Sunday, July 04, 2010

The American Character

This Independence Day, I have the History Channel's "America: The Story of Us" in the background here today as I'm working on projects with upcoming deadlines. From the 1700 before the first arrive to today, to today, one thing remains at its core. Freedom. This freedom, freedom to take risks and the rewards (and setbacks) that come with it, brings achievement, hard work, taming the frontier, planting own roots, and being the master of our own destinies. We are in control of ourselves. Not the self proclaimed elite. Not the government. Not the media. We know what is our best interests.

This character is why there's so much resistance to top down elitist run movements that want to control how other people make their decisions. That is the big complaint these days that Americans have - with both parties. I didn't say democrats here, because frankly, we have our own mess to clean up. Too many republicans voted for these bans we keep having, and that needs to change. Smoking bans. Texting bans. Seatbelt requirements. I don't recommend smoking, texting while driving, or not wearing the seltbelt, but we don't need laws requiring this or against that. That is against freedom and the American character, and gives birth to another one. The outlaw.

The fight for independence and freedom is never over. America's biggest threat is not Radical Islam, Soviet Communism, The Chinese, Europeans, Mexico, or even the United Nations. The biggest threat are politicians from our own country taking our freedoms away in the name of a crisis. That crisis is sometimes in the name of the War on Drugs, War on Terror, "saving" our financial institutions, "Health Care Reform", Political correctness and being afraid of being called a racist (immigration and border security), public safety, and the War on Terror (which needs to be repeated - I was against the Patriot Act).

When these poor anti-freedom laws pass, there is one class of people to blame with the exception of vote fraud. Voters. Voters make the choices. Voters voted for the politicians who pass these laws, and usually re-elect the incumbents.

It is up to voters to make the right choices if we want to keep our freedoms, and avoid a nasty fight that may very well occur if the anti-freedom measures pass the breaking point where the ballot box is no longer an the name of security of course.

That starts this August here in Michigan. August 3rd is our primary. On the Republican side, we have five choices for governor, several for congress depending on our district, and the state senate and state house primaries. It's up to us to keep our freedoms and keep the country our founders wanted us to have, and for us to continue to have the American character of self-government, and for us to continue to be the master of our own destinies.

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