Wednesday, August 01, 2012

RetakeOurGov makes their endorsements

There's been a lot of chatter both ways about Retakeourgov's endorsements. They are listed on Retakeourgov's site

For those who don't know, Retake Our Gov is one of the major tea parties in Livingston County. It's leader is Wes Nakagiri. Wes is a good guy and generally runs a good ship with his organization. I believe this is the first year they are directly endorsing candidates. Their PAC leadership can endorse whoever they want. However, there should be a clear process for endorsements. A lot of the candidates who wanted their endorsement and didn't get it are irked because they said they were not contacted or interviewed, so they don't know how Retake our gov made it's decision.

I expect growing pains with PAC's and expect the process to be smoother in the future. That's how my experience as been when I was one of the people making endorsement decisions with PAC's. There's many ways decisions can be made regarding PAC's from endorsements to grades, to "negative endorsements" advocating to defeat certain individuals (such as "unacceptable" ratings).

When I was with the Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County, we had a professional interview process at a conference table. Five or six of us were there rating candidates based on their answers and their records, if any. Most of the questions were pre-selected, with some follow up questions from the panel who were all fiscal conservatives who varied in their politics (Some R, mostly I). All candidates were invited for interviews. Those who were not interviewed didn't get considered for endorsement. Those who did were considered and our group endorsed those candidates who scored the best based on the average grade among the five people. It is subjective, as it always is to a degree, but the process is objected as that all have a change to get it if they didn't have a bad record.

A PAC's endorsement process should be clear, known to candidates, and known to its members. Hopefully, any process confusion this year can be explained by Wes, and any future decisions will iron out the growing pains from an initial run.

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Communications guru said...

First, there is no such thing as a “tea party.” There is the Green Party, the Libertarian Party and the U.S. Taxpayers Party, but no tea party because their extremist views don’t play with voters. With that being said, I appreciate these endorsements because I know who not to vote for. I was disappointed that they endorsed Margaret Dunleavy. I like Margaret, but I guess there must be something I don’t know about her to get this vile endorsement.