Thursday, February 02, 2006

MCRI gives Senate hopeful a boost

Being a Spartan, I tend to avoid the Michigan Daily for obvious reasons. :) That said, one of the anyonomous posters here tipped me of to this Michigan Daily blogpost on Jerry Zandstra and MCRI. Full disclosure - I endorsed Jerry Zandstra

MCRI gives Senate hopeful a boost

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative has landed on Michigan’s ballot and its Senate race, giving a GOP candidate a significant boost over his challengers.

If the GOP senate primary were held today, Rev. Jerry Zandstra who supports the initiative would receive 45 percent of the vote from likely GOP primary voters. His challengers, Michael Bouchard and Rev. Keith Butler, who both oppose MCRI, would receive 8 percent, respectively.

Those surveyed would vote 78-22 in favor of the initiative.

The caveat: 48 percent were undecided about which they would vote for if they knew the candidates’ preferences about MCRI. This is likely due to the low name recognition of all the candidates. Furthermore, the primary race is months away, the poll was about a single question (people often decide who they’ll vote for on more than one issue) and the race is split among three contenders. It’s no surprise half of the sample haven’t made up their minds yet.


Mike Bouchard and Keith Butler both oppose MCRI (Michigan Civil Rights Initiative). Jerry Zandstra supports it. Although I support MCRI, that's not the main reason I support Jerry Zandstra (economy is the reason for me), but a lot of people are supporting Jerry based on this issue.

I've long said that Jerry's only real weakness is name recognition. Those who meet him and know him tend to support him. I encourage every republican and conservative to visit his website and to go to a GOP event where Jerry will be attending.

Mike Bouchard and Keith Butler would be good senators. Jerry Zandstra would be a great senator and a leader among a group of followers.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are on board with Zandstra. I've been telling you since Mackinac that he is the real deal and I am glad you were able to meet him there. He has a debate next week with the other two here in GR. It should be interesting.

Keith Richards said...

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CWB said...

I have some Granholm shirt ideas but its probably not a good idea to wear shirts with profanities in pubic.

D Jones said...

I first met Jerry Zandstra last summer, and I've seen him at many Republican events since. Every time I talk to him I get excited at the prospect of having such an outstanding man represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

He is absolutely incredible, that is all I can say. He is an ordained minister and also an economist. He works (currently on leave) for a think tank and has worked in third world countries on projects for their governments.

Jerry has no interest in money or in getting rich. His goal in life is to serve God and his country.

He is unlike the other candidates in the Michigan Senate race. He knows exactly why he wants to be Senator and what he will do once he is elected. He is proud of his convictions and beliefs and will discuss them with anyone that is interested. Jerry is well versed in the issues of today and has many fresh ideas to contribute.

He is a gifted speaker and has a magnetic personality. Everywhere he goes he wins people over to him with the shear force of his sincerity, intelligence, and determination. He is the only Senate candidate to give up the security of a regular paycheck in order to campaign full time.

Everyone is concerned with corruption in politics. Jerry is a person that will rise above this issue and provide moral leadership within our government. He is exactly the kind of person that we need to help clean up Washington.

He has been fighting an uphill battle. Most of our Republican leaders have endorsed one of the other two candidates. He is not well known and this has forced him to work ten times harder to raise campaign funds. Jerry is a fighter and will keep winning people over, one speech at a time.

The most amazing thing is that in spite of all the challenges he faces, he has been running neck-in-neck with his competitors in polls. All the progress made so far has been the result of one thing: when people hear him speak, they recognize his great potential.

I am supporting Jerry Zandstra for one reason: he will be a GREAT Senator. Senator Zandstra will not be a wallflower that no one ever hears from, he will be a leader in the Senate that provides leadership for our country as well as for our state.

Jerry Zandstra will represent Michigan well. Michigan deserves a great leader in these difficult times. For those of you in Livingston County, he will be visiting us in about 2 weeks. Stay tuned to this blog for further details. Come meet him and see what a great leader looks like.

Anonymous said...

How about this tee shirt idea?

Right,just what Michigan needs, another Dick!

Dan said...

""Right,just what Michigan needs, another Dick!""

If this wasn't a blog that's read by women and children, I'd post the speech from Team America: World Police in response to that. :)

(and I'm deleting it if its posted here - fair warning)

Anonymous said...

Keith has spent far too many years on the road stoned with the Stones.

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