Monday, March 07, 2011

Rick Snyder defends his budget at townhall

I'm not a Snyder Republican, as those who read this blog know, but I'll give him some credit. He crashed today's townhall meeting at Cleary over in Howell. Originally, this was a Bill Rogers/Cindy Denby event. Snyder's earned some respect from me for going out and defending this, especially when the MEA flooded the place with their union supporters blasting cuts. I still don't support all of the Snyder budget, mostly the tax increases.

Snyder talks about shared sacrifice and reinventing Michigan. His budget does not reinvent Michigan at all. It has the same problems of budgets over the last dozens of years.

All the budget fights is over about 18% of the real budget ("discretionary" budget of 8 or 9 billion). I didn't get a chance to grab a packet of the actual numbers (Thanks to Bill Rogers for having those there and on the slides). The real budget is the 45 Billion that is collected in taxes. 80%+ of the real budget is considered off the table. Why? The explanation I am told is due to either federal matching funds requirements or the Michigan Constitution. This is from all the reps and staffers I know.

That explanation is unacceptable. It's Lansing thinking. I know where it's coming from. I understand it. I can not accept it. As for the federal decisions, it's time to stand up to federal mandates, even if it means giving up some of those federal bribes. As for the constitutional restrictions, we have a process to deal with them. State Constitutional Amendments. If Rick Snyder really wants to reinvent Michigan, and I think he does, he can do so by using the bully pulpit by push for an Amendment opening up the rest of the budgets to get rid of our structural deficit. This can be done. It's not easy, but it needs to be done if there is going to be real budget changes and cultural changes regarding the budgets in Lansing.

If you want me on board with any "shared sacrifice" plan, you have to get to the meat and potatoes of the problem and not just 18% of the budget. Any plan that doesn't touch 82% part of the budget I oppose. Put it all on the table, and get this on the ballot for this August so we can get a real balanced budget without raising taxes.


Communications guru said...

Wow. Talk about spin. First, it’s the Republicans budget, and second he didn’t crash anything. Are you honestly trying to make the case that Denby and Rogers did not invite him?

Funny; “the MEA flooded the place with their union supporters.” I want to see the townhalls like Democrats held when we had angry teabggers like you disrupting them, would not let the speaker be heard and got in the face of the speaker. Funny, the “MEA and their supporters” let Snyder be heard. It would have been nice if someone held him accountable for a change, but we at least got the chance to see the difference between teabaggers and union “thugs.” I guess we can drop that suffix from union and place it after teabaggers.

This is just a tax shift from corporation to kids, senior citizens and working families.

Dan said...

1. I'm not a teabagger. If you're looking for teabaggers, you'll find a bunch of them at your democrat conventions.

2. I'm glad Snyder was there to defend his budget. Snyder showing up isn't a bad thing at all. It was unexpected.

3. I actually somewhat agree about it being a "tax shift" although I call it a flat out tax increase.

Communications guru said...

1. You’re not a teabagger, since when? Why would teabaggers be at a Democratic convention? They are Republicans. By the way, it’s the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party.

2. I’m also glad to see Snyder showed up to defend the Republican budget, but to suggest he “crashed” it is ridiculous. At least he was allowed to speak, unlike Congressman Dingell and other Democrats a few years ago.