Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Snyder, Republicans, and the budget

Right now there's a lot of hype and speculation about the state budget. Papers have been talking about "the republican plan." Currently, there is none. That's not meant as an attack. It's simply a statement of fact. All there is right now is speculation and a proposal by one proclaimed individual Republican in Rick Snyder.

Rick Snyder introduced his proposal which includes some tax increases (which I strongly oppose), some budget cuts, and some tax cuts. It's a Snyder plan, and not yet a Republican plan. It hasn't gone through any committees yet, let alone the full house. It's one person and his people's plan. Period.

Don't expect the Snyder plan to sail through the house and the senate as is. It'll be modified through committees. What we need to do, is keep a close eye on the committees, especially appropriations, watch what happens in committee, and make sure something more acceptable comes out of there.

The pension tax needs to be stopped, unless you want to see a mass exodus of snowbirds (and their money). That'll result in less money to the state coffers as well. That's not to mention that seniors are the most independent voters out there. They voted for Clinton, Gore, Bush, and McCain. They aren't too happy with Snyder right now. We need to make sure that Snyder doesn't represent Republicans when it comes to this budgetary issue. We need to publicly stop this in its tracks and repudiate it as not being representative of Republican politics. Bad policy is bad politics.

The MBT repeal is a good idea. So are some of the cuts. I draw the line with the tax increases. If the total tax code - including property taxes - was scrapped and started over, I'd be more open. This is less of a gimmick budget than the past, but what's going to happen down the road when the seniors leave town?

Snyder talks about shared sacrifice. I agree to a point. Government needs to live within its means period. Those cuts can hurt, but that's the sacrifice we need. We're all hurting in this economy. Mom and dad shouldn't bail out government for government getting themselves into this mess with eight years of Granholm combined with big government state legislatures from Sikkema, Johnson, and Dillon.

Right now, there's significant opposition to this pension tax in the senate, including my own senator Joe Hune.

Jack Brandenburg, Patrick Colbeck, Mike Green, Geoff Hansen, Joe Hune, Rick Jones, John Moolenaar, Mike Nofs, David Robertson, and Tory Rocca all came out opposed to the pension tax. Not surprisingly, most of them are from blue collar districts.

We need to keep an eye on the appropriations committees and make sure something acceptable comes out of there for a full vote. The Republican Plan should not include the tax increases. Period.


Communications guru said...

No Republican plan? The last time I checked, Rick Snyder and Brian Calley are Republicans. It’s also more than a proposal; the plan was presented to the House and Senate Appropriations Committees, and the department approps sub-committees are not meeting to adopt individual budgets.

MonicaRW said...

I am an left lending independent and Stumbled Upon your website by a link on Facebook, where you discussed why Rick Snyder was not the candidate for our great state.

We probably would disagree in many areas. Regardless, I do not know if you have reviewed the latest information from the Detroit Free Press regarding the "Budget Tax Hike" (I am not for raising taxes on anyone unless completely necessary, unlike many straight Democrats).

Anyway, so after reading posts on your blog, I wanted to point out to you this article. In my opinion, it completely take away the rule of Democracy of One Person/One Vote.

This is a core value of all be able to draft a petition campaign, following the rules of the Secretary of State that regulate election overturn law a legislative body would pass that a majority of voting resident would disagree with.

Noting such, the 'Budget Tax Hike' would nullify elected voters rights to place a law passed in the nature on the ballot, for an vote of the people. This is an issue that I believe all parties, Democrat, Independent or Republican should come together and STRONGLY oppose.

Thanks for reading this post and here is the link to the article....|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE