Thursday, February 23, 2006

NO RECOUNT - Vince Green to take on Gretchen Whitmer

In breaking news first seen at the Republican Michigander - John Findlay decides not to seek a recount. By one vote, Vince Green is the nominee against Gretchen Whitmer for the 23rd state senate district in Ingham County. My source for this is John Findlay and Vince Green themselves. They announced this at a Republican event in Lansing about 90 minutes ago.

Good luck to Vince Green. It's an uphill fight, but anything can happen in a special election. So if you are a Republican in Ingham County, please vote on March 14.

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Kevins said...

You'll never see this story on this blog, or it will be dismissed as coming from the "liberall media." I guess the 30-plus year smear campaign agaisnt the media has a purpose.

Candidate owes $125K in unpaid taxes, IRS says
Green says debt has no bearing on Senate bid
By Chris Andrews
Lansing State Journal
The IRS has issued federal tax liens against state Senate candidate Vince Green for more than $125,000 in unpaid business and income taxes.
And Ameritech Publishing sued Green in January seeking $43,000 it says he owes for a Yellow Pages ad.
Green, an Okemos attorney and Republican, is running against state Rep. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, in a special election March 14.
The winner will fill the seat that Virg Bernero vacated to become Lansing's mayor.
Green acknowledged falling behind in taxes related to his small law practice on Waverly Road.
"We've always had a successful business here, but you have periods of financial difficulty, and we don't deny that," Green said. "I've always taken care of my obligations. Sooner or later, we take care of our obligations."
Whitmer said she was "kind of shocked" about Green's problems.
"Paying your taxes is, I think, a salient issue to a voter. We debate a lot on that front," she said. "I'm surprised that someone with those kinds of issues would run for public office where you have public scrutiny."
IRS files notice
The IRS filed a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against Green with the Ingham County Register of Deeds on Sept. 19 for $93,331. The assessment is for unpaid income taxes for 2001, 2002 and 2003.
The IRS filed another notice on Dec. 15 for quarterly employment taxes.
According to the IRS, employment taxes consist of federal income tax withholding along with Social Security, Medicare and unemployment taxes. It cites unpaid balances totaling $32,050.
The federal liens give the IRS a claim on Green's property. Spokesman Luis Garcia said the agency cannot comment on cases.
The amounts listed are not necessarily the amounts now owed. The debt could be more because of interest and penalties or less if some has been paid.
Green said his accountant was examining records to see whether he agreed with the IRS assessments. He said he has worked out a payment plan for his debt.
Green said he owes a much smaller amount in state taxes and is on a payment plan.
Steve Dougan, a Republican Ingham County commissioner who gave money to Green's campaign, said he found the news troubling.
"It is a concern because we are supposed to pride ourselves on fiscal responsibility," he said.
"Obviously, I want clarification from him as to how these have arrived and why those of us who have been involved in his campaign were not informed from the beginning."
Lawsuits pending
Ameritech Publishing filed suit Jan. 11 for money it says Green owes for a 2002 Yellow Pages ad.
Green said he disputes the debt amount but would not comment further because it is in litigation.
He also is being sued by attorney Greg Bell, with whom he had a brief partnership in 2003.
Bell declined to talk about the lawsuit.
According to court records, Bell alleges that Green spent partnership funds in violation of the partnership agreement.
The suit also claims that Green libeled Bell.
Green said he is disputing the charges, but he wouldn't discuss specifics.
It isn't the first time Green has faced financial problems.
He filed for personal bankruptcy in 1998.
Green said his financial problems have no bearing on his qualifications to serve in the Senate.
"Many people, whether they're in office or out of office, have faced these kinds of financial difficulties," he said. "It definitely does not affect my ability to represent constituents.
"In fact, I understand what people are going through in facing these types of issues."