Sunday, February 07, 2010

Rick Snyder Super Bowl Political Ad

I just caught the Rick Snyder ad. It's slick. I'll take a look at the plan on his site and see if he actually has details for a change beyond platitudes and company line talk "Reinvent" etc.

Apparently it did its job of getting noticed considering how many people are looking at my archives and the two Rick Snyder posts there. Obviously, I'm not a supporter of Mr. Snyder.

I do not support Rick Snyder, and these two posts explain why. I wasn't happy with Gateway's products, the outsourcing of jobs from America to other counties during his tenure at Gateway, nor his vague politician answers to questions. I was not impressed.

We need a reformer as governor, but I don't see it from Mr. Snyder. It's the same center-left style of Lansing in-crowd who have run Lansing the last eight years  - both parties. Those fee increases and spending increase from  2002-2006 were supported by Rick Johnson and Ken Sikkema and 1/3 of the Republicans as much as it was by Granholm and the democrats.The problem is the self appointed elitist mindset that is evident by the powers that be. Snyder may or may not have that mindset, but his circle of supporters with the Center for Michigan (which support tax increases) do.

March 2009 post on Snyder

August 09 - Outsourcing at Gateway

Right Michigan also has a lot of archives and posts on Rick Snyder as well.

Snyder so far has struck me as more of the same with a different gimmick.

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