Thursday, August 30, 2012

MI-11 - Special Election September 5

I missed most of the convention speeches. I can only take so much "talk" from politicians, even from my own side. Oftentimes the speeches I like aren't as popular as some others. It's the same with debates. Often those I think who won the actual debate lose it in the court of public opinion, or I think both did badly. I saw two speeches. Chris Christie's and Paul Ryan's. I thought both of them were good, Ryan's in particular. Ryan didn't try to be who he wasn't. He is who he is, and that's what he needs to be.

I've heard Romney speak several times in person over the last six years. I've seen him hit it out of the park with a speech, and I've seen him strike out. I don't know what to expect. I've made my decision already. He's not Obama. He'll fire Eric Holder, Janet Napoliantano, Tim Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius, and Arne Duncan. He won't appoint Cass Sunstein clones to SCOTUS.  It doesn't get worse than these clowns. I'd even vote for Rick Snyder over this crew, and it's no secret what my opinion is there.

There's still another election before November. The special primary for the vacant MI-11 is on September 5th, a Wednesday. Normally, elections are only four possible days a year, but there's some federal rules on congressional elections, and Snyder didn't want to end up in court. Therefore, we have a special election for what amounts to a two month term.

This covers the OLD 11th. This does NOT cover the NEW 11th. If you're in part of Clawson, Troy, part of Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Northern West Bloomfield, Farmington, Lake Angelus, and the new part of Waterford, this isn't your district. If you are in Westland, Redford, Wayne, Belleville, Van Buren Twp, Garden City, or part of Dearborn Heights, this is still your district for this election which will fill out the rest of McCotter's term.

There's six people running for this two month term.

Kerry Bentilvolio, the winner of the August primary for the NEW district, is one of the four republicans (and 1 RINO) who is running.

Nancy Cassis, who ran as a write-in for the August primary for the new district, is this time listed on the ballot.

Carolyn Kavanagh lives in Livonia. Her dad is a district judge there. If this was a judicial race, my money would be on Kavanagh for that last name alone. It's like the name Ryan, Kelly, or Murphy. It wins. 

Kenneth Crider is in Livonia. I'm unfamiliar with him.

Steve King. He's a RINO. He ran as a democrat against John Walsh in 2008 and now calls himself a Milliken type. Milliken was one of the worst governors we've had including Granholm. King's best known as a local musician who plays in the classic rock band Steve King and the Dittilies. As is often (although not always) the case, good musician, bad politics.

On the democrat side, David Curson from the Belleville area. He's a UAW rep and is unopposed in the primary.

The winner of the Republican and RINO primary will face Curson for the Special General election which is the same day as the normal general election on November 6th. I don't think it's a forgone conclusion that Bentivolio will win on September 5th. His folks need to really GOTV.

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