Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An actual picture from CSPAN

Hat tip to Saul's blog.

Wow...she admits it!!!

I'm going to get some flames for this one. Fire away!!!


Kevins said...

Funny, that doesn't look like george bush. If Sen. Stabenow was incompetent she would get a cabinet post in the bush White House.

Keith Richards said...

Amazing that so much information can be communicated with only 2 words. I should learn to be so concise.

Anonymous said...

Dangerously incompetent are those who try to confuse the public with sweetheart deals for insurance companies (healh care savings accounts) and try to confuse it with good insurance for your family. Dangerous is spying on our citizens and calling it National Security, dangerous is making up reasons to invade a country and selling it as a just cause, just to get at a big oil supply, dangerous is taking the largest surplus and a balanced budget and bankrupty our country. Dangerous is manipulating the news with Fox News and 24 hour commercial for the Bush administration.
Maybe when you wake up and see the horrible situation the Republicans have put our country in you will appreciate how Debbie Stabenow governs on what is good for Michigan families, not special interests and billionaires.

Anonymous said...

There are many of us who thank God everyday for people like Debbie Stabenow, they are people with loved ones in the service, they know she will work to make sure they have safe equipment and body armor and properly cared for if they are injured, they are also people who are counting on Social Security to supplement their retirement, people with with children who have a chronic illness, she works for real affordable and dependable healthcare. The people who thank God for Debbie Stabenow are auto workers who are looking for someone to support fair trade and healthcare solutions that will keep their families secure and their company competitive. I can go on and on, but clearly Debbie Stabenow protects, defends and supports all people from Michigan. Polling shows that most Republicans feel the same way I do too.
Saul isn't looking out for you, he doesn't care about these issues.
He is a political operative for the likes of the billionaires in the government crowd.
Unless you are a billionaire, you are not worthy to him. Be careful who you follow.

Keith Richards said...

Wow. I knew that Democrats worship BIG GOVERNMENT, but some of these anonymous posts sound like prayers made at an alter.

You know, Praise BIG GOVERNMENT . . . . Ummmmm
Praise HIGH TAXES . . . . . Ummmmm
Praise GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS . . . . . Ummmmm
Dear Government, please save us from the darkness of freedom and capitalism . . . Ummmmm

I guess maybe you Democrats are religious after all.

Kevins said...

If Democrats liked big government we would like george bush. We don’t, and we don’t.

Anonymous said...

That picture says it all.
Old Stabenow does not have the people of Michigan at heart.
The only thing she has is a desire to stay in Washington! But who can blame her....

Keith Richards said...

KevinS -

You've indicated in previous postings that you want government to provide just about everything to citizens for free. You don't call that big government?!?!?!?!??

Anonymous said...

You are seeing the biggest expansion of our government ever under George Bush. Talk about loving big government!

Republicans even want the government to know what books and magazines you read. Republicans want to know what goes on in our doctor's offices, they want to know how we have sex. But most of all they are very concerned about sex. Creepy people.

Kevins said...

I think you have been touring too long. I have never said I want the “…government to provide just about everything to citizens for free.” What I call big government is what we have under this president, who says he wants to shrink government.

Thomas said...

If Senator Stabenow stood for Michigan families and not special interest log-rolling, she never would've voted in favor of the Bridge to Nowhere.

Ryan Thompson said...

I didn't know she was talking about Jennifer Granholm.

Kevins said...

Wait a minute. It seems a little disingenuous to gig Stabenow for the “Bridge to Nowhere” when a republication Senator, Ted Stevens, snuck that pork barrel project into the highway bill that was passed by the republican-controlled Senate.

But what’s even more puzzling is that with so much political news flying around right now, that’s the best post you can come up with for political news.

There are at least four stories on this blog alone about the special Senate election in Ingham County pitting republican Vince Green against Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, yet not one follow-up post. Nothing on the money Green owes to the IRS or Whitmer winning in a landslide with more than 80 percent of the vote. Funny, huh?
Why nothing on the Dubai Port fiasco, mike rogers voting with the big money special interest – as usual – with the Uniformity in Food Labeling Act, the Michigan minimum wage increase and finally someone standing up to king george and introducing a censure resolution? That’s just a few. I’m sure there are a lot more, but you won’t see them here.

Anonymous said...

imagine a world where we are all Amway sales people, working for the American Dream only to lose everything wile the DeVos family become one of the richest families in the world. Hmmm, sound good?

