Friday, April 13, 2007

Q&A in Class with Judge Bork

During this week in class, Judge Robert Bork was one of the lecturers in the Moral Foundations of the Law class.

Friday's class is a Q&A session where the students are able to ask questions to Judge Bork. One of the questions were as follows:

Student Question - Who is the most dangerous person threatening the Constitution in America? - Who is the best person in terms of National Security? (Parapharasing the second part)

Judge Bork responded ""The most dangerous person in terms of the constitution is Senator McCain"" and then stated that the strongest protector of national security is Senator McCain and referred to the McCain/Feingold prior restraint of the constitution, specificly mentioned the 30 day and 60 day references to political ads. He referred to the war on national security with McCain.

From a personal staindpoint, I'm not sure if Mr. McCain is the most dangerous compared to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or even Rudolph Giuliani. However, Mr. McCain is no friend of the 1st amendment, and is not a real friend of the 2nd Amendment either.

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