Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dem Chair Brewer trespasses on private property

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From the AP/Lansing State Journal

Campaigns clash outside DeVos' office
Police called when chairman of Dems refuses to leave site

By Kathy Barks Hoffman
Associated Press

A news conference Monday in front of Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos' campaign headquarters turned into a shouting match between the state Democratic chairman and a DeVos campaign spokesman.

Even before Michigan Democratic Chairman Mark Brewer could begin talking to reporters, DeVos campaign spokesman John Truscott came outside and told him he was on private property and would have to leave. Brewer refused, saying he was exercising his First Amendment rights.

"You do not have First Amendment rights on private property," Truscott said, standing in front of about 15 DeVos campaign staffers holding handwritten cardboard signs that read, "Stop the Granholm lies."

This was a cheap publicity stunt by Brewer. For those who don't know, DeVos HQ is located in an office park in Delta Twp in Eaton County near Lansing. It is all private property there, and the roads there are also private. The public right of ways there are on the nearby main streets - Creyts Rd and Michigan Ave. Brewer legally had to be there for his press conference. That's why Truscott shut him down.

The first amendment doesn't apply to private property. That's not the capitol building.


Kevins said...

Wow, Dan, Devos and John Truscott must really be scared of they have to resort to physical intimidation. The rest of the article was the best part, but I notice you left that part of it out. No wonder Truscott was so pissed off. The press conference was held because the latest Devos TV ad claims he created jobs while he was at Amway/Alticor, but the truth is he cut 1,400 Michigan jobs. Now, he may have created jobs in China, but they don’t vote in Michigan. I don’t know what kind of math the republicans are using, but that doesn’t add up to job creation.
Press conferences and demonstrations in front of the opposition’s HQ are as old as the country, but it’s rare that the police are involved. In fact, I cannot remember a single incident since I have been in Michigan. The article doesn’t say where Mark Brewer was standing, but private roads refer to who maintains them not who can drive or walk on them.
Truscott and Bill O’reily are calling in the police to shut you up. Sad.

Brian Scott said...

Ummmmm... you really want to get into a battle of how many jobs have been won/lost by each candidate? I mean... thats your best argument?

Lets just take the lie that Devos lost 1400 jobs as truth. Care to guess how many jobs were lost during Gov. Granholm's watch?

Much Much Much more than 1400

Brian Scott

Kevins said...

The answer is hell yes. They laid off people and closed auto plants all over North America, not just in Michigan. It seems to be a national problem. How many manufacturing jobs have we lost under bush?

It’s a documented fact devos laid off 1,400 MICHIGAN employees. Now, brian, please tell me how devos can be a job creator when he cuts 1,400 jobs from his own company. Here’s a better argument, brian. Devos is spending millions of his dollars on TV ads that air the myth he’s a job creator. That makes him a liar.

Brian Scott said...

Nice try. 49 other states show an increase in employment. EVERYONE else has made gains. Michigan: zip. zilch. zero. For anyone to blam Bush for Michigan's problems, and not the Gov. is freekin hillarious to me. You must be smoking some pretty strong weed my friend. Shes had 4 years to make a difference and we are dead last in the nation.

As for the 1400 jobs, this layoff was back in 1998 and 2000. We were still on the back end of Clintons false (but booming tech bubble) economy. Laying them off during that time wasn't a giant risk in terms of people finding another job even if it was in a different state.

Devos's layoff had less of an affect on Michigan's economy than you wish it would have. Your argument is pretty weak if you ask me.

The tech bubble burst and 9/11 came around which changed everything. You owe Bush a great debt of thanks for his economic stimulous package and tax breaks that pushed America through a very tough time. It saved this country's butt.

Not only that but most of those laid off were management. Kevin, isn't the Dem party suposed to be for the "working people"? Dick made hard but necessary choices to keep the company profitable. Had Dick not made these tough choices when he did, there may have been much deeper cuts into blue collar workers.

Granholm can do far more to create a business friendly state but she hasn't. Instead of taking each company that considers Michigan on a case by case basis, she should make sweeping reforms that make Michigan look attractive. 4 years.... and nothing. Dead last. Dead economy. Granholm is to blame.

Brian Scott

Kevins said...

So, brian, of those other 49 states you claim have an increase in employment, how many of them can claim that manufacturing of autos or manufacturing in general is their number one industry or employer? And of all these alleged jobs bush has created, how many of these jobs are actually jobs where you can actually earn a living wage? The middle class is fast disappearing in this country and the gap between the rich and the not rich is growing wider every single day, and anyone who tries to deny that is just an idiot, no matter what they are smoking.

As for your claim about the Devos layoffs being OK because they could find other jobs because of the economy that President Clinton had nothing to do with creating, then why did he have to layoff anyone at all? I’ll bet you won’t find many Americans who don’t wish they could go back to those economic times. So, are you trying to tell me Amway had 1,400 managers? Right, and I’m smoking something.

