Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recent Results and updates

I've been tied up with work so I didn't have a post on the recent primary and updates.

Bad news in California. Carly Fiorina of HP infamy and one of McCain's advisors won the primary for Senate. Unless she would be the 34th (Veto sustain), 41st (fillibuster stop), 51st (majority), 60th (Fillibuster) vote, or 67th vote (veto stop) in the senate, I couldn't vote for her, even over Boxer after the job she did with HP. Between the outsourcing, inept management, product quality decline and overall results of her tenure at HP, I couldn't do it. I'd even vote for the more liberal Tom Campbell over her in the primary. More likely than not, I'd be voting for the libertarian. I don't know what Palin was thinking when she endorsed her. Expect to see her face and HP record in attack ads for years, especially in populist states like Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, and much of Pennsylvania.

Good news in Nevada. Jim Gibbons was fired in the primary. They will have a new governor, hopefully Brian Sandoval. Sandoval beat Gibbons 55%-29%. Ouch. He faces Rory Reid, Harry's son. Another bad incumbent goes down, no matter what happens. Blanche Lincoln barely survived in Arkansas. On paper, that helps the democrats, but does it this year as the incumbency tag isn't a positive.

Out in South Carolina, the establishment democrat lost to a complete unknown in Alvin Greene. Who? James Clyburn is unhappy about it, but instead of pointing fingers at Greene or a conspiracy, he should ask his guy what happened in that campaign.

Closer to home, the endorsement game is getting bigger. Mike Cox scored some big ones recently. MI Chamber of Commerce, Dick DeVos, and Betsy DeVos. Cox won the endorsement over Hoekstra and Bouchard. I wonder if the sales tax comments were a factor in Hoekstra's case. The endorsements from politicians are one thing, but the big ones I look for, especially in primaries are the Chamber, Pro-life groups, Farm Bureau, and Firearms groups. Those are the big ones in primaries.

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