Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It's primary day

Today's the most important day for choosing our reps. Most decisions will be made not in November, but today. A republican won't win Detroit or Ann Arbor this year. A democrat won't win Hudsonville or Zeeland. That's the way it is until proven otherwise. The way to make changes if necessary is vote for the right people TODAY.

Our job is this.

1. Get informed.

2. Make an informed vote.

If you aren't informed on any race, stay home. I don't want some people voting. That's politically incorrect, but so what. I don't mind my vote cancelled out by someone I disagree with.  I do mind when it's cancelled out for stupid reasons. If you aren't informed on some races, skip those. I've done that at times. If some candidates have done nothing to get their message out to voters, it's okay to vote for 'blank.' I would rather vote blank than vote blindly for somebody I know nothing about. I avoid both situations when I can.

I've made my decisions. Some are easier than others. See you at the polls.

Updated - Low Turnout. I was number 55 today in Green Oak after the morning rush.  A lot of AV votes are already in however.

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