That I owe bush a debt of thanks is about the stupidest thing I have head on this blog, dedicated to spin and misinformation.

Kevins said...

Hey Brian, your blog proves one thing; you don’t have to have any talent, skill or brains to have one.
I tried to correct your misinformation on John Truscott’s wigout on your blog, but it wouldn’t let me. Good thing for you; you can’t deal with a logical and reasonable debate.

Chetly Zarko said...

You may recall Brewer physically attacking my camera last summer, reported here in video and photoessay, www.chetlyzarko.com/essays/brewer.html

So much for Brewer's allegation of "assault" on Truscott. Hypocrisy.

Second, Brewer told me to "get that camera out of here", while we were at a public meeting on public property. So much for Brewer's respect for the First Amendment. More hypocrisy.

Yes, this was a cheap publicity stunt by Brewer, and it backfired. The DeVos people got 12 signs "Granholm lies" in a statewide photo publication, as well as Brewer acting like the person he is.

Kevins said...

No, chetly, I didn’t recall the incident with Mark Brewer and the camera, nor had I ever heard of it before. I watched the video you provided on your web site, and then I read the description you provided of the incident. The two don’t match. There is no way anyone -but you perhaps - would describe what happened as” physically attacking my camera.”

I saw no claim of a physical assault by john truscott by anyone, especially Mr. Brewer. However, in Mr. Brewer’s press release he does claim “physical intimidation” by truscott, and if you hear the audio of truscott, as well as the 12 drones on hand, that clearly meets the description of physical intimidation, don’t you think so, chetly?

I find it very hard to describe it as a “cheap publicity stunt” on Mr. Brewer’s part when press conferences in front of the opponent’s HQ are as American as apple pie, and isn’t it funny that the 12 drones just happened to have the signs they displayed already made up?
Too bad for both parties there weren’t any TV cameras on hand. For Mr. Brewer’s sake it was too bad because the state would not only have heard what an angry madman truscott is they would have saw it too, and for truscott it’s too bad because his vile signs didn’t make it on TV.

Hey, maybe devos could have thrown some more money at the TV cameras if they had shown up; paying for it is the only way anyone would ever say he created jobs.

Brian Scott said...

Kevin, People are more than welcome to sign in with their typekey password and then comment. I was getting far too much spam to keep up with the "open comment" forum.

I don't fear trolls like you. Feel free to bring your psycobabble over to my blog anytime. As long as you follow the comment rules, I promise not to ban you.

Unemployment is at an all-time low. Many of those who used to be in the middle class are in fact moving up. It's a good thing.

As for Alticor, they were losing market share to other emerging DSA's (Direct Selling Association companies - which Alticor is). They were losing market share. They had to shift their focus and change their business model a bit.


Count Me Red said...

Arkansas and Mississippi got new auto manufacturing plants. Granholm just didn't have anything to offer them. The governors in those states had the moxey to get the business. Our governor had no ideas and nothing to bring to the table. She is an empty ball of charisma. She's the next one that should get a pink slip.

Kevins said...

Brian, I’m not going to give you personal info just to comment on your blog, it’s just not worth it. I don’t consider myself a troll, I’m just here to call Dan on his spin and misinformation.

Brian Scott said...

Chicken. You can fake all your information and still comment. I won't mind.

Anonymous said...

too much time is wasted trying to argue with kevin the troll. I have an idea, why doesn't kevin get a job and contibute to society. Oh, I forgot, with our beautiful governor at the controls there are no jobs!

Kevins said...

Don’t worry, Anonymous, no one has argued with me yet, at least not a reasonable, logical argument anyway. I do have a job, two in fact, and I can pretty much guarantee I contribute to society much more than you do. Don’t worry; I’ll continue to be here to in order to call you on your spin, misinformation and lies.

rugby12 said...

we need a 3rd party. democrats want to transfer $$ from people who work to people who don't. gop has lost will to help the middle class, and only looks out for millionairs, big business and people who can hire ex pols as lobbyist. as far as granholm losing jobs and gop blaming her? id say we cant afford for car mfg. to pay ave of $100,000 yr to highschool dropouts with criminal records. much less 100k not to work as they do now. working people with little or no healthcare are paying for auto workers generious benies, seems like only good health care is if you work for the gov.(teachers cops and any politician at any level.)pols like to brag about their public service. I say they are feeding at the public trough.their inflated pay is only the tip of the iceburg. retirement & health, slush funds expense accounts, having lobbyest pick up tab for fod and drink, travel pierdiem etc etc. then if you through in the fact they work as lobbyest, or for the gov or companys that do usiness with gov when finally forced out working people pay for these public servents forever.enoughs enough throw the bums out

rugby12 said...

how about bush critising syria for not closing its borders, yet he can't/wont close ours?