Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 18 - Anti-tax rally in Lansing

I can't make it there (damnit), but we need as many people at the capitol as possible to send a message to the big spenders and tax hikers out there. Between the Matt Millen of Governors and her services tax, Andy Dillon's energy tax, and Hopgood/DeRoche's(I still can't believe he proposed that) bipartisan gas tax turkey, we need to send a message to Lansing in a big way.

From former State Rep Leon Drolet and the Michigan Taxpayers.

Tax spenders spend a lot of time in Lansing meeting with politicians. Through lobbyists, government department heads, and union leaders, they wine and dine elected officials while making their cases for more of your tax money.

Now its your turn to be heard! Its time for you to join the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance on the lawn of the State Capitol Building in Lansing at 11:00am (get there by 10:30) on April 18 to deliver YOUR message to state lawmakers: "Michigan citizens are suffering, NO NEW TAXES!"

Lansing's fiscal crisis is because state politicians can't agree how to cut $2 billion out of a $43 billion state budget. But these same people are flush with new tax ideas:

Governor Granholm prefers a new tax on most every service you use.
House Speaker Dillion wants to hide a $700 million tax hike in your electric bill.
Now there is bi-partisan support for jacking up the gas tax nine cents, making Michigan's combined federal, state and local gas tax burden the third highest in the nation!
All these planned attacks on your family budget are happening because Lansing politicians are not afraid of you, the taxpayer!

They ARE afraid of the tax spenders, who contribute to their campaigns, closely watch every vote, and buy them dinner.

Its time to make Lansing politicians more fearful of tax hikes than spending cuts.

Get to Lansing on April 18th and bring your friends and family. Bring tea bags that we will deliver to Governor Granholm's office. Get to Lansing early (you will need to park and walk the short distance to the Capitol lawn). Bring a poster or sign and make some noise! Let them know that taxpayers are now paying attention and demand fiscal restraint.

If you believe that you make better spending decisions with YOUR money than Lansing does, GET TO THIS RALLY!


Governor and Taxspenders to Taxpayers: GAME ON!

Last week, a Lansing reporter informed me that a Governor's staffer had told him that the Gov was aware of the April 18 Taxpayer Teabag protest planned at the Capitol - and was preparing a "surprise" for protesters.

What "surprise"?

Turns out that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have moved up their lobby day in Lansing to coincide with our tax protest. They support Granholm's plan to mandate government preschool for all children. And they are not alone. An organization called "Artserve", which supports more tax dollars being spent on art, has also changed the day and time of their lobby day to April 18.

It appears those that demand more and more spending and higher taxes will try to outdo taxpayers that day. According to the AFT Michigan website, they are planning to bus public school teachers in from around the state.

It is now even more important than ever to spread the word to all taxpayers about the Taxpayer Protest Rally! Everyday taxpayers need to show up at the Capitol in Lansing on April 18, bring a teabag that we will deliver to the Governor, and tell Lansing politicians to balance their budget by cutting spending and enacting reforms; NOT BY RAISING TAXES ON CITIZENS! Get to the Capitol around 10:00am. Rally starts at 11:00am, but you will need time to park.

Taxspenders are planning to hijack this rally, and demand more and more of YOUR money. We cannot allow the voices of everyday taxpayers to be drowned out. Take the day off work, clear the calendar, gather your family and friends, and head to Lansing on April 18!

Leon Drolet

Michigan Taxpayers Alliance


Bachbone said...

Say what? The AFT (and MEA/NEA, too, for that matter) are in favor of tax hikes? I'm just shocked!

By the way, reporters on "Off the Record" (Tim Skubick's show) a few weeks ago stated that our esteemed governor asked the MEA for help getting her tax increases passed. She's now got the AFT on board the gravy train, too, eh?

George said...

A great spoof of Speaker Dillon's "no iPod left behind" proposal.

Another great tax protest will be held at the Royal Oak post office April 17th (Tax Day):
200 W 2nd ST
Royal Oak, MI 48068-9998.
FairTax supporters will be passing out literature exposing the wastefullness uf the current tax code and explaining the FairTax. For you locals, the post office is right behind Memphis Smoke.