Anonymous said...


what dubia ports "fiasco"? There was a disagreement between the president and the congress. They worked it out and the issue is settled. Isnt that the way government is supposed to work?

what have you got out for mike rogers? Do mean the food labeling bill that applies food warning labels on food for things that can possible make you sick? You mean the bill supported by an overwhelming bi-partisan vote? Dont want to have a national food safty program? Darn those special interests moms out there trying to make good choices for their kids!!

And those other special interest people,like people who drive cars. How could he think of trying to lower the cost of gasoline like that?

mike Rogers is a leader on the national scene and it drives you crazy. Debbie stabenow has done nothing. NOTHING!

Stop beating up our guy when yours doesnt have a plan except for getting reelected.

Anonymous said...

That's the game isn't it? Keep pointing fingers at the guy who is doing something because your gal is doing nothing.
Although, If I were Deb, I'd do the same thing. It is her best chance of being re elected.

Anonymous said...

The only agenda I hear is hate and discontent from the Dem's. I got another one of their phone calls on my answering machine again attacking Mr Rogers. Seems shallow and ineffective to me. Why dont they talk about what they are for any more? They must know how out of touch they are with most americans.


Kevins said...

Well “Anonymous,” with arguments like that I can see why you wouldn’t want to identify yourself.
It’s a fiasco because the bushies were completely caught off-guard. I guess they were too preoccupied with the scandals and indictments in the White House to pay attention to turning over port security to one of the only three countries that supported and recognized the Taliban The UAE is a country where some of the hijackers were from and where the 9/11 attack was staged from, and the money to finance the attack was laundered through there. Then, the most vulnerable place for terrorists to get into the country, the ports, is turned over to this company without the required 45-day “investigation” to address national security concerns resulting from foreign ownership. And, bush, again, only heard about this from watching TV. He then threatens to veto Congress if they turn down the deal, the only bill he would ever have vetoed, but luckily Congressional pressure forced the 45-day review. It’s funny, bush has used the 9/11 attacks for every move he makes, including shredding the Constitution, illegally spying on Americans and throwing people in jail for no reason indefinitely, just to name a few, but when there’s a real security issue he’s absent. It proves is his mind big money and business will trump anything. It wasn’t the government that worked this out, Dubai Ports World bailed bush out by agreeing to allow a U.S.-based subsidy to run the ports.

I would call that a fiasco.

You are so wrong on mike rogers I don’t know where to start.
The National Uniformity in Food Act was not passed in a bi-partisan way, passing 283-138, mostly along party lines. The nearly $700-billion-a-year food and beverage lobby has been shopping this bill for years, but they finally found a greedy enough group to finally pass it. I wonder if it had anything to do with the $315,000 rogers took from the K-street food lobby? That’s a lot of money for one vote. Every consumer group in the country was against this bill, even state governments, like the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
I have nothing against MR. I think he’s a nice guy, but the people of the 8th Congressional District elected him to represent them, not bush, or to be a bush apologist. MR is a “leader on the national scene’ because he supports every thing bush says, even if he has to change his stated public view on an issue to go along with bush, like he did on the port deal. And, we also know what happens to anyone who even slightly disagrees with bush.
But again, back to my original question; why is none of these important issues on this political blog?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Mr Roger's at the Pinckney St Patrick's Day Parade? He did not wear green, he did not watch the children who were doing the Irish dances or the singers or clap after the performamces. He was asked to say a few words to the people in his district and he refused! He seemed so very angry, it was disturbing. He is my Congressman and he would not speak! He was not a friendly person at all. What the matter with him?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it was because he couldn't sing like Patrick Flynn?

Anonymous said...

I met MR Rogers at the St Patrick day parade and we talked for several minutes about some of his votes Ive been hearing about. I came away very impressed and he turned me around on several things. Some of the things being said about him just were'nt true.

There wasnt even public speaking, just some announcements. Who ever "anonymouse" is I'm sure it is a someone working against him.

Shame on you.


Anonymous said...

Sally he was asked several times to speak, I was standing right in front of him! It was shortly after Patrick Flynn sang. He had time to say a few words to the crowd. He was standing with his photographer under the tent where the kids were dancing when this happended. He was not happy and not wearing one stitch of green clothing.

Anonymous said...

Kevins (like thats not anonymous?)

