Thursday, March 02, 2006

Judge Pikkarainen Retires - We have a second open seat

From the Argus

Retirement adds fuel to judicial races — County will get at least two new judges in fall election
By Lisa Roose-Church

After 18 years on the bench, Livingston County District Judge A. John Pikkarainen announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election in November.
The announcement means at least two open judgeships will be up for grabs this fall, and since judicial seats are among the most contested in Livingston County elections, interested attorneys are expected to line up to take a shot at the bench.

This makes things interesting with the open seat. Susan Reck is retiring. Theresa Brennan is running for election after being appointed by Granholm last year. Circuit Judge Stan Latreille will decide by March 15th. That's the most important judgeship in the county for those concerned about "Judicial activism." District Judges (in Livingston County) have more limited power, but circuit judges have a wide range of power.

The paper lists some of the possible candidates.

Speculation of those interested in the seats include attorneys Carol Sue Reader and Jay Drick, the latter of whom ran for district judge in 2004 but lost in the primary to District Judge L. Suzanne Geddis and Magistrate Brian Brown. Brown said he will not run for election this year.

However, Reader is running for Pikkarainen's seat. Reader, a distant cousin of Circuit Judge David Reader, was Pikkarainen's first law clerk when he took the bench in 1989.

Drick, who has said he is "interested in becoming a judge," did not return phone calls Wednesday.

Assistant Prosecutor William McCririe III said he, too, will run for judge this year, but he declined to say which judgeship he will seek.

"In a few weeks, I will announce which position," said McCririe, who is married to Geddis.

Howell attorney Robert "Bob" Parker has expressed interest in Reck's seat while Hamburg Township attorney Roberta Balon-Vaughn and Juvenile Court Referee Kathleen M. Oemke have both announced their candidacy for Reck's seat.

Genoa Township resident Carol Hackett Garagiola, a former Oakland County prosecuting attorney, has expressed interest in Latreille's seat if the judge decides not to run for re-election.

Howell defense attorney James Buttrey, who applied for Hegarty's seat, said he is not interested in running for election.

We'll post more on the judicial races as developments occur. These will be closely followed until the August and November elections.


RKG said...

It is a mistake to elect former prosecutors to the bench. Period. Especially in Livingston County. Prosecutors think everyone is a crook, the cops are always right and the Constitution, as our esteemed elected Prosecutor once commented after his case was dismissed on the basis of an illegal search, a "technicality." I got sucked into supporting Suzanne Geddis and have witnessed first hand that she's got no guts or willingness to run her own courtroom against the will of her former co-workers. I won't make that mistake again. Do no elect a former prosectutor!

Hey, by the way - someone called my business seeking a donation to the Lincoln Day Republican get together. I thought you guys weren't into charity.

Republican Michigander said...

Thanks for the pointers. I plan on supporting Jay Drick if he runs, but the rest I'm undecided on.

""I thought you guys weren't into charity.""

Half of the charities are political anyway, we might as well join the club. :)

Anonymous said...

Why no mention of brennan the grahnholm appointee? She is a flamming liberal, was on the court house lawn protesting our troops, and she cant keep staff.

We need a solid jurist to the rescue here!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold on there Mr. Anonymous! There was not one person protesting our troops, you know it and to say otherwise it's fair to call you a big fat liar!
This was a candlelight vigil honoring the those who gave their lives for our country.
You need to get your head around what is the truth and what is propaganda. Our people were praying for our troops safety when the likes of people like you were shouting USA, USA! We had parents of soldiers, sisters of soldiers and you Right Wingers sounded like you were the ones who were not concerned for the lives of our troops, just the administration of George Bush.
Your lies are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I see I hit a nerve. Yours was a blatant anti Bush, anti war, anti troop event. There have been several, non political support the troop rallies. Yours was not one of them.

Republican Michigander said...

I haven't mentioned Brennan here because I don't know if she has an opponent or not - or who it is going to be.

