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Census Observations Part II - Wayne County

This is a continuing series on the census numbers. Part I is here. This focuses on Wayne County.

Wayne County as a whole lost 240,578 people. Noticing trend here is this. Wayne County is shedding white people in a big way. There is some growth in the far downriver areas and near Northville/Canton towards Ann Arbor, but the inner-ring burbs near Detroit are shedding a lot of people.

Detroit (D) lost 237493. Lost 44,000 whites and 185K blacks. Was 10.5% White, 81.2% Black, 5% Hispanic. Now 7.8% White, 82.2% Black, 6.8% Hispanic. Only the Hispanic population grew. Detroit had white and black flight.

Dearborn (D) actually gained 378 people. 98,153 people. Middle Easterners are classified as whites for census purposes, so I'm not sure if there were big ethnic changes or not. If there was, it was mostly due to Middle Easterners, likely Muslims. A lot of the Middle Eastern Christians are now in Macomb County. There is black growth here as well, not as much as elsewhere bordering Detroit.

Highland Park (D) lost 4970 to 11,776. Across the board across racial lines.

Hamtramck (D) lost 553 to 22432. The loss was almost entirely among whites (Poles likely). The black and Asian (Bangladeshi or Pakistani mostly I believe) populations gained heavily. Was 60.4% white, 14.9% black, and 10.3 Asian, now 53% white, 19.1% black, and 21.4% Asian

Harper Woods (D) is going through a massive white flight. Dropped 18 people overall to 14,236. There was a loss of 5000 whites. It was 84.9% White, 10.2% Black, now 48.5% White, and 45.3% Black. I am surprised at how quick the change happened here. A lot of it was school flight.

Grosse Pointe Park (slight D) is going to be interesting in the next 10 years. Lost 888 people to 11,555. Lost of 1800 whites. It was 91.2 White, 2.9 black. Now 83% White, 10.5% Black. This is long been the most liberal of the Pointes. Will the whites there that love diversity live among it? The same thing is happening on a smaller scale among the other Pointes (Slight R) but not nearly on the same scale.

Redford (D) - Lost 3260 overall to 48,362. White flight has been going on here too for years, especially on the North end (and SE portion near Joy/Telegraph) near the Detroit and Southfield borders. Was 86.7% White, 8.5% Black, now 64.7% White and 28.7% Black. I thought the numbers would have changed more, but I'm more familiar with the northern part of Redford than southern part.

Livonia (slight R) lost 3603 - 96,342. Lost 7000 Whites. Was 94.1% White, 0.9% Black, and 1.9% Asian, 1.7% Hispanic, now 90.1% White, 3.4% Black, 2.5% Asian, 2.5% Hispanic. It is becoming diverse, or is the same thing going happen here as Redford?

Dearborn Heights (D) lost 494 - 57,774. Lost at least 4000 whites even if you consider Arabs white. Was 89.3% white, 2.1% black, 2.2% Asian, and 3.4% Hispanic. Now 83% White, 7.8% Black, 1.7% Asian, 4.7% Hispanic. I think a lot of the change here was in the area bordering Inkster and Parkland/far Warrendale portion of Detroit which massively changed after the City Workers left when the residency clause was outlawed.

Westland (D) lost 2.9%, down to 84,094. Lost 13,000 whites. Was 85.6% White, 6.7% Black, now 73.5% White, 17.1% Black. Same thing on much smaller scale in Garden City and Wayne. Westland borders Inkster to the Southeast.

Inkster (D) lost 15.8%, down to 25,369. More whites than blacks left, but it was across the board out migration.

River Rouge (D) lost 20.3%, down to 7903. Only Hispanics gain, but more whites than blacks left. Was 49.9% White, 41.8% Black, and 5% Hispanic. Now 49.8% Black, 34.8% White, and 11.2% Hispanic. Same thing happened in Ecorse. These northernmost downriver communities border Detroit.

Melvindale (D) - Lost 20 people, down to 10715. Lost 1600 whites. Was 81.7% White, 5.2% Black, 8.9 Hispanic, now 66.6% White, 10.8% Black, and 18.3% Hispanic. SW Detroit is expanding there.

