Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Denise Ilitch not running for governor

She was leading in one of the hypothetical polls based on that last name of hers, but decided not to run.

From WWJ 950

In a statement, Ilitch said she was "humbled" that so many people encouraged her to consider a run, but she said the one missing piece of a campaign was time.

"Through a methodical planning process, I saw that the message, resources, and many key endorsements would be there, but concluded that the compressed election year calendar would not allow me to run the kind of campaign for Governor I believe Michigan needs at this time," the statement said.  "And that stubborn fact is the one and only reason why I am not running for Governor today."

Campaigns take a lot of time, there's no doubt about that, although I don't see how the compressed schedule is different than any other year. 

Right now, the following are in or likely in.

Mike Bouchard
Mike Cox
Tom George
Pete Hoekstra
Bruce Nichols
Tim Rujan
Rick Snyder

Virg Bernero
Andy Dillon
Alma Smith

Bob Bowman has talked about it. The dems are waiting on him.

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