Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Reason for Photo ID

This is from State Party chair Saul Anuzis' blog. I agree with it 100%

Another Reason for Photo ID
Unbelievable...dead people voting in's clear we've got a problem, we have the technology, we have the we just need the will to do what is necessary to insure fair and honest elections...and we could make the process faster.

We have had various versions of what is referred to as "photo id" tossed back and forth in Michigan over the years. For nearly a decade we have had a law in Michigan requiring voters to show a state-issued photo ID. Problem is, that law was "set aside" by a highly suspect and partisan ruling from a Democrat attorney general back in 1997. Using drivers licenses or state issued id's as voter cards makes perfect sense, and disenfranchises no one. It's the best and easiest way to insure "real, live people" vote. The only ones with reason to complain are the ones who have something to hide.

After the last Detroit's Mayors election, former Mayor Dennis Archer and candidate Freeman Hendrix joined the call for photo id's to help with the system. A national commission headed by former president Jimmy Carter and former secretary of state James Baker III have called for nationwide adoption of use of photo ID.

The overwhelming majority of folks have a drivers license, seniors get "free" state paid for id's, others could for about $5.00 cost get a state id....and the state could provide them at no cost to the citizens. This would insure no one is "disenfranchised" in anyway. There are federal funds that might even be available to help implement such a system.

As an added benefit, SOS Terri Lynn Land has suggested legislation to enact "electronic poll books" which would speed up the process at the polls. Some variation of photo id's with electronic strips on the back could be used right now...i.e. our drivers license.

Please read this front page Detroit News article:

Is anyone surprised that dead people are voting in Detroit? Me neither.


Keith Richards said...

Has anyone noticed that nearly all the voting fraud, including the voting by "dead" people, takes place in areas where Democrats totally dominate?

Gee, I wonder why Democrats fight tooth and nail against reforms to end voting fraud? Maybe we'll suddenly find out that Michigan is much more Republican than anyone suspected, once dead people stop voting?

Anonymous said...

You should really check out for the full story.

The overwhelmingly Republican City of Holland's phantom graveyard vote is as large (proportionally) as Detroit's.

Dan said...

Holland has about 30,000 people. Detroit has 900,000.

Keith Richards said...

Democrats never let truth get in the way of a good lie.

Robert Ball said...

For Democrats, voting fraud is not a problem, it is a tradition and way of life.

For years I've listened to story after story about Democrat voting fraud in places like New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Detroit. This issue of dead people voting has been around for a long, long, time.

It is no surprise to me to see Republican leaders working to implement new laws to reduce fraud, while many Democrats fight to prevent them. Why do Democrats say they oppose I.D. laws? Disenfranchised voters?!?!? Well, it cheats everyone when large numbers of dead people are allowed to vote. If we are to maintain our Democracy it is absolutely essential that we keep our faith in our voting system, and this won't happen as long as these news stories about fraud keep coming out.

There is no reason that people should not be required to show I.D. to vote. We have to carry an I.D. to drive a car, and many people have to show an I.D. to buy cigarettes or booze. Is voting less important than these other activities?

If you Democrats want people to take you seriously, you need to support reforms that will eliminate fraud. A few of you have started to jump on board but we need to see ALL of you on this bandwagon. Let's win or lose elections based on the will of the people, not the votes of the graveyard shift.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff, totally on target...lots of dead people voting....those kooks over at MILib are just stoners

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Terri Lynn Land just take the dead people off the voting records? Too much work? Or does she want to have a plan that keeps the poor city folk disenfranchised? Ward's plan will get one big fat veto, if you don't return a post card you are off the voter fle? Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...

The overwhelmingly Republican City of Holland's phantom graveyard vote is as large (proportionally) as Detroit's."
Yeah, who did the dead people 'vote' for ? The same candidates that all dead people for- democrats.
The living voters know better than to trust a liberal. At least on the West side of Michigan.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the population number is nowhere near accurate.
Holland has a whole lot more than 30,000 residents. And if you factor in the expansion to the East - towards Grand Rapids, which is expanding West, Expansion to the North - Grand Haven, which is expanding South. The Grand Rapids / Holland Area is huge.
But we will not allow ourselves to become Detroit - corrupt, liberal, dead.
We are the much talked about 'values voters', and were proud to welcome President Bush on two occasions.
His route was lined with supporters, roads, streets, highways. It looked like a living highway.
The libs managed to gather five or so protestors, Nobody really remembers where they were though.
We love Rummy as well, he used to have a cottage here.

Anonymous said...

Value Voters? Talk about backing the most corrupt administration in the last 100 years, it will be the adinistration of George Walker Bush and "value voters"? What values are you speaking about? The values to give up our privacy? The values to give up freedom of speech? How about the value to worship as we please? The pro-life movement is as corrupt as it gets, it's clearly just about using week minded individuals to get out the vote! There is not one concern about the children of our country! You can follow childrens rights and children advocacy groups and Republicans are against them all!
I don't care about how many dim witted folks you got to line up to see Bush, they are all sheep, awaiting the slaughter of their way of life. The killing of the American Dream for education for all, for the right to organize and the right to use our courts for justice. No they are all supporting tort reform so corporate America has nothing in it's way of taking over our government. You are not a conservative. You can't see what you are following.
Atrue consevative wants people to keep their rights. If you think for one minute thosew who spy on you in the name of National Security won't take away your guns... I am dumbfounded by your faith in government.

Anonymous said...

Photo Id's seem to be a big government idea. Do you know in the city od Lansing you can go to jail for not having a photo idea on you at all times?

Disgusting isn't it?