Bush followed the law that CLINTON passed and promoted. He then proceeded to give the Los Angles port to the Chinese government and if that werent enough, he gave them BOTH ends of the panama canal (you know the one, where our navel ships pass).

Bush followed the law that was was written and passed in '93. Congress then raised concerns, bush argued for atracting more moderate arabs, congress argued for no foriegn government ownership. Congress won. Rogers voted last week in OPPOSITION to the ports deal (I disagree with him). So I suggest you get your facts correct. You can go to the House web site and get it for yourself. I may have disagreed with the outcome of the the port issue but I have faith the system works and checks and balances work.

You, my confused liberal friend, just want to be angry at republicans. You either have misinformation on Mr Rogers position on the ports deal (and shouldnt be spreading it) or you are purposely misrepresenting his positon on the ports deal. Either way you do a diservice to honest debate. Oh, thats right, you Dems can't win on honest debate.

Food labeling. So now farmers, agribusiness, grocerey stores are horrible people trying to ruin our food supply? Riiight. Darn those farmers for supporting Rogers for his opposition to the Estate Tax! oh, thats right, you want to apply that to your "one vote". That goes beyond misleading. But I expect nothing less from a party of high taxes, big government and socialized medicine.

I would start tracking down these farmers and stock boys and let them know that by supporting a good conservative republican they are a bunch of evil doers. I bet they really didnt want to have one food safty label on food either. Instead they want california to decide and the 49 states to tell our trout farmers they have to have 50 seperate labels to sell fish in all the states. Great idea. Sounds like expensive duplication. Oh thats right, you Dems LOVE expensive regulation and duplication is just a benny. I also looked on line. There were over 70 Dems voting for it. Are they rotten too?

PLEASE get your facts straight. You keep this up and they are going to want to hire you as a news reporter! Its more fun to debate if you are not trying to demonize and stick to your philosphy!!

Whitmer. I havent really followed it as its in lansing. Help me out, whats the big deal of a Dem getting a big vote in an overwhelming Dem district? You excited the Dems are sticking with you?

Keep talking. Its what made America great.

Anonymous said...

One of my children participated in this event. There was no speaking and they didnt dance until well after the announcements were over.

This is why politics has a bad name. I take it you are not supporting him. Thats okay but this is over the top. After meeting him I can tell he is truely a caring man who wants the best for our community. People have been saying untrue things about him for their own gain. I put you amoung them. My mother told me if I could not say something kind dont say anything at all.


Anonymous said...

I watched Patrick Flynn sing, then children danced, in between Mike was asked to say a few words, he declined, the other guy, who is the Democrat then spoke, and then more of the dancing. I stayed for a long time. This isn't personal and my politics don't have a thing to do with it. This was what I saw and so did other people. Mike Rogers is my Congressman.

Kevins said...

Wow, it looks like someone - not sure exactly who since there is so many people posting under anonymous - has some anger management issues. It’s almost funny that you have the gall to say us Democrats can’t engage in “honest debate,” but then you stoop to personal attacks. Fine, I’m used to it from the right.

I’m a little unclear about your attack on President Clinton, but we are all used to the “Blame-Clinton-First” crowd. According to the Port of Los Angeles web site, the port is a department of the City of Los Angeles, and a five-member Board of Harbor Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council to provide direction and create policy for the Port. I’m not sure where China fits in. The treaty to turn over the Panama Canal was signed in 1977, and isn’t the Republic of Panama a sovereign nation?

And you’re wrong, Congress never “argued for no foreign government ownership” of ports. Only people like Sen. Norm Coleman, a republication, introduced a bill banning all foreign ownership, knowing that was impossible. The Democrats just wanted to ensure if a deal was made with a country with so many ties to the 9/11 terrorists that some checks and balances were in place. I stand by everything I said in my previous post about bush’s actions. I also strand by my accusations about mike rogers. Initially, he was against, “all foreign ownership” according to a press release on his web site, but I read a quote where he now supports it and bush’s stand. I wish I could remember the publication, but you can be sure when I find it again I will post it.

Also. I’m proud to be called a liberal, but I’m not your friend.

I stand by everything I said in my last post on the National Uniformity in Food Act, despite you spinning it and trying to put words into my moth I never said. I’m not sure what the Estate Tax has to do with MR selling out the consumer in favor of big business, and this has nothing to do with farmers, it has to do with huge, mega-food corporations with huge lobbying firms. Also, the republicans are the party of big government, huge spending and huge deficits, at least in this administration. I never called “farmers and stock boys” “evil-doers.” And again, this has nothing to do with stock boys or farmers, but huge corporations that have contributed heavily to rogers’ campaigns.

