Thursday, February 11, 2010

Connecticut residing Goldman Sachs man Bob Bowman for Michigan Governor? Riiiiight.

 Who is Bob Bowman? He was treasurer for Jim Blanchard, the governor most famous for flying a MSP helicopter and raising income taxes 38% during the "last one to leave turn out the lights" years. (sound familiar?) That's his claim to fame.

Other than that, he works for Major League Baseball, and used to work for Goldman Sachs.Goldman Sachs. There's a vote for confidence, after what they have done the last four years with their buddies Obama, Schumer, and Bush.

He's begin recruited because he's rich. One problem for him. He lives in Connecticut. What would someone in Connecticut get about Michigan? A vacation home in Harbor Springs on Little Traverse Bay doesn't cut it. This guy doesn't understand real Michigan. His only Michigan ties are working for Blanchard and his big money vacation home in Harbor Springs he uses as his primary address, to probably avoid the high property taxes through the homestead exemption.

Bowman told Tim Skubick that Harbor Springs was his home.If it was, why does his campaign donations say Westport Connecticut? NOTHING on the online campaign finance database comes back as Harbor Springs.

Newsmeat under name Bob Bowman - $2000 to John Edwards.(Yes, that John Edwards)

A lot of Michigan donations here but Westport is his home listed.

You have to go back to 1988 to find a Michigan address under the donor files. East Lansing. 

Under the State of Michigan files, he uses a Westport address and donated. I won't post that verbatim, as his address is listed, and I don't post addresses here unless its an office address. $2000 to state committee. Bob Bowman is a carpetbagger from Westport, Connecticutt.

What's Westport Connecticut? It's a rich town on the Long Island Sound with a $1.2 million median price.Median income, almost $200,000. Democrats for working families, huh? Riiiiight. 

We don't need a Blanchard/Goldman Sachs crony from Connecticut buying the election in our great state. Hank Paulson and Bob Rubin were both Goldman Sachs guys in charge of the US treasury. Goldman Sachs lobbyist Mark Patterson is the chief of staff to Tim Geithner. Goldman Sachs is tight with the AIG bailout.

Say Yes to Michigan. Say no to Goldman Sachs cronies.  Say no to Blanchard jr. Say no to Michigan Governor's living in Connecticut. Say no to Bob Bowman.

Strike one - Blanchard's treasurer and 38% tax increase
Strike two - Carpetbagger from Connecticut
Strike three - Goldman Sachs

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Communications guru said...

Seriously? Are you trying to make the case that Bob Bowman is a carpetbagger? He’s certainly more of a Michigan resident than John Engler, who is setting up for a U.S. Senate run in Michigan. I hope you will call out Engler, but somehow I doubt that.

“You have to go back to 1988 to find a Michigan address under the donor files. East Lansing?” I got a better idea, go to his voting record, you idiot. He has been a registered voter from his Harbor Springs home since at least 2000 when he voted in the 2000 election.

Hey, I get it. He’s a Democrat, so you don’t like him. That doesn’t give you the right to lie.

Bowman has not worked for Goldman Sachs since the late 1970s. Besides, your party is fighting every single attempt on trying regulate the financial industry. According to your party, they can regulate themselves.

No, what he is most famous for was that he was the architect of the Michigan Education Trust, the prepaid college tuition program.

keithr said...

On the residency issue I'd ask:

1) What percentage of his work does he do in Michigan (How many days does he work here, v.s. in other states?)

2) Does he file a Michigan income tax return? Does he also file tax returns with other states? If so, what percentage of his income is allocated to Michigan, V.S. the percentage allocated to other states?

3) How many days a year does he live here?

4) How much of his life was spent living in Michigan, and how much has he lived here recently (as defined above).

I'd want these answers to use in my personal decision. But as long as a candidate has legal residency, it is up to each voter to decide.

Consider that Senators and Representatives usually move to D.C. after getting elected, coming back only for campaigns and political meetings. After they've been in office for a few terms, how much do they really know about the current problems in our state?

Just leave it to voters to decide.