Friday, March 31, 2006

Mike Pence makes Final Four in March Madness

It's now down to the Final Four in Presidential March Madness

Possible (we hope) darkhorse candidate and Congressman Mike Pence (who finished 4th in the Livingston County Straw Poll) upset well known Governor Mitt Romney in the Elite Eight. Hopefully this sends a message to the big spenders in Washington that government needs to live within its means like all of us have to do.

The final four contests are between Pence and Former Congressman JC Watts on one side, and between Congressman Tom Tancredo and Senator George Allen on the other.

Let's get Mike Pence the victory.

Update from Survey St Louis -

What does Indiana, Virginia, Colorado and Oklahoma all have in common? Yes, they are all red states. But now, they each sent one of their favorite sons to the Final Four of the Presidential March Madness II tournament.

Cinderella story continues for George Mason, I mean Mike Pence. Conseravtives from Washington, DC, to Florida, through the heartland and across the country to California have rallied to support Mike Pence. Mr. President? If the shoe fits...

Tom Tancredo who made immigration his bread and butter issue, certainly picked the right time to make it a national debate. Tom rolled to an easy victory over Newt Gingrich. We don't know if anyone can stop Tom Tancredo and his juggernaut of online grassroots support.

J.C Watts made it to the Final Four for the second consecutive year. Last year Survey Saint Louis commented that J.C. Watts will definitely be on the short list for Vice President. Forget that, he has his eyes set on the big prize, President.

But the battle between Fred Thompson and George Allen was a masterpiece. George Allen started with a lead, fell behind for most of the voting, but surged in the last few hours. It was a textbook political comeback. If George Allen continues to build his political grassroots operation he will be the one to watch in 07's March Madness.

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Paleoconservative said...

Tancredo / Pence would be my ideal ticket.

Tancredo is known for his stance on border security, but he's solid on the other issues. The National Taxpayers Union gave him the top rating of any presidential wannabe (see link off of Saul's blog to NUT ratings).