As for the protest of the troops, you can't support our troops without supporting their mission. Period. Anyone that allies with is suspect at best.

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly have the right to your opinion about me and other people who wish to treat our troops as if their life and limbs mattered. But I can tell you with the utmost sincerity, you are dead wrong about what is in the hearts and minds of those who who believe this administration treats life much too cheaply and went to war for reasons that were trumped up.
You fall into the trap of demonizing all those who disagree with this administration and continue to follow at the peril of the future of our country.
You who came to disrupt the candle light vigil and the prayers of the parents who prayed for their sons and daughters made complete fools of yourselves. I am so happy you showed what you were all about!

Anonymous said...

Jay Drick is an openly Republican activist.
Didn't I read where those who run for Judge should be nonpartisan?
I guess the rules change for Republicans. Am I wrong or didn't you say that Republican Michigander?

Republican Michigander said...

The individual who organized the counter rally had family in Iraq. Her husband was there. (which was started by rich leftists in California as a pro-Bill Clinton and gun grabbing organization) made this political and about Bush instead of the troops. It became just another left wing anti-Bush rally thinly disguised by the Daily Kos crowd so it could sell in Livingston County. If you're who I think you are, than I know you personally care about the troops. I remember you signing the banner at melonfest. It's not you personally who I'm questioning, but your top organizers and the organizations your leaders organized allied with. If you wanted it to be free of partisan politics, then you shouldn't have brought and George Bush into this.

If you want our troops to come home safely to their family, then let's have politics stop at the border. The time to demonstrate against the war is before the vote in congress. After the vote, it needs to end for the sake of our troops. I'll say that no matter who is president, whether it be Bush, Mark Sanford, George Allen, or even Mark Warner, John McCain, or Hillary Clinton.

If you want this war to end, and we all do. Then tell Congress and Bush to do whatever had to be done to win. Tell them to stop using the war for politcal points. Tell the top brass to kick the media jokers out of Iraq for rooting against us, and let's all finish the job and go home - and not have to back in ten years due to a halfway job.

Republican Michigander said...

Yes, Jay's a republican. That's no secret. Being a Republican is a good start at gaining my support, but isn't enough to solidify it.

This was my comment about judges awhile back. I stand by it today. I'm conservative first, and republican second when it comes to judges.

""Unfortunately, the judiciary already is politicized and taking the politics out of judiciary is taking the politics out of politics. The genie is out of the bottle there. It is mostly a hush-hush politicizing, but it is there.

I agree that few judicial decisions are political related. However unless you spend much of your worktime in a courtroom, those few decisions are the ones that hit closest to home.

The politicizing largely is on the federal level and accelerated after Roe v Wade and the Warren Court. We also have Kelo, McCain/Feingold, and a case of Sandra Day O’Conner citing international law instead of the constitution in the Affirmative Action case. Those are all federal cases, but it throws the judiciary in the middle of public debate. That is not even mentioning the 9th Circuit and Stephen Reinhardt who censored the pledge of allegiance and said there was no right to keep and bear arms (conflicting with the 5th Circuit).

My judicial voting decisions are made more by philosophy than political party. I prefer conservative/libertarian judges who support the constitution as it is written - originalists. The closest to that are lawyers from the Federalist Society. Judges should not become legislators. Judges should strike down unconstitutional legislation, and stop twisting the “Commerce Clause” to suit the needs of the feds. Unfortunately, federal judges are immune to the people and can not be voted out of office. I’m stuck with Stephen Reinhardt and David Souter until they decide to step down.

The judiciary philosophy is a strongly contentious issue. When President Bush nominated Harriet Miers, the right was so up in arms about it since they did not know anything about her. “Trust me” was not good enough. I was willing to wait until the hearings before making my support/oppose decision, but most of the right did not want to wait. They wanted J. Michael Luttig.