Allen Park (Slight D) - Lost 4% to 28,210. Big growth among Hispanics here in Ford Country, part of which borders Detroit. Was 4.7% Hispanic, now 8.1% The black population doubled as well, but is only at 2.1% Whites dropped, but still higher percentage than nearby areas. Allen Park should be stable as long as Ford is.

Lincoln Park (D) - Dropped 4.7% to 38144. Lost 5500 whites. Was 89.2% White, 2% Black, 6.4% Hispanic, now 76.3% White, 5.7% Black, 14.9% Hispanic. Similar to Melvindale on a smaller scale.

Southgate (D) - Dropped 89 people to 30047. Lost 2000 whites. Was 90.9% white, 2.1% black, and 4% Hispanic. Now 84.5% White, 5.4% Black, 6.5% Hispanic.

Wyandotte (D) - Dropped 7.6% to 25883. Unlike Southgate, there wasn't much minority growth here outside of 500 Hispanics.

Trenton (Slight D) and Riverview (Slight D) didn't change much.

Southern Downriver gained, mostly among minorities.

Woodhaven (Slight D) gained 345 to 12875. Was 90.8% White, 2.3% Black, 3.5% Hispanic, now 85.2% White, 5.2% Black, and 5.5% Hispanic. Stable.

Gibralter (Slight D) gained 392 to 4656. Gains across the board among all ethnic groups.

Brownstown Township (D) had gains across the board, up 7638 to 30627. So did Huron Township (Swing) up 2142 to 15879, and Flat Rock (Slight D) up 1390 to 9878.

Rockwood (Slight D) dropped 153 to 3289. Few ethnic changes.

Towards the airport, Taylor (D) lost 2797 to 63,131. Lost 8,000 whites. Was 84% White, 8.7 Black and 3.2 Hispanic, now 74.4% White, 15.7% Black, and 5.1% Hispanic.

Romulus (D) went a dramatic change. It actually gained 1010 to 23989 people, but lost 3500 whites. It was 64.3% White, 29.8% Black, and now 49% White, 42.7% Black.

Sumpter Township (D) dropped 2307 to 9549. Losses were across the board here about equally.

Van Buren Township (D) gained 5262 to 28821. The white population actually dropped 1000. Was 81.2% White, 12% Black, now 63% White and 28.5% Black. This will be an area to watch. Van Buren Township is fairly rural. Belleville inside the township stayed about the same, although the minority increases were smaller than Van Buren Townnship.

Canton Township (Swings) - gained 13807 to 90173. One of the few areas where I'd actually consider integrated a bit instead of just percentages that look "diverse". Gains were across the board, smaller among whites than other ethnics. Blacks and Asians (Indians) were the big increase. Was 82.3 White, 4.5% Black, 8.7 Asian, now 70% White, 10.1% Black, 14.1% Asian.

Plymouth Township (R) - Dropped 274 to 27524. This one really surprised me compared to neighbors in Northville and Canton. Same percentages of whites and blacks left, although Asians and Hispanics gained. Few changes overall. Plymouth City (Swing) gained 110 to 9132. Few changes among ethnic lines here too.

Northville Township (R) - Gained 7461 to 28497. Big gains across the board, especially by Asians. The White and Black percentages dropped despite number increases. Was 88.1% White, 4.3% Black, and 4.2% Asian. Now 80.9% White, 3.6% Black, and 11.2% Asian.

As for political representation in Wayne County, there is currently parts of four congressional districts (Conyers, Clarke, Dingell, McCotter), 8 state senate districts (5 Detroit D, 1 Suburban D, 1D winnable for R's, 1 R winnable for D's), and 23 state rep districts (11 Detroit, 1 Detroit/Pointes lean D, 7 suburban D, 1 D winnable for R, 3 R winnable for D.) These were based on Wayne County's population of 2,061,162 and Michigan's population of 9,938,823. Wayne County's new population is 1,820,584. Michigan lost population overall to 9,883,640.

Population is 705,974 per Congressional District after losing one seat overall. Some articles state there is up to 5% variation. NOT true with CONGRESSIONAL districts. There can be with state districts. Population is 260095 (within 13004) per state senate district, and 89851 (within 4492) per state rep district. There is more limited municipal breaks with state/rep senate seats which means some reps here are in big trouble.

I'll get to Oakland County next.

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