G., the grassroots in the party rose up and rebuffed the governor and picked John Smietanka instead.
Fast-forward to the 2010 contest for governor and this source says attempts by GOP party chair Ron Weiser to impose Snyder on the party will "backfire. We are a grassroots party and when leadership tires to pick a candidate, the party rebels," contends his source.
To be sure, no one has been able to confirm that Weiser is behind the Snyder potential candidacy, but several sources within the party are shopping the notion and are personally convinced he is.

I'm not convinced it is, but I'm not convinced it isn't either. The thought crossed my mind for a couple of reasons, not the least of which that both Ron Weiser and Rick Snyder are from Ann Arbor. I also think many in State Party leadership fall in love with self-finance candidates no matter what else is out there. Now I don't have a problem with state party asking a candidate to run. As long as they don't jump in regular primary elections and pick favorites, I'm not going to complain about it. Rick Snyder has every right to run for governor. He just has to go through a real primary like everyone else. On the same note, my vote is my vote. These are primary elections and not coronations.

Which is a good thing, as I don't just have doubts on the life issues with Snyder. I have some MAJOR doubts on the fiscal issues based on his ties with Phil Power's Center for Michigan organization. He couldn't tell Jerry Zandstra his view on the business taxes? What about the spending? What about the Headlee tax caps and property tax caps that Phil Power has been after with his "Citizens for Michigan" Constitutional Convention push in 2010? I don't need a gubenatorial candidate using a con-con in his bully pulpit.

The John Smietanka comparison from Skubick brings out another issues. It is a warning at the grass roots. Smietanka was not a good candidate for reasons I don't have to rehash here, and we need to make sure our candidates for governor, AG, and Secretary of State, are good candidates. If Smietanka won in 98, there would be no Granholm today.

I haven't made my decision yet for governor. I'm keeping my powder dry for now.


live dangerously said...

Nice piece.

We need the facts, you and Nick are putting them out there.
As far a grass roots stopping this Rick Snyder candidacy. Notice how fast Ron Wiser came out of no where to become our party leader over candidates who had been around and were hard working grass root types.

I don't know this Snyder and everything I can find out doesn't endear him to me at all. But I bet Wiser is behind him and willing to wager some money that the Yob's are pushing him too.

Wonder how the knife feels in Pete's back. Guess he wasn't a company enough guy for Chuck Yob.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

kevins said...

Interesting that you point out how the grass roots stopped Scott Romney. But you shouldn't stop there. The result of that GOP revolution was that a previously unknown Democrat was the only success for the party that year. That was, of course, Jennifer Granholm. Had she lost to Romney, she likely would not be governor today. No guarantee she would have lost, but every other Republican won that year and Romney likely was better positioned than a guy no one had heard of and whose name people still can't pronounce. Maybe if the party hadn't thumped Engler, we wouldn't be dealing with "blown away" Jenny today.

Unknown said...

I'll keep an open mind.

I need to hear more specifics. For example, many politicians say they are pro-2nd amendment but then turn around and support gun bans, gun registration, etc . . .

It is necessary to nail them down on details, giving lots of questions with specific examples.

Snyder is right that the big issue is the economy, but everyone knows that. I want specifics on how he plans to bring Michigan back from the dead. Michigan businesses and residents are among the highest taxed in the U.S., yet state infrastructure is crumbling. High taxes drive away jobs by the thousands.

Obviously something has to change. Everyone has ideas. Let's hear Snyders.

Electability is a major requirement. I though DeVos was a great guy but he was a disaster in the debates and was a poor public speaker. He carried a lot of baggage due to the association with Amway and lacked the political skills to win over voters. I think DeVos would have been a good governor but that didn't matter since he couldn't win.

Looking at the other candidates that are declared or rumored to be, I don't see any yet that I feel comfortable endorsing. IMO, all have significant weaknesses and strengths.