The other politicizations are about appointments. In the case of Supreme Court, they are “partisan” non-partisan elections. Supreme Court candidates are nominated at the state conventions. For other judicial openings, they are appointed by the governor, and we know how political that is. I know one Republican who donated to Granholm in an attempt to hedge his bet to try and be appointed to a judicial position. This is also where party affiliation is a major issue. When Judge Hegarty passed away, one of the democrats was a Blanchard supporter, and Brennan was a Granholm and Stabenow supporter. What happened was expected.

In my case, I am going to support judges who are judges and not legislators. I’ll support judges who follow the law in its original intent, and I’ll strongly oppose any Stephen Reinhardt clones. I am going to look at all the candidates running for judge this year, and make as informed of decision as possible, and I hope everyone reading this does the same. I plan on posting as much information as possible about the judicial races this year, since the biggest problem with judicial election is that most non-lawyers, including party activists, don't follow them or have much information about judicial candidates."""

Anonymous said...

How will you know when the war is won? What's the criteria?
I honestly don't understand what you have against Moveon. It is just a few people like yourself who believe in people. It's about uniting like minded people to move together to shape our government. Remember for the people, by the people?
Moveon was not started by Bill Clinton or rich people. It was started to move on from the impeachment. Really you know this!

I know you cannot possibly beleive spending billions of dollars blowing up a country and rebuilding it on our dime is smart.
I too do not wish to just leave Iraq, but we have to bring the rest of the world in and come to some aggreement of what needs to be done. Killing thousands of innocent children and ruining the lives of our soldiers has to be considered.
I lost 2 very close friends in Vietnam, I think it's our duty to question our Government. I cannot say they died to keep us free or did it help the Vietnamese. They were brave soldiers who gave their lives for their country. I will always remember their parents faces at the funeral. I would not dishonor them for the world. I am sure the Iraqi's would have not wanted such help had they known how this was going to turn out.
Hindsight is always 20/20 but really should we not hold this adminstration accountable for the horrible decisions they have made?
Our privacy & our freedom is at stake, but I don't see Iraq as the problem.
Always question your government, I think we can agree on this.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I do appreciate your blog. Sometimes people get pretty heated, but it's a good place to post our views and listen to other points of view.
One thing we do agree on is getting the government out of our lives. I agree with you on guns.
I just don't understand why you want to make criminals out of women and their doctors? We will never agree on this and I too want to see abortion rates go down to 0%, we just have different solutions! Why the Republicans want to build more prisons for Americans baffles me. And they do it in the name of God, stunning!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Aonymous,I don't believe the use of Vietnam and the death of 2 men (or boys as that is what WE WERE)is anything like Iraq.Except maybe people joining groups to oppose the job troops are doing.Most of these groups were like financed by money people but always in back ground(like G.S).
This also makes me ask were you there, or at the airport calling me a baby killer when I returned. I don't say this in anger(I've come to terms with the people like that. Not J Kerry who I would never forgive. His medals are a joke as his service before and AFTER. Before you say it. I have more time in extention than he had in country, I earned the the right to form my opion, and mine was in bush with recon both 4th div and 23rd inf. div.) and it makes me ask peoples intentions.Also to say something on Unions I've been both and retired as a union member. I believe in a large company they are a needed thing. But its to bad that they have become a company and political party to itself with all the internal politics and corruption.
How to correct them now I have know idea.
Pardon my questions or statements in ref to Nam but You brought it in to the comments and I am sorry about your friends but how did they feel about Nam? If your going to use them in this ref to Iraq you should also use there true feelings about Nam and not just yours.

Anonymous said...

You have way too much anger to make much sense to me.
I have never called anyone a baby killer and to tell you the truth, each time I went to New Jersey to pick up my boyfriend, (who survived) I never saw these people you speak about.
Your feelings about a hero like John Kerry show me you believe lies and smears about our heroes and use their tour of service to hurt them. I have no respect for people like you. You only support the soldiers who believe just like you. Sorry, you lost me on that comment. Our soldiers are all important to me and I honor each person's service to their country. Why don't you?