Friday, February 03, 2006

George Allen visits Michigan

I just got back from the Freedom Works event featuring Senator George Allen of Virginia. Sen. Allen is a potential presidential candidate and spoke to a good crowd for a 5PM event - about 150 or so people. Livingston County was represented well with both Republicans and Concerned Taxpayers' Group members attending the event. We had a table and a half there. I've never heard George Allen speak before, so I had no idea what to expect.

Senator Allen was a personable speaker who did not look at his notes very often. He played football for Virginia, and his dad was the former coach of the Washington Redskins and mentioned what he called the four "F's" which were important to him. Faith, family, freedom, and football. He mentioned how he learned much about life from football, which is something I understand myself. Football teaches teamwork, meritocracy, motivation, preperation, and learning from mistakes. All those can relate to politics as well.

Senator Allen described himself as a "common sense Jeffersonian Conservative." He's a republican for the same reason I am. While no party is 100% in line with my views, of the two parties, the GOP is closest to my views. Allen was a 1976 rebel who supported Reagan over Gerry Ford. He also stated that politics needs to stop at the border during wartime, which I agree with 100% - no matter who is president.

The main issues George Allen mentioned were energy, taxes/spending, and judges.

On energy, he wants to reduce dependency on Saudi Oil. We need to explore for oil and natural gas here to become less dependent on the Middle East. He also supports more research in to biofuels. He said we should learn from the French (Yes, you heard that right) on nuclear energy which is efficent and clean.

On Taxes - he said the tax cuts need to be permanent. He was also one of the 11 senators who voted against the infamous Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska. He opposes taxing the internet, and opposes surrendering control of the internet to the UN or any other organization. He supports the Line Item Veto.

On Judges - he opposed activist judges such as Stephen Reinhardt who rule the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional. He also mentioned the rulings on partial birth abortion, parental notification on abortion, and the Kelo case. He also blasted SCOTUS for basing rulings on "international standards" instead of the US Constitution.

Lastly, one thing for which I give Allen much credit. Most politicians, especially in Congress are on a busy schedule. After Allen's speech, he stayed afterward and was very patient with pictures of the attendants. This was a free event and not a fundraiser, nor was it in Virginia in front of his states' voters. That should be remembered. Senator Allen didn't act like a stereotypical senator as opposed to a John Kerry. That's a good thing.

It was a good speech. Freedom Works put on a good event, and George Allen was a good personable speaker who seemed to relate well to the crowd. We'll keep an eye on him for 2008.


Keith Richards said...

I also attended this event.

A major portion of his speech was about energy independence. He talked about how the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of the world in coal, and said that in addition to more nuclear power, we could use new anti-pollution clean burn technology to burn more coal for electricity generation.

Senator Allen said that we should not be using natural gas to generate electricity because it is needed to heat homes and factories.

On the subject of automobile fuel, he said that he is a strong believer in producing natural fuels from farm products. He said that we can produce these fuels for about $35 per barrel, which is almost half what we are paying to import oil at current prices.

There is a lot to be said about these proposals. Not only would they reduce dependence on foreign energy, they would help to reduce production of "greenhouse gases" from fossil fuels. An unstated benefit is that producing our energy needs domestically would also help reduce our trade deficit.

I am very enthusiastic about Senator Allen and I am looking forward to learning more about him. In particular, I would like to find out his positions on 2nd amendment issues, abortion, and the illegal immigration problem.

It was good to hear a Republican candidate talking about these issues. I have always believed that the U.S. needs to become self-sufficient in energy. I would also like to see incentives to produce more energy efficient cars, appliances, and homes. No matter how vast our resources are, they are still finite and it is our responsibility to use these resources as efficiently as possible for the benefit of future generations. There is just no excuse for wasting that which God has given us.

I've not made a firm decision yet as to whom I will be supporting for President in '08 but I would say that Allen is my current favorite. Few conservatives want to support McCain or the so-called "moderates" from N.Y. and Mass. I am hoping that one conservative will emerge from the pack as a clear leader so that conservatives can rally behind him/her, otherwise we could see a Republican liberal win the nomination for President in '08.

Patrick Flynn said...

According to, Allen is Strongly opposed to absolute gun ownership. He also voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers when people abuse weapons. I can't tell you this doesn't concern me.

Republican Michigander said...

Allen signed CPL as governor of Virginia. He said he backed the ugly gun ban, but later switched his stance after the number of calls he received on it. His voting record is 100% pro-2a.

Paleoconservative said...

I have heard from folks in Virginia that George Allen was openly pro-choice / pro-abortion as governor of virginia, and only became pro-life when he looked towards the White House. Any truth to this?

Republican Michigander said...

JM - I've heard that Allen wavers on first trimester (which needs to change). I'm trying to find out for sure where is stands. NARAL hates him, but they hate everyone.

Allen's voted well in the senate from what I know. Virginia Society for Human Life endorsed Allen in 2000. One bad vote from what they said - although they are an advocacy group and take that into account.

AuH2ORepublican said...

George Allen was the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2004 when it ran ads supporting RINO Arlen Specter and attacking conservative Congressman Pat Toomey. I don't trust him. Tim Pawlenty for President!

The NRSC should just stay the hell away from GOP primaries.