Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bouchard is in for Governor

Nick at Right Michigan posted this. The announcement was yesterday.

I like Bouchard, but I am concerned after what happened in his race against Stabenow who should have been defeated. Now Bouchard didn't get a lot of help which was a travesty, I am skeptical about backing someone that Stabenow got 57% against.

Personally, I'd like to see Bouchard run against Gary Peters instead.


Dan Sheill said...

Nick is in the tank for Mike Cox. But you can't blame the guy, since he's worked for Cox. He's just continued to carry those biases into his coverage of the governor's race.

Never once will you here Nick say something like, "I'm concerned that the Dems will use Mike's infidelity problems against him. I know he's resolved it with his family. But I skeptical about backing someone the likes of Geoff Fieger (who is no clean whistle himself) can dig dirt up on."

All of the candidates have their faults, but at least we know that Bouchard can win Oakland County, which is critical to any GOP victory statewide. No one gives a f*ck about Mike Cox in Oakland County. His name ID as AG won't help him one bit in winning there without him offering more to the voters. Bouchard already has a proven track record in Oakland County, and that record has allowed him to get Dems to ticket-split on his behalf. And Bouchard is arguably the most conservative candidate currently running (yes, it's a low threshold).

Dan Sheill said...

My bad, I think I'm misquoting Nick here, or at least taking things out of context. I ought to read more closely next time.