Friday, June 04, 2010

Mike Rogers endorses Pete Hoekstra

I'm not surprised by this outside of the fact that Mike doesn't often make his primary choices publicly known. Mike Rogers and Hoekstra work together in Congress and both have been on the intelligence committee. This endorsement is noteworthy because it takes a lot for him to endorse in primaries. I don't want to put words in Mike's mouth since he's capable of speaking on his own, but I suspect that a lot of this has to do with foreign policy, even more so than he says in the press release. Foreign policy is personal to Rogers, and he does a great job there. Hoekstra is good on foreign policy issues too.

But I'm not voting for congressman or senator. I'm voting for governor of Michigan. Domestic issues are king, and while I could count on Mike Rogers or Bill Rogers in not voting to support the Granholm services tax, Pete Hoekstra came out with Democrat Andy Dillon in support of that in a debate at Country Day High School. Mike Rogers voted against the bailout. Pete Hoekstra did the first time, but when the going got tough with the pressure by McCain, Bush, Obama, Paulson, and company, he caved. Mike didn't. I like you Mike, but I have to respectfully disagree with this endorsement.

Mike Cox has my vote. He'll take a stand, even when it isn't popular. He kept his campaign promises to gun owners and even exceeded them. He made cuts in his department and lived the fiscal conservatism he preached. He stood up for Civil Rights against racial preferences when it wasn't popular. He'll also fight back, something republicans don't do enough of these days. When the democrats attack in their campaign ads, and they will, Mike Cox won't be like most Republican politicians and sit there and take. He's fight back on their level, and that is what it will take to win. No Republican has done that effectively since John Engler.

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RDBrit said...

Mike also endorsed Ruth Johnson for SOS.
Ruth entered the race vey late in a field already overpopulated with well qualified candidates. This kind of frenzied primary competition is damaging to the GOP, it consumes valuable campaign energy and funds in often pointless Republican in fighting.
Ruth touts poll results favorable to her but does not document them.
I'm disappointed that Mike rewards such behavior with his endorsement.