Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another 8th District Challenger - Eric Crosley

From the Argus

House race gets crowded
By Dan Meisler

The cast of characters seeking to represent Livingston County and the rest of Michigan's 8th District in Congress is getting larger, and more interesting.
Already in the race are a three-term, rising-star Republican incumbent; a church business manager and GOP primary challenger who argues the incumbent is too moderate; and a Republican-turned-Democrat former CIA officer.

Now joining the field is a transsexual, left-wing, college professor poet.

Democrat Eric Crosley of Lansing, a part-time professor at Jackson Community College's Adrian campus, plans to challenge fellow Democrat James Marcinkowski, the ex-CIA officer, in the August primary

With Crosley's candidacy, the democrats now have a primary of their own. Primaries sometimes hurt, but sometimes help candidates as well, depending if they are positive and issues based (as the US Senate primary is so far), or negative personal attacks.

I don't think either Crosley or Marcinkowski are strong candidates against Mike Rogers. From what I've seen, Jim Marcinkowski is nothing more than a better funded Frank McAlpine in personality (and that takes work). That's not mentioning the overcoaching he has on issues - as shown when he laid an egg in his interview with the Booman tribune blog.

Crosley's biggest weakness is that he's a transsexual. Is the 8th district going to vote for one? I doubt it.


Keith Richards said...

After getting a close up look at how hard serious candidates work to get elected to office, I have to wonder what these Democrat candidates hope to get out of their election fight.

Rogers is a very popular Republican in a district that leans strongly Republican. As long as keeps away from any scandels I doubt that anyone, Republican or Democrat, will be able to beat him.

I expect he will be around until he retires, passes away, or gets gerrymandered into a strongly Democrat district (Would be very easy to do by splitting up Livingston County into small pieces that are then added to Democrat leaning districts.)

RKG said...

The best thing Rogers has going for him is the LC Press & Argus. They wouldn't take a close look at any issue that might reflect badly or poorly on him if their own photographer took the pictures. Their reference to him as "up and coming" tells you where they are coming from and I think that's sad. One of the biggest issues floating around Washington these days is just how close lobbyists have gotten to our representatives and Rogers is pretty darn good at raising money. Instead of taking a look at where he gets his money or who has his ear and why, the LCP&A wrote an article that equated the ability to raise money with leadership in congress. I know it's always the guys that get elected in the other districts are the bad guys and everyone likes their own representative, but come on. If you're going to hold yourself out as a journalist, be a journalist. I'm not making accusations, I'm just saying someone should be doing some investigation and some honest reporting. Maybe it's just too much to ask.

Keith Richards said...

I agree about the problem of journalists not being impartial and fair. I remember during the Engler years that newspapers were filled with stories bashing him just about everyday, while I almost never read a negative story about Granholm.

Lack of balanced reporting is the reason that droves of Republicans are abandoning the traditional media and looking for new, more balanced sources of news.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to bash Granholm when she is doing all that is possible to bring jobs to Michigan and work with the legislature. She is one bright and shinning star in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Wow,rkg, you've got some issues to work through. Since the Lansing State JOurnal bought the paper (press and argus) they can't say a good thing about our Congressman. Seems to me he has the Dems, Unions, and the local paper all running against him.

Gays, socialists, Dem leaders working against the U.S. (carter, clinton and gore), NO agenda at all. You guys are a scary bunch. Its quite obvious you will say and do anything to get back in power.

Rogers has done a good job and continues to irritate the left (have you heard their calls they leave on your message machine?). All you is you have is hate and discontent.


Anonymous said...

Grahnholm? You kidding?

Vetoed small business tax relief, wants more business regulation, wont get rid of the SBT (that taxes HEALTH CARE). The rest of the nation is doing well and all she can do is blame President Bush. She is a discrace.


Anonymous said...

what a collection of losers.
Crosely is a cross dresser and rostinkowski has run on every party ticket available. maybe they both could switch roles and round out the circus for our democrat party.