Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another debate Thursday, Geist cleaning up in online poll

With all the hype about Howell schools, let's not forget about the others. Brighton is having a debate as well this Thursday, April 26 at Green Oak Township Hall which is at US-23 and Silver Lake Road. 7:30 is the time.

As far as the online poll goes, Jared Geist is cleaning up so far with almost 100 votes already - in less than a day. I've also had the most hits on this site since mid November 2006 when the post election was covered. That's not a coinicidence. Now, I know this is not a scientific poll, nor intended to be. However, schools are a low turnout election. If enough of those online posters are from Brighton and show up to vote on the 8th, who knows what will happen. In six way and eight way races, usually the most organized candidates win, even with little funding. Joe Hune proved this in 2002 shocking most people with his win.

Some of the contested Brighton elections I've voted in had 3% turnout. Most were about 8%. The turnouts have been higher lately overall 15-25% in different municipalities thanks to millages, contracts and other issues. Turnout is going to be the biggest key in this race. That's as close of a prediction as you'll get from me. I'm not going to call this one since I think any of the five on the ballot could win in Howell, and so far I think five possible candidates could win in Brighton. It just depends on who shows up.

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Jared said...

One of the biggest parts of my campaign has been to open up communications to the public. For those who haven't yet had a chance to check out my website, http://www.jaredgeist.com , I have my Issues section set up in FAQ format, so anybody can email in a question and I will answer it for everyone to see. This has been ongoing throughout my campaign. I view the candidates' night as an extension of the open communications with the community that I already have been doing. My cell phone number is also posted on the website, and I am happy to take calls from any Brighton residents to field any questions that they might have.

In response to the post in the earlier article about "tooting my horn" or "voting for myself", this is not a poll that I can continiously vote for myself in. This is not what is happening here. This is simply indicative of the strong organization of my campaign team.