I did get my facts straight, and I would be honored to be a reporter, despite an almost 40-year smear campaign by the republicans on an honorable profession.

Why is the win of Gretchen Whitmer such a big deal? I don’t know, why don’t you ask Dan Wholihan? He thought it was important enough to post four articles on her race in this blog, but now nothing.

Anonymous said...

Does this make all the "mega lobby firms" that give money to Debbie Stabenow, whose son is one of those lobbiests you dislike so much, rotten and crooked as well?

According to your logic Deb must more corrupt because she has raised millions of dollars from your "K street" crowd. Unions also hire lobbiests as do consumer groups, local governments, environmentalists, Senoir citizen groups, pro defense groups....you get the idea. So your new line of attack is that if you disagree with the republicans they must be influenced by anything with mega, huge, corporation or insert another bad sounding word here;.Very scary words work the best. But all the Democrat lobbiests are good, decent folks just looking out for the good guys....riiight.

What about the 70 plus dems that supported Rogers, they must obviously be bad people as well. Did you ever think that they too realized that 50 different labeling standards for what is safe to eat is just a lousy idea?? One standard for nutrition on labels is good (passed by Dem congress) one label for food safty is bad (passed by republican congress). I see your logic and it is unfortunate.

I have checked and rechecked. Rogers has stood firm on the port deals and is oppossed. I know that drives you crazy but its true. You'll have to find something else to go after him on. I heard he doesnt like dogs, trees, kids and definetly senior citizens. Might want to start there. I also heard he was willing to sell his mother a few years ago, thats a juicy one.

The chinese port deal was passed through the same process as the dubia port deal only it was under bill clinton. Im sure that was an over sight on your part.

Because the canal was turned over by treaty under Carter (democrat) and had provisions for US security concerns, The Chinese contract had to be signed off by the US. That was Bill Clinton (democrat).

I must of missed the personal attacks. Sorry you took them that way. I do think your party is all about attack, degradation and accusation. Thats exactly what you do on this blog. Accuse the prez of incompetence, accuse Rogers of "mega" bad things. Degrade a great american party of selling out its country. You sound like a thoughtful fellow. I would encorage you to get beyond the nastiness and argue your point based what is the truth and your philosophic difference with the proposed solution. Otherwise you contribute to the distrust of politics in general. And believe me, if the public doesnt trust republican pols, they won't trust dems either. What does it mean if pols like deb and Rogers agree on something (trash, trade enforcement etc)? I doubt that your mega and huge bad guys had anything to do with that.....or did they???

FrankB (now we are equally not anonymous)

Kevins said...

Well Frankb, you completely misstated my position and again put words in my mouth I never said, but that’s OK because I’m used to it from your side.
I never said once lobbyists are crooked, and many people use them. It’s the ones who use bribes, like Jack Abramoff, that corrupt the system. How can anyone deny the corrosive influence money has in politics?

I don’t recall ever saying Democratic lobbyists are good and republicans are evil, and in fact I don’t think there’s really any such thing. What it does prove is that power corrupts, and with all the republican scandals it proves they have been in power and in control of everything in Washington for far too long.

Please show we where I said the 70 Democrats who voted, or anyone, who voted for the National Uniformity in Food Act was bad? I disagree with them, but doesn’t it seem funny that this bill has been shopped around for years finally passes? Every consumer group was against it, but rogers and the 70 Democrats chose lobbyists over consumers. Does that make them bad? No, but their loyalties are misguided.

I couldn’t find any reference on a “Democratic Congress” passing a “nutrition on labels” act, but it must have been a few years ago because when did the Democrats last control both Houses. And, isn’t there a difference between nutrition and safety?

We will have to agree to disagree on MR stand on the port deal. I don’t believe for one second MR “was willing to sell his mother.”

As for the port deal, it took me a while because you gave me bum information. It was not LA, but Long Beach. I found lots of references to the alleged deal between President Clinton and the Chinese over the port, but none were reputable. They were all from right-wing sites. So I went to the port's website itself, and this is a direct quote;
“The Port of Long Beach is a public agency managed and operated by the City of Long Beach Harbor Department. The Port is governed by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, whose five members are appointed by the mayor of Long Beach and confirmed by the City Council. The Board selects and appoints the Port Executive Director, the top official at the 350-employee Harbor Department. Port lands are owned by the City of Long Beach in trust for the people of the State of California and cannot be sold to any private enterprises.”

