Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SAFR-PAC ratings are released, as is some NRA ratings

I'm wearing a non-partisan for this post. The ratings for the Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights (SAFR-PAC) has released their ratings for the 2010 primary. Some of the endorsements are out and have been in the press releases, most notably Mike Cox. Cox got the endorsement because of his record. That's not an attack on Bouchard or George (The others wern't considered because of no surveys) who have good records, but it was a case of good vs best on this issue. There is a typo that needs to be fixed. Tim Walberg was endorsed in the primary for 7th District congress.

I did not grade any surveys, records, or statements from any district where I have a client. I stayed out of those decisions due to conflicts of interest. That includes the 22nd District here in Livingston County.

SAFR-PAC is nonpartisan. It does not even ask party affiliation on its surveys and the only time it matters is in primaries where there is one democrat and one republican both worthy of an endorsement. This happened in a couple of races, most notably the 1st congressional, where Jason Allen and Gary McDowell both received endorsements in their primary, and in the 31st Senate District where both Jeff Mayes and Mike Green have received endorsements in the primary. McDowell and Mayes are unopposed, but those will be automatic general election endorsements if Allen and Green don't win. More and more democrats have received acceptable ratings and endorsements than in the past, and a lot of that has to do with the votes taken, and committee decisions. Believe it or not, Andy Dillon and Joel Sheltrown on natural resources did more for gun owners than the senate. Note to Republicans. Don't take gun owners for granted, especially on the state level. Virg Bernero, Steve Bieda and the Levin brothers are beyond unacceptable, but not all are like them.

If we get a matchup say between Dillon and Rick Michigan, I think there will be a large number of defections on this issue. Rick Michigan was given an unknown rating. It's very accurate, and that goes for most issues, outside of life and outsourcing. We know where he stands there, and it isn't good.

Close to home, Joe Hune and Cindy Denby have been endorsed. Bill Rogers received an acceptable rating. Paul Rogers received a mixed rating on his survey, and Chuck Fellows received an unacceptable rating (which means he supports more gun control). James Delcamp and Garry Post didn't turn in surveys. Paul Rogers was even more harshly graded by the NRA and got a D which translates to an unacceptable rating with SAFR-PAC. Ouch. Don't blame my ties to Joe for that one (or either of them really - since I didn't grade Paul))

The NRA ratings are similar, but there is one major difference. The NRA endorsed Fred Upton. SAFR-PAC rated him mixed (about equivalent to a C) and endorsed Jack Hoogendyk. Casperson was endorsed by the NRA, while SAFR-PAC solely endorsed Mike Lahti. Upton had a large number of bad votes in the past and his record with SAFR reflects that. It's gotten better, and that's why it was a mixed and not unacceptable rating, but it's not good enough for acceptable.

Interesting enough, gun control is not always a partisan issue in Michigan, and not just up North. The worst survey of anybody was by a Republican on the west side of the state. I won't say who, the NRA also rated him an F, and we rated him unacceptable. That's a good enough reference for someone that looks hard enough to figure out. This is particularly true in West Michigan, where there are more anti-gun republican politicians than one cares to admit. It's gotten better, but Schwarz, Byl, Steil Sr, Gast, Hollinrake, and Jellema all came from there.

The Second Amendment protects the rest, and those that don't support that safeguard are unworthy of our votes.

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