Thursday, June 25, 2009

Terri Land not running for governor. Bouchard receives her endorsement

Nick at Right Michigan breaks the story

This I didn't expect, but I have been wondering why Land was not as active as I thought she would be. I think what is more interesting though is who she endorsed. Bouchard, from the other side of the state. I think the big winner here is Pete Hoekstra.

We have running:
Mike Bouchard - Oakland County Sheriff
Mike Cox - AG, Wayne County
Rick Snyder - Ann Arbor businessman
Pete Hoekstra - Congressman from Holland
Tom George - State Senator from Kalamazoo

In my opinion, Land dropping out eliminated of one of the two strongest West MI candidates in the race. I don't think Tom George is all that well known outside of the Kalamazoo area, political junkies, and maybe Battle Creek as well. He may be a stronger candidate down the road, but I think he'll be going for Upton's Congressional position depending on redistricting, or Lt Governor.

As for the Bouchard endorsement, I think Land is running for Lt Governor. Does this help Bouchard? Some. I think it helps Hoekstra more. I think what is interesting is that despite some political ties, Land did not endorse Snyder. That tells me that there is either a major issue disagreement, or a question of an issue like experience. I don't think Snyder's going anywhere anyway.

I like Bouchard, but my concern for Bouchard is if can he win. I think he should have beaten Stabenow, not lose by 15%. If this was a 4-5% loss, I'd be less concerned because of the 2006 disaster, but DeVos ran better than Bouchard. Part of that was Stabenow being more popular than Granholm, but there's no way in hell we should be losing statewide races by 15%+. That only usually happens with no shows (McCain), quitters (McCain), and Sacrificial lambs (Levin's opponents).

I don't think that was all Bouchard's fault, but I didn't see as many specifics as I wanted to see in his last campaign. I hope that changes. The campaign in 06 was more on the line of Bouchard being a good guy and the sheriff. I agree with that, but we needed to see more. I hope we see more in the primary.

Still undecided in 2010.


keithr said...

I also have concerns about Bouchard. His bad show in the senatorial race clinches it for me - he proved he lacks statewide appeal, and he didn't do all that well in metro Detroit either. He had his chance and he blew it.

Even worse, he has not done anything in his career to give me any hope that he is the person to turn Michigan around. This state desperately needs a strong leader with a deep understanding of what it will take to improve the economic climate. We don't need any on-the-job training, and we certainly don't need a Governor that will eagerly compromise with the legislature on every issue.

My big worry is that the Republicans will once again choose a candidate based on fund raising ability, rather than ability and voter appeal. When will they get it through their heads that if they run a good candidate, the money will follow, but all the money in the world won't get voters to support a candidate they don't like.

RDBrit said...

Sounds like Keithr is leaning to Hoekstra!

Dan Sheill said...

Choosing a candidate on fundraising ability? Sounds like we'll be stuck with Mike Cox. Snyder may be able to self-fund, but like RM said, he's not going anywhere.

I'd like RM to fill us in on the ties that Land has to Snyder because my take was she would never support Snyder since he bought away her political machine: the Yobs. But as Skubick said on Off the Record last Friday, she and the Yobs still have contempt of Mike Cox in common with one another. Skubicks take (which is often wrong) was Land's endorsement of Bouchard was an effort to stick it to Mike Cox who she had been feuding with, but she was unable to compete with Cox for the governor's nod.