As for Panama, again, it’s a sovereign country, so what’s the problem?

I know you missed the personal attacks, that’s the problem. For you to say the Democrats are “all about attack, degradation and accusation” is a joke. Where were you during the Clinton Presidency or during the smear boat attacks on Kerry and every veteran, like myself, whoever earned a medal?

If you want to see who “contribute to the distrust of politics in general” I suggest you take a look at all the republican scandals.

Anonymous said...

Dangerously over weight. Must be eating well in D.C.. Someone should really say something, she is a heart attack waiting to happen.

Kevins said...

Anonymous, you must be thinking of Chris Ward, running up a huge bill from meals paid for by lobbyists. It's said that's the best you can to is to insult her weight. You guys have so much class.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I feel terrible.

But really, maybe she should quit pounding so many twinkies. Or, let me guess, is that Bush's fault, too?

Kevins said...

No you don't. But instead of making lame personal attacks about twinkies, maybe you should address some real issues, like the war in Iraq becuae that is bush's fault.

Republican Michigander said...

Folks, there's plenty about Stabenow's extremely poor record that can be attacked without attacking her weight.

Like her complete disregard and hatred of freedom and the constitution for starters. She voted to ban .30-30 ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she should address some real issues instead of pounding so many twinkies, and bugers, and potato chips, and hot dogs, and etc etc...

That is the problem, she has done nothing to solve any "real issues."
Tell me about all the legislative action she has sponsored for our state. Oh, thats right, there is none. In fact, tell me anything specific thing she has done for the economic disaster we call Michigan. She is intellectualy nonexistant to the legislative process, so I guess she tries to help our economic crisis by frequenting as many food joints as possible. I guess she is working on the fast food lobby.

Kevins said...

I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read your post, Dan. You’re harping about the “hatred of freedom and the Constitution,” but I have not heard one peep from you about bush illegally spying on American citizens and detaining them indefinitely without being charged. Where in the Constitution does it guarantee 30-30 ammunition?

As for anonymous, you’re so stupid I’m not even going to bother with you.

Anonymous said...

...illegally spying on American citizens...

Boo hoo. No one cares about this issue except political hacks who use it to attack Bush.

Where in the Constitution does it guarantee 30-30 ammunition?

Amendment #2 dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Who said it was illegal spying? Not the Dems who were briefed. Only the partisan hacks who don't have info on what it is. Scary that they would put their political backsides before their country.

The Dems would have us not listen to the very people who are trying to kill americans here in the US? Kevins, your party is so out of touch with average americans it is amazing.


Kevins said...

I’m afraid you’re wrong, many Americans do care about the illegal spying on Americans, and if they don’t then maybe we should just get rid of the Bill of Rights.
I have read and re-red the Second Amendment, and nowhere II can find anything about 30-30 ammunition, dumbass. It talks about a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms, but nothing about ammo.

Who says it was illegal spying? The Democrat Senators, and Republican Senators like Arlen Specter who very vaguely briefed on it and then sworn to secrecy. What authority gave bush the right to wiretap U.S. citizens without a warrant?
And who are the “…people who are trying to kill Americans here in the US?” The Quakers, Raging Grannies and other anti-war groups, are those the people in America trying to kill us? That’s some of the people who he has spied on that we know about. I wonder who else that we don’t know about.

You know what Frank, my party are the average Americans.

Republican Michigander said...

"Shall not be infringed." Senate Amendment 2619 (2004) did more than just infringe.

And actually the ban was worse than .30-30 ammunition. The .30-30 was cited by Ted Kennedy as an example to ban. The ban covered all centerfire ammo.

It cracks me up how the leftists here like Kevin claim to support freedom - except when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

Kevins said...

Please Dan, enlighten me. Again, I have read and reread the Second Amendment, and I see no mention of 30-30 ammunition or “centerfire ammo” in it anywhere.

First of all Dan, I not only support freedom, I wore a uniform to defend it. Did you? I’m a liberal and a progressive, not a leftist. Also, please tell me how I do not support the Second Amendment?

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the answer tp the Stabenow sponsorship of legislation question....

