Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This ain't good. Sharron Angle wants to make a comeback.

Sharron Angle helped snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Nevada. It's not all her fault with the RINOs backing Reid, but she has one of the biggest cases of foot in mouth disease in political history.

From Hotline

Republican Sharron Angle will pass on a Senate bid against Rep. Dean Heller (R) and will instead seek Heller's open 2nd congressional district seat, she says in a YouTube video posted Wednesday.

"The 2010 election was bittersweet," Angle says in the video. "Conservatives had some victories, but we still face obstacles from Democrats in Congress and the White House."

Angle's entrance into the GOP congressional primary likely clears the path for Heller in his Senate bid, but could set up a crowded and messy Republican race in the sprawling, largely rural northern district based in Reno and Carson City.

Angle isn't the only heavyweight who's eyeing the second congressional district -- Nevada GOP Chairman Mark Amodei and Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki are also expected to get in. Kirk Lippold, who commanded the USS Cole when it was attacked in Yemen, and state Sen. Greg Brower have also been mentioned as candidates.

Reid was an incumbent who was underwater in approval/disaproval ratings. Angle didn't get the job done against Reid, and not because of views, but because of the mouth.

The 2nd District in Nevada will be smaller after redistricting. Right now it's basically all except metro Vegas and is historically Republican. However, Angle may have lost this district when she ran against Reid. She lost overall by 41,000 votes and lost the largest county in the district, Washoe, which went for Bush twice. Why take that chance again? I hope a solid conservative wins who doesn't have foot-in-mouth disease.

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Conservative First said...

My rough calculations show that Angle won all the counties other than Clark by a net of about 20000 votes. I don't know how she did in the Clark County portion of the district, but given the general leans of the other two districts, it is likely that Angle won the second district by a fair margin.

I wouldn't worry too much.