Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Change in bar hours

Sorry for the long break in posts. I was bunkered up for the last few days dealing with law school stuff.

I rarely agree with democrats nowadays, and that goes double for white democrats from big cities or affluent suburbs whose views are usually 100% opposite mine. So I was shocked when there was something from Steve Tobocman which I actually for the most part agreed with.

From booth
LANSING -- With local approval, bars and stores could sell alcohol after 7 a.m. on Sundays and until 4 a.m. every other day, under legislation the House could take up next week.

Details are still being worked out, but the plan calls for allowing Michigan liquor licensees to apply for extended-hours permits from their local units of government -- and pay the state for the privilege.

"It would be a shot in the arm for the entertainment industry and it would be a shot in the arm for the state budget," said Rep. Steve Tobocman, D-Detroit, the bill's sponsor.

Last call is now 2 a.m. in Michigan. On Sunday, shoppers can't purchase beer, wine or distilled spirits before noon.

Retailers have unsuccessfully sought for years to move up the time on Sunday sales. Extending bar hours to 4 a.m., the standard in Chicago or New York, is a newer idea that died in the last legislative session.

The measure was reported out of a House committee Tuesday on a bipartisan vote. As it's taking shape, a bar, restaurant or retail outlet could ask the local city, township or village for a special permit to sell alcohol during the early morning or between 7 a.m. and noon on Sunday.

I don't agree with the special permit and fee from the state for extended hours as this should be a local issue 100% that Lansing should not be involved in, but there is enough of a starting point here to work with. Personally, I'm almost never in a bar at 2AM anymore, but there are times I have been frustrated at pre-12 noon ban on Sundays. Sometimes it take a lot of beer to get through a Lions game.

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