The second amendment says that the right to bare arms shall not be infringed, genius.

Illegal spying???? then charge him! Show me in the constitution where it says taping incoming terrorist phone calls cannot be intercepted.

I can understand your concern for the bill of rights. Your side has a terrific record. Let's see, there was Hillary and the FBI files, Janet "fireball" Reno burining all those people to death and breaking into a poor Cuban American's home to take a kid at gun point to return him to a despot. If Bush had done any of these things we would all be joining you with our outrage. Be consistant, moron.

Kevins said...

Well. Moron, I told you after that stupid post on Sen. Stabenow’s weight, I wouldn’t bother to respond to you. But I’ll make this one exception, even thought I know it’s a waste of time because you can’t change a small, unreasonable mind, and I have better things to do. I already had this debate with another one of your misinformed minions on the Senator’s record, and I’m not wasting anymore of my time on you by rehashing it with someone who can’t be reasoned with. Read it on the post called “Stabenow votes against Judge Alito”

For the third time, genius, show we where in the Second amendment it guarantees the right to “30-30 ammunition or centerfire ammo.”

Who says wiretapping is illegal? How about the 4th Amendment? And you’re calling the Quakers and other Americans who were illegally spied on terrorists?

“Hillary and the FBI files.” What about it? We had a special prosecutor investigate that and everything the Clinton’s ever did for eight years, at taxpayer expense, and she did nothing illegal, unlawful or even immoral.

“Janet "fireball" Reno burining all those people to death.” Dude, if you had any credibility at all you just blew it there. Great, a conspiracy theorist. Hey, who shot JFK?

The Elian Gonzalez case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court before he was returned to his FATHER. His father was a “despot?” You truly are a moron.

Republican Michigander said...

If you wore a uniform and support gun bans, then not only do you oppose freedom, but you are in violation of your oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. That makes it worse.

The Second Amendment states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Ammo bans infringe on that right and are unconstitutional.

Kevins said...

There you go again, dan, putting words into my mouth I never said. How in your, anyone else’s, little, narrow world does banning a certain kind of ammunition violate the Second Amendment? By that reasoning, it’s OK if I walk into a crowed movie theater and shout fire, and any move to stop me from doing that is a violation of the First Amendment. Get real.

Republican Michigander said...

It's because almost ALL rifle (and pistol) ammunition is centerfire ammo. If you were in the military like you tell us all the time, you know that.

And there's nothing wrote with shouting fire in the crowded theatre - if there really is a fire.

Kevins said...

So Dan you’re calling me a liar? How the hell would you know anything about the military anyway, read it in a book? It’s so typical of conservative hawks like you; the first to want to go to war, and the last to put on a uniform. I have no idea what kind of weapon uses what ammo, nor do I care and nor does it matter.

All I had to know how to do was fire and field strip a .45, and the weapons I was most concerned with included 5-inch/54 caliber guns, MK46 torpedoes, ASROC missiles and Harpoon Missiles.

And, Dan, you’re wrong again. You can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre if there isn’t one – you knew that, and it’s a reasonable restriction on the most important freedom of all, just like the current gun laws we have are reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Kevins is retarded. I guess you have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe that many people, including kids were burned to death in Waco? It's called a fact, retard.

Stabenow has not sponsored any legislation, it's called a fact, retard.

Dan has already tried to make you understand the 2nd ammendment, retard.

Let's have a national debate about the wiretaps. I'll be happy if that happens. You guys come out against them as strongly as you can, please! You guys can just keep on playing in the sand box, and we'll keep winning elections and take care of the hard stuff for you.

Kevins said...

Well anonymous, you sure raised the bar of debate, but I’m not going to stoop to your level and call you a retard. Hell, your writing and reasoning speaks for itself.
You are right, a lot of people died in the Waco standoff, and you’re right again about being a conspiracy theorist to try and blame the Attorney General for that.

I’ve already told you where to look for the legislation Sen. Stabenow sponsored, and I’m not going to waste my time rehashing it for a closed mind like yours.

No, dan did nothing ofr the sort for the Second Amendment. He gave me his warped version of it, which is not based on any logic.

And we are having a national debate on wiretaps; only the republicans aren’t involved and are trying everything to stop it. The American people know right from wrong, and this certainly illustrated the problem with one party having control of everything. Bush is finally getting the dictatorship he always wanted.

Anonymous said...

