Monday, June 21, 2010

Damn it Bouchard. (Services Tax support)

Bouchard recently became my 2nd choice with Hoekstra's tax stance. Not anymore. I'm really getting dissolutioned with the gubernatorial candidates outside of Mike Cox. I like Bouchard and Hoekstra personally, and met Bouchard on several occasions. Honestly, I expected better from both.

This stance needs to be called out, and the self proclaimed "Business leaders for Michigan" need to get called out to the carpet as well for pushing this crap with the services tax. Business Leaders for Michigan is formerly "Detroit Renaissance" and it is extremely influential with the Lansing insiders. They need to feel the heat, and so to the reps.

Bouchard joined Hoekstra in support of the services tax.

From the Detroit News:

Bouchard: I'll back services tax if it's neutral

Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard told The Detroit News today he can support extending the sales tax to services -- as long as the net effect of reshaping the system is neutral or a tax cut.
Bouchard, a Republican candidate for governor, added the rationale for tax reform must be to make Michigan a better place to do business.
"We have to make ourselves more competitive with other states," Bouchard said in a wide-ranging interview with The News' editorial board. "That has to be the goal."

From The Detroit News:
Revenue Neutral? BS. The last revenue neutral idea came from the Michigan Business Tax. That was more of a disaster than the SBT. This so called revenue neutral idea (Business leaders for Michigan plan) cuts the sales tax a measly 1/2 cent and puts a 5.5cent tax on every dollar of services. 
Bouchard's right about the jobs by small businesses, but this damn services tax will chase them all away. 

Let's contrast Bouchard and Hoekstra's statement on the services tax to the others. 

Tom George - "The door is open" 

Rick Snyder - Opposes. Even Rick Snyder opposes this. I have my problems with Rick Michigan's stances on other issues, but he gets this big one right, at least in talk.

Mike Cox made his stance on this loud and clear.

“We’re not going to put Michigan back to work by taxing working men and women who are getting haircuts or picking up their dry cleaning for job interviews.  Michigan job makers and families need a tax cut, not a massive new sales tax on services.
“An expansion of the sales tax to services would kill jobs, drive businesses out of the State and further encourage out-of-control government spending.  With the nation’s highest unemployment rate and the third worst business tax climate in the nation, that’s the last message Michigan can afford to send.

When the other candidates are mostly caving on this major issue, Mike Cox has not.  He made his stance on this a long time in the past, and it hasn't changed. No Granholm services tax.


Unknown said...

Like many, you have completely missed the qualification Pete makes when supporting the expansion of the tax base (not the revenue). I'm sure Pete would not disagree that previous 'reform' proposals were NOT revenue neutral in the long term even if intended in the short term.

It is NOT correct to say Pete supports a tax increase! He supports a rate increase with a constitutional limit on the revenue it raises. That is exactly why Pete Hoekstra supports the MI FairTax. The MI FairTax is the ONLY proposal that constitutionally limits the growth in revenue from today's adjusted value. It is capped both in rate and total dollars raised. NONE of the past or other current proposals include any sort of limitation like this.

It completely changes the game and switches the total taxing authority back to the people from the legislature.

You have mis-interpreted Pete's plan and are reading other components into it based on past plans that don't belong to Pete's plan. TEll THE WHOLE STORY!

Micheal Alexander said...

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