You call me a conspiracy theorist for simply pointing out a fact, and then you say Bush is finally getting the dictatorship he always wanted. That is funny! Here is my advice, get back on your medication.

Dan's theory is not warped. You and the rest of the crazies are just a little too unbalanced to know the difference.

And if you think Stabenow has sposored meaningful legislation, you are truely delusional. There is no point trying to have a rational argument, because you have become unhinged.

And as for Iraq, even Bob Kerrey has now said there was a link between Bin Laden and Saddam. Not that it matters. The status quo was not working in the Middle East and we needed a new policy. Things are moving forward in Iraq and the bad guys are desperate. I think you are just a coward.

Kevins said...

No, you’re a conspiracy theorist for saying the Attorney General had anything to do with the people dying in the Waco fire, or even that it was intentional. The only fact is it happened. Bush wants more and more power, and the excuse he uses for wanting it is the war. What’s funny about that?

I’ve showed you where to get the info on Sen. Stabenow. What’s funny is that what you posted you try and call that a “reasonable argument.” Get real.

I don’t care what Bob Kerrey says; there is simply no link between Bin Laden and Saddam. Wow, that’s a new reason for the war you just put out that I have not heard before. The “status quo was not working in the Middle East and we needed a new policy.” Are you for real? That’s our Middle East policy? We decided to invade a country in the volatile Middle East to solve the Middle East problem? Who is unhinged?

Another British memo came out the last couple of days that again proved bush was going to invade Iraq no matter what. Dam those Brits, we can’t trust them with any info the bushies want to keep secret. The memo said the bush people considered painting a U-2 spy plane in UN colors and markings and flying it over Iraq in the hope it would be fired on and they would have a case for war. Hell, why go through all that when they can just tell people like you anything and you buy it.
And you think I’m a coward for what? Because I disagree with you?

Anonymous said...

I think you are a coward because you are one. I can see you sweating and shaking with any news of misfortune. You sir, are a coward! This country could never count on the likes of you.

Only a kool aid drinking conspiracy theorist would make a claim that Bush wants more power so he can be some kind of dictator. Now, go take your prozac.

Kevins said...

I got news for you, Anonymous, this country did depend on me and the likes of me. I served 20 years in the military. How many years and what branch did you serve in? Here’s more news, loser, warrent-less wiretaps, spying on its citizens, torturing people and not being able to criticize him because “we’re at war” are dictator-like powers. But you’re too blind loyal and stupid to see it.

Anonymous said...

If you did serve, which I doubt, you are a discrace to the uniform. How many times did your co have to tell you to get out of that corner and quit sucking your thumb? Your like a little girl with all your crying.

If administration would have blocked the wiretaps I would be mad as hell. I can hear all you left wing weanies blaming him when the next terrorist attacks happened because the administration, like the clinton administration, was asleep at the wheel. bill clinton owns 9/11. Read it and weap, you baby.

Kevins said...

Hey, Einstein, learn how to spell before you throw insults around. Typical republican response, slander another person’s military service when they have come nowhere near a military instillation. Yes I did serve. Did you? I didn’t think so, you couldn’t pass the ASVAB test by the way to spell and write to even get in.

Just because you don’t give a crap about the Bill of Rights, the men and woman like me who fought for it do. I guess it doesn’t matter to you because you have never defended your country, and that’s why you’re so willing to give away your rights that other people died defending.

By the way, who was the president when 9/11 happened? What a loser.
Read what and weep, loser? The 9/11 Commission Report? I have a copy and have read it. You should read it too. Oh yea, I forgot, you can’t read.

Anonymous said...

It's called a typo, idiot. Did you wet the bed again last night? You don''t know anything about me. I don't have to brag about my service. People who really served don''t need to brag about it. I guess you have the John Kerry syndrome. Didn't he serve in Vietnam??? I can't remember. As you probably don't know, members that wrote that stupid 9/11 report now say some of it was wrong. Gorelick was on the wrong side of table and her being on it give it no credibility. Your a kool aid drinking idiot.

Kevins said...

You proved my point, idiot.
"I don't have to brag about my service." Because there's nothing to brag about. Another chickenhawk.

Anonymous said...

No, if you knew 1/4 as much as you think you do you sure wouldn't be calling me a chickenhawk. I'm not going to brag about my service because of some bed wetter like you. You are a little girl. Why don't you move to Canada, or better yet Cuba with the rest of the